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  1. 11 minutes ago, malek said:


    To sign someone who would be better or at least as good as Borner and Lees.


    We weren't in the market for back-up, but on improvement on those two.


    Couple of questions...


    how good is Borner? You seem like you follow random football leagues.


    not quite sure how to ask the second question because I don't know how good Borner is... how do you know we were looking to improve on them.


    Random questions, you seem to always want the club to invest in resalable players... what's wrong with this.


    Feel free to assume that an improvement, based on the idea that popped up in the void between your ears, wasn't possible due to other reasons. 


    Sorry but not sorry for this post.

  2. 3 hours ago, Mr Hooper said:

    What sort of transfer policy are you expecting this summer?


    I thought it'd be interesting to see what different people's expectations are. 


    Might as well throw a few names out there as well if you have anyone in mind.


    (Assuming we're all in agreement that at least 6/7 players will be leaving this summer)


    For me, Hector is a must. Maybe get him for 1/2 million with him being out on contract next summer?

    Add a centre midfielder in there as well. Some big/powerful to play next to Bannan. (That could be Onomah back on loan)

    Sign Lazaar on a perm.


    I would then think the rest of the signings will be people out of contract like Browne (Preston) and people of that nature. 

    I'm not sure what the love in with hector is. Last few years we have had quite a few different centre backs, all of which haven't been great without Westwood behind them. I think we can pick up someone else for not much that would be as good assuming we have a good keeper

  3. I'm not completely sure I understand all the fuss regarding the squad. Most of the players we should be letting go haven't played anyway. The doubt seems to be around players who would be squad players anyway.


    As an example, I would be happy with either boyd or MM on the bench, probably not both though.


  4. 36 minutes ago, Maxine said:


    Are you kidding?


    Not at all. He's come back into the side after being given an awful deal and done a good job. I think it's better just left at that.


    It's like winning a big bet from someone and then giving them a rub down. Totally uncalled for.

  5. 4 hours ago, beloved_aunt said:


    We’ll have a much better chance of getting a top manager in the summer and they’d also have a better chance of succeeding at this point as lots of the deadwood like Boyd/Jones/Lee/Abdi etc will be cleared off the wage bill. 


    It would also give us time to appoint a Sporting Director so we get our recruitment in order before the summer. 

    Who is a top manager?


    why would they be more likely to improve?


    are we looking for a sporting director?

  6. On 10/11/2018 at 18:47, CF83OWL said:




    Would you trust a manager to bring in his own players with such a poor record of upsetting players?


    who has he upset from his preferred team?


    Heck, if Jos did bring in his own players and fell out with them.....they would be picking up a free pay cheque for 3 years (or at least until Jos left).

    Yoy talking poo now 

    On 10/11/2018 at 18:47, CF83OWL said:




  7. 15 minutes ago, scram said:

    There is no appetite for the big TV companies to pay epic money for the EFL - or the championship


    If there was they'd be doing it


    If we're being honest it's not even the PL that attracts the money - it's a small handful of mega clubs

    ‘Epic’ kinda saves you because the rest on your ‘honest’ post can be proven wrong on a postage stamp...

  8. 19 hours ago, room0035 said:

    The more worrying thing for me is - we were told the injuries last season were a one off due to fitness level but this season we have so many players out again


    Hutch, Hooper, Lee, Abdi, Matias, Van Aken, Winnall, possible Bannan, 


    Is it fitness or is it the training pitch, methods of training or something else we have too many players out with Knee's, hips and joint injuries for it purely to be fitness, they then come back and break down again surely with a player out for 6-9 month we won't rush then back so they get injured again but this has happened with Lee, Hooper, Van Aken and Winnall this season.

    Most of that list has  been unavoidable. 


    You may as well suggest the colour of felt tip pen has..?.

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  9. 17 hours ago, sturutter said:

    Two minutes from time, their keeper is injured, and taking the throw in straight away could lead to an empty net.


    Yes, there may have been an element in his mind that he was happy for us to just keep the ball from the throw anyway. Yes, if he did mean to delay in the spirit of fairness, you could argue that it's not the right thing to do, as other teams may not reciprocate.


    But I think we should take it for what it looks like. He's obviously a nice guy, and I'm very proud that one of Wednesday's stars is putting fair play before the game. 


    Didn't penny get a dressing down for *that cross*?


    Fair play sir, leason learnt...

  10. 5 hours ago, Ian said:

    Are you blind or just don't go?.....Sunday was just about his best game for us including match winning saves and an 80 yard ball to set up a goal


    You make some great points in this thread. 


    I think he could do with a run of cup games, so only playing once a week. He needs a little more coaching and still has a tonne to learn.


    I can't wait to see him next season. If we can sort out our defence, with a season behind him, he could well go for what DC paid for the club.

  11. 2 hours ago, ka58 said:


    You won’t replace a hard working left footed player who can play in 2/3 positions and score goals for any kind of money Wednesday have got.


    plus he’s not really playing in midfield at the moment- he’s in a 3 behind a striker.


    Sure and we won’t replace FF either.


    Given a choice Reach would be easier to replace, obv not like for like but maybe with someone who brings something we are missing.


    We have quite a few players that can play behind the striker and at left back now so in theory we would just need to replace his availability in midfield.


    Bannan is more than capable of playing as a hard working midfielder in the left of a three and did so very well for a few season.

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