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  1. why not? he'd be a fairly decent addition to our squad.
  2. Read the news of the world like gurujuan does and post the same thing over and over to seem clever?
  3. Been a fair bit of interest all season from a few different groups, maybe early summer price allowing
  4. nice way to pimp your photo. bit poo poo though considering...
  5. we needed something extra, the first bunch didn't work, the second lot have. given the budget we have I think he has done well and has deffo turned around my view. I still think he made really bad decisions regarding the suggested contracts offered to the first set of loan signings.
  6. Maybe you should clarify what what you mean because your guess is right but you have no idea of who and why.
  7. we had a away for someone who cant step up a level and everyone goes for it because he had one good season?
  8. @owltalk should help to make it happen, unless he has some sort of reason not too????
  9. Maybe we should bring him back, can't do any worse. iPhone predictive and all rodri
  10. Just for a simple comparison... Does anyone have access to pro zone stats comparing his work rate to other wingers and can we compare his work rate with that when he plays up front? Feel he's wasted out wide and want to see what playing him out wide does for his motivation and his effort whilst playing in a position he isn't used to
  11. He looks a really good player, although if we go back to 442 with Ross having a place, he needs to be replaced and given game time in patches across the season He looks a really good player, although if we go back to 442 with Ross having a place, he needs to be replaced and given game time in patches across the season
  12. We need a new midfielder more than a striker. I'd say we need centre mid, winger, then striker
  13. If its one in one out and he's not getting close to a lookin can we just swap him for another loan who won't take so much time to settle.
  14. It seems to me we need three players to really compete. An experienced centre mind to play along side Ross and to help him with his positioning. A winger to give us more of a threat npthe break but also to give us more options to spread the defence whilst in position. A forward to play along side Jay. Looking at options there see to be quite a few floating around prem squads. We do have talented young lads but someone like delap for three months till January could be what we need.
  15. Do you spend your euro millions jackpot every week?
  16. This is part of the problem. As things stand we don't really have another threat. I think the reason we're so shaky at the back is due to teams working out and shutting down our biggest threat. We need other options going forward, giving players like McCabe and Barkley more time and space.
  17. Even whilst taking the wee wee you sound messed up
  18. gardner is our best c/b, beevers and llerra arent quite in his class, although they are the two playing well.
  19. Kirkland Mattock reda Gardner Lee jones aramdo McCabe Pecnik Maguire marlon
  20. theres no doubt reading are taking the wee wee.
  21. thats kinda what i was saying, merson must have been on a fat fat sum, yak must have been the same. so unless you know the wages how can you suggest these guys arent being spent money on because the are poo poo hot. we maybe well be spending money on wages rather than fees and the four you listed.... treacy....big drink problem given from burnely fans ranger... :_P batth...i cant be sure but i dont think cost a lot in wages Antonio...you know. theres a high chance we can get him on loan for the season anyway, with an option........ these four wont have cost much, so how can you say the next four wont?
  22. of those five, how many will cost a fee? of those five how many will be steady players? i think we will pay a transfer fee to excite you on one. i think we will pay a wage that excites you on maybe 2 or 3. i forget but i dont think pompy spent too much and loaned yak for the season with an option and got merson to get promoted.
  23. rumble all. im not sure what the fuss is to buy him, we could loan him for a season without much thought until reading knew we wanted him. set a option to buy at a certain price and see if he works. same with a tonne of players, for example sign someone like ranger on a season loan, set the price, we might pay more but having the option is better than wasting cash and we'd probably be at least even on the season comparing trash loans with good ones.
  24. the players we're getting rid of have little or no sell on value and were brought into the club as a quick fix. the players we want may have some sell on value and the ones we've got early have baggage, so it makes sense some will take longer to sign/sell than others. we have a lot of work to do but are working on the jigsaw. it seems to me we are getting the easy pieces done first and then will work on the rest. players like dan jones, bennett, coke, prutten are harder to shift as are players we're looking at signing. we're also stepping up in ambition so the selling club are looking to get the best deal from a number of clubs rather than trying to rob us blind...aka cog, lowe, jones
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