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  1. I think we almost have to sign him. Depending on Pudli’s situation we need another 3 cb so he has to fill one spot.
  2. This is a massive fabrication of the truth. I would be surprised if you could show any factual information other than it magically appearing somewhere in the between your ears.
  3. I find it difficult to understand people sticking up for David Hirst whilst slating Doylen.
  4. Jos is doing a great job with bringing players back and keeping them fit. Fairly confident given abdi talent he will be a star for us once fit.
  5. I would give them both 30 minutes at the end. Slowly slowly, build for next season. i would love us to start playing 4,3,3 in a few games time once they have both proven to be ready.
  6. Agree with the poster who suggested a rugby timekeeping system.
  7. Great goal. Has he lost a tonne of weight? The man deserves a big cuddle for the last few months.
  8. Hard to disagree with that barring the choice of phase. The agent gets paid very highly for the job they do, much the same as a footballer. Are they pond scum weasels?
  9. That isn’t how international business works. Usually the company looking to recruit hires a consultant and they get a fee. The potential employee discusses terms with the consultants. It is up to the company to agree or not.
  10. Hopefully a better way of explaining my point. Spurs have great model and strong chairman. Saints wba used to have strong chairman. burnely and Watford are solid.
  11. Can you give reasons for your first comment? Your second point is a bit strange, what benefit does that have?
  12. Not true at all and I have regular contact with a few of the biggest on the planet.
  13. With the break giving players a rest, i’d hope we set up how we plan to play next year. With that in mind i’d play 433 either keeper hunt Fred lees pudli/fox hutch bannan reach boyd joao ff Can make a case for other players playing depending on where he wants different players playing. Example being hutch at the back.
  14. What do you think his goals for the season are?
  15. Subjective? edited to add... how many years did it take Leicester’s owners to work on the mistakes.
  16. Have you looked at Leicester’s progression since Milan sold them? Spending loads of cash to start with and taking a more solid approach. I have more faith in the ownership than you do. Mainly because I see the mistakes slowly learnt from and corrected. It is frustrating.
  17. Give the guy a break. He is our second choice keeper. A few people have said Dawson is the better prospect, he will make the same mistakes. Pickford isn’t prefect but went for a shed load. Hart has made big errors and won a few things. Westwood when fit is our number 1.
  18. I’d like to see him alongside two vocal defenders for a while. He’s adjusting to the pace of the league and needs some help.
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