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  1. Not surprised by this. Decent move for both.
  2. Would be a good move for both parties
  3. It's really close but Pickford in goal for me. Two goals conceded, one a great freekick and unlucky with the other.
  4. Spurs squad as a whole without Kane and Son is pretty similar to wolves. Can see them being pretty easy for him to manage. Fans will have different ideas though.
  5. He's obviously a good potential signing for reasons already stated. With him, Palmer, a left back and some young players to get game time that's full backs sorted. A strong defence is a must in league one, the centre looks solid so just a goalkeeper to add.
  6. Loaning a keeper seems like the best option. Both keepers will be on a decent although not great wage for a championship side. A permanent signing hopefully would be on a circa league one wage, which would make life difficult the club to have a third choice on more money than the first. Both of them need investing time in to become a back up championship keeper so however has the longest contact would be my back up keeper this year. The other needs game time and a loan somewhere. The choice of loan club is important for obv reasons.
  7. I agree with quite a few of them, some seem pointless. Big if, but if they had the ref on a microphone discussing decisions etc i'd take the ones I don't agree with
  8. From the obv four, maradona is the best player but had the worst career. Trying to separate the other three is impossible.
  9. Decent squad player for a mid table championship team
  10. The club should accept any above reasonable bid for any of the players.
  11. Should have quite a few suitors. If he lands a solid club, have a few seasons of game time and hard work it should work out for both. crucial time for him now
  12. City qpr, Liverpool AC and pretty much every Leicester game when it became clear they could win the league, spring to mind. I'm sure I've missed a few. The Ajax final as a child, is the one that really stands out for me when they had that amazing set of young players. Remember David Pleat saying how he wanted to sign David's and believed it would happen as I was that young.
  13. One of those things. Nothing he can do about it
  14. Either Dawson or Wildsmith could be decent back up next year. Both is over kill.
  15. Whilst he is a very good manager, it looked to have ran it's course. Much the same as Wagner at Huddersfield.
  16. Sure, I'm decently confident that some of them have been introduced since he has been here. How many are his direct choice, probably none, but given the turnover of staff some will have been introduced under people he has hired. I guess it depends how the list maker wants to rule on it.
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