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  1. See post above regarding players leaving and the level they were involved. 6 players replacing the players who were involved last season, logically should be pretty easy. 1 GK, 3 CB, 1 CM, 1 CF. On top of those we have the loan market, which has been stated by MM we will use.
  2. Sign kirkland and have one of the kids on the bench. If needed, loan a keeper to cover injuries.
  3. Your putting words into his mouth to suit what you think should happen. I'm pretty sure he hasn't said we will be signing 5-6 players ontop of the 4 staying.
  4. He's unlucky. If he'd have signed in a year or two when we have a midfield he'd do well, be given more time. As it is he needs to get a fresh start
  5. Hopefully he comes back as cover. Really good player
  6. Reading will must likely get automatic back up.
  7. Would be a good addition to what we have, to improve the overall make up off the squad must be top of the list, can see two of the three coming up going back down
  8. he would improve us no doubt, I agree with scram somewhat in that he made a bad move and isn't completely to blame for the mess at wolves. the problem I see with him, he has had a horrible time lately and given our lack of quality all over the park, having someone who has had their ass handed to them recently isn't quite what we need. as it looks, we're short of skill and high on desire which might be what he needs. meeting his wages and if we need a player of his status is another thing.
  9. if a good offer comes in we should look at it. gonna be tough for him to repeat last season. two of the promoted clubs will most likely go down. any money received should improve us. however, for the first time in ages we have a platform and can arrange deals in our time. if we can sign up a few frees that improve the overall standing of the squad and line up a few gambols with the money we receive then id say go for it.
  10. why not? he'd be a fairly decent addition to our squad.
  11. Read the news of the world like gurujuan does and post the same thing over and over to seem clever?
  12. Been a fair bit of interest all season from a few different groups, maybe early summer price allowing
  13. nice way to pimp your photo. bit poo poo though considering...
  14. we needed something extra, the first bunch didn't work, the second lot have. given the budget we have I think he has done well and has deffo turned around my view. I still think he made really bad decisions regarding the suggested contracts offered to the first set of loan signings.
  15. Maybe you should clarify what what you mean because your guess is right but you have no idea of who and why.
  16. we had a away for someone who cant step up a level and everyone goes for it because he had one good season?
  17. @owltalk should help to make it happen, unless he has some sort of reason not too????
  18. Maybe we should bring him back, can't do any worse. iPhone predictive and all rodri
  19. Just for a simple comparison... Does anyone have access to pro zone stats comparing his work rate to other wingers and can we compare his work rate with that when he plays up front? Feel he's wasted out wide and want to see what playing him out wide does for his motivation and his effort whilst playing in a position he isn't used to
  20. He looks a really good player, although if we go back to 442 with Ross having a place, he needs to be replaced and given game time in patches across the season He looks a really good player, although if we go back to 442 with Ross having a place, he needs to be replaced and given game time in patches across the season
  21. We need a new midfielder more than a striker. I'd say we need centre mid, winger, then striker
  22. If its one in one out and he's not getting close to a lookin can we just swap him for another loan who won't take so much time to settle.
  23. It seems to me we need three players to really compete. An experienced centre mind to play along side Ross and to help him with his positioning. A winger to give us more of a threat npthe break but also to give us more options to spread the defence whilst in position. A forward to play along side Jay. Looking at options there see to be quite a few floating around prem squads. We do have talented young lads but someone like delap for three months till January could be what we need.
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