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  1. I think we will lose 4/5 players not featuring which could save us around 3-4m p/a which should help massively.


    Reach, Bannan and FF are all saleable assets. While they are our best players, they don’t really complement each other as well as I would like. 


    We we have some young players who are making great progress this season, should they continue will be worth a reasonable sum.


    We are just outside the playoff’s during which we have picked up some good points across possibly our hardest run of fixtures for the season.


    We have some really good players due to return from injury who should help us kick on for the remainer of the season and with JL they won’t be rushed back so can see one or two playing a big part for the rest of the season post new year.


    Basically I see lots of reasons to be positive about the future esp as for th first time in ages we are signing players to fill the gaps in the squad we have had.


    Players like JP and MH whilst maybe not great are what we needed. I can see us signing players to make the team better who maybe aren’t as good as what we had next summer while still adjusting the situation we had.

  2. 46 minutes ago, StudentOwl said:

    Pointing out the somewhat obvious... either he signs a contract extension this window, or we should cash in. He'll only be guaranteed as a Wednesday player for 9 months otherwise, then it's goodbye for nothing. It's a tricky one... even with just a year left on his contract and him entering his late 20's, we could probably demand a decent fee for him. Very few players at Championship level can impose themselves for the whole 90 minutes in the way BB can. Replacing him with a player that does the same sort of thing is nigh-on impossible... the only other player I can think that has a similar sort of playstyle in this league as Bannan is Hourihane... and apart from the obvious cost-factors involved with bringing him in, he definitely wouldn't be an like-for-like replacement. I'd trust Jos to bring someone from the continent who on paper is as good as BB and would do the same job... but that's just the thing... on paper is a phrase that's comforting because in hypotheticals it glosses over that, as we've learnt, it doesn't always work out. 


    I think we could absolutely replace BB with another sort of midfielder and be fine. He can't score goals for sh*t. He's tiny and poor in the tackle. BB has plenty of weaknesses as a footballer and we could absolutely bring in a midfielder who would play a bit differently and do a bit of a different job and I have no doubt we'd be fine. But if we want a player that can dictate tempo and patterns of play when we're on the ball, it would be very very difficult to get someone of Barry's quality in. If we're planning on getting rid of Barry Bannan and trying to find a direct replacement for him, then we shouldn't bother... extend the contract and keep him. If, however, we're looking for a different sort of midfielder... maybe selling now while we could get a really good price for him would be best.


    Personally I'd err towards keeping him. 


    Good post, if KL is fit and ready to go for a season then keeping or selling bannon is entirely dependant on the style we’re looking to play.

  3. 4 hours ago, Tamworthowl said:



    £1.6m should get us Venancio and a decent loan signing that would allow gradual development of Baker as back up.


    But before we consider any new signing, we have in addition to Baker, Lee, Hutchinson, and possibly Boyd. So we do have options. Let's see what happens over the next week or ten days before getting the knives out.




    We have plenty of options for both sides, with the possibility of switching to a back four if needed.


    We could probably do the same with a few other players, given us the cash to recruit better players in more important position.

  4. 8 hours ago, HOOTIE AND THE poo TU said:

    You didn't read what I wrote


    If we sell him, we have to pay the remainder of the fee, around £6 million


    If we sell him for say 8 million


    The buying club will pay us £2 million per year for 4 years


    So yes, this would impact on FFP


    I don’t think this is correct at all.


    We paid x amount upfront but can spread the cost via accounting over the length of the contract. So say 10 million over 4 years. 2.5 goes into every years accounts.


    we sell after two years, we have spread 5 million over the 10 in the first two years accounts but now we don’t have an asset, hense the account cost has to be paid now.


    we sell for 8 million after two years, we pay off the accounting 5 million owed and have 3 million to do as we wish



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