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  1. It’s a positive move by the club. Giving the u23’s game time gives us a chance to judge how far off the first team squad they are and also increases their exposure for loans next season.
  2. Please don’t take this in a bad way. I have yet to see you provide a logical view point for anything that could start a decent discussion. This is a prime example. I’ve seen your reply below saying ‘you are not wrong’....wrong about what?
  3. What do you think of he way the questions were phased?
  4. Why do you think he pressed on the fitness questions?
  5. That Jos should have started a striker? I think that’s pretty ‘hindsight’ clear.
  6. To add sometime to the stobbs and hirst situation. Jos has said before he is not happy in the way we are moving from defence to attack and based on my guess of playing defensively to help the younger guys. Would it be wise to bring these two in and let them sink or swim? Im guessing once we get players back, we shall see a shift in focus from being tight to progressing towards next year and would think the comments about hirst not training all season may lead to him getting some game time when we have an experienced midfield and defence. Maybe a carrot to suggest to sign...
  7. I think he’s doing well given what he has to work with. Couple of shocking results alongside some very good ones. Wondering, given his past, if he made the mistake of underestimating the lower teams. We’ve had great results vs the top teams. Whilst we aren’t safe but are needing to play u23’s, although mainly in defence, he is setting us up not to conceded. Hopefully this gives the young lads some confidence to kick on. He got it wrong vs Millwall by including Stobbs although I’m not sure he had much choice. Had we had other options in sure he would have played them. Does he deserve some credit for bringing Hirst back into the fold? Given what we have seen with his style, slowly slowly integrating young players, he may get 4/5 games before the end of the season. The interview questions are really poo. He’s asking the questions people want asked but with a bias. As Jos said, if we win, we don’t get those questions. If we lose to the pigs 3/4-0 which some thought we might he gets his ass handed to him for being too defensive... we drew and he get the praise.
  8. We own two good centerbacks that are coming back from injury (lees, hutch). We loaned another who we should sign (Fred) and have a bunch of promising young players. Playing three at the back we need 2/4 more depending on pudli’s contract and if Fred signs.
  9. Loving the owl, would make a great roof if we had a new stand/stadium.
  10. Haven't read the whole thread but we haven't produced any players recently bar palmer. We tried to sign Austin last year and rumours are looking at a South African. We have a couple of players that fit your question but aren't good enough. Recently we have had Helen, jj, small, antiono, Clarke etc, we have Thai owners. Not it sure what your point is really
  11. i dunno if your interested to find it, but there's a thread i made in this subforum of an interview with Townsend and his story, compared to that of the barca academy. In a few lines, townsend said he used to jump out at night to play football and it was applauded. if you did the same at barca, you got kicked out.The kids at barca were taught the discipline to work hard and win, The kids at spurs never got this chance,
  12. Winning games does give kids confidence, its laughable you could suggest otherwise. Given the correct environment, losing doesnt being an issue. A simple thought for you. A coach who is improving the childrens skills, will have success. They will move up the ladder and the children they are coaching will have a better chance of doing so as well. A coach who is winning and improving the childrens skills will move up the ladder and the children will go with him. A coach who is winning but not improving skills will move up and the children will disappear. The coach will as well.
  13. Thats not true at all. The "fans" have taken to people with less talent than he has... He's pretty much wasted any chance he has of making a decent chance of it here. Maybe he's suited to being the big fish, i dunno.
  14. 3/ your point is a complete oversight of what happened as far back as 2010. 4/ again you kinda miss the question I was asking. To answer you. A really good under xxx should be looking to be promoted to a higher grade.
  15. I'm replying on a phone. 1/ you misunderstand what i said. Winning games give people esp, young lads confidence, which improves skill level. It's obv why.
  16. scram, Whilst i agree with most of what your saying, i have a few questions/points. 1/ Winning matches at any age group IS important. The confidence gained from being part of a winning team is closely linked to improving a skill, if taught correctly. 2/ Your right, very few players go under XXX year group to the first team. However, a high percentage of players that play as adults start of as part of a under XXX age group. 3/ I disagree with EPPP completely, however hanging on to talent has always been a problem. Looking at Man U (the gigs, scholes, beckham age) and say Southampton now, a massive percentage of young players were picked up from other clubs. Do you think the players Southampton/man u poached would have made the impact they did had they stayed with the original clubs? 4/ With regards to 'getting our act together.' Is the problem more of a case of not having the right culture/coaches between the under XXX and the first team rather than completely the youth coaches fault?
  17. Semi serious question. From your posts over the summer and the players we're linked to 'not being good enough.' What makes you happy now? Filled a gap? Fair play you said they are not what you expected but I feel you created a higher level of expectation in you head.
  18. I should edit my post for a . I think you derserve a second post outlining your daftness
  19. To add some content and not "thoery" to this thread. There has been a power struggle which has worked out well for him. It will take time. I have posted this is other threads and it has been confirmed in "theory" by other non connected posters
  20. My considered theory is.... Grandad follows the yellow brick road and spends a night with a lion from someone's wardrobe. I'm sure he'll understand what theory means...
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