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  1. 3 hours ago, DJMortimer said:


    I'd have thought most people are smart enough to process the information in an appropriate context without the need for someone pointing out the blindingly obvious about it not being conclusive or binding.


    You average less than 2 posts per month for a dozen years and this is the sort of pivotal matter you get exercised about? Don't look at some of the other threads; there's talk of transfer embargoes, financial mismanagement, bad players and all sorts. :ohmy:


    I'm grateful for the intelligent information you provided. If a team starts the season from a different points position they end up in a different situation . Wow wii.


    The second paragraph is more laughable than your original point.


  2. 3 hours ago, DJMortimer said:


    It's perfectly straightforward for putting into perspective what a challenge a 12 point deduction actually is in terms of our recent performance levels. And as things stand, the squad we have is not amongst the best from that period.

    Fuzzy logic at its best...


    Applying a 12 point deduction before the season starts to previous years results to show a perspective is idiocy at its finest.

  3. 10 hours ago, DJMortimer said:


    Just to put it into a little perspective, if you deducted those points from all of the 20 seasons since we departed the Premier League, we would have been relegated 11 times. Obviously there is plenty to play for, but it should not be taken lightly.

    What a bizarre post.

  4. 56 minutes ago, The Night-Owl said:


    That's got to be the way forward. Better recruitment; bringing in young players, selling them on for a profit and steadily progressing on and off the pitch. 

    I could have quoted a few of the posts regarding this....


    Bringing in young players that need to time to settle given the deduction isn't too clever. I'm all for it in general but find it assuming the 'need an experienced goalie' but fill the outfield with young lads thing that is going on....

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  5. As someone said earlier, aiming for mid table or around 62 points should avoid relegation and leave a base to push on the year after. Achieving a squad for this should be reasonably easy given the current situation.


    Loads of high earners off the wage bill and plenty of places to fill with mid table type players won't be expensive given how many players of this type have been released by other clubs.

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  6. Could be an interesting situation. 

    Fc Rostov had big problems with Covid for the game with Sochi. Short version, first team has to stay at home, tried to rearrange game, Sochi wouldn't let them. Dragged kids out of school, kids went 1-0, goalie saves a pen and is MOM whilst losing 10-1.

  7. 23 minutes ago, gurujuan said:

    It depends, personally I favour a system that uses three central midfielders, generally Monk favours two. We already have four, but as you say, Hunt has very little first team experience, so do we put him back in the U23s? We are unlikely to have more than two players for every position, except for maybe goalkeepers. If we can only sign one in this department, I’d rather it be someone younger than Irvine

    I'm not sure what depends, I asked, if you are suggesting that midfield four is a reason not to sign a proven midfielder on a free?

    I'm also confused as to why you think your preferred system makes a difference but if we are playing with a three it makes signing someone like this even easier.


    Where has the two players per position think come from? I may well have missed the interview or release stating this. Would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction.


    If football is going forward with more subs having a bigger squad makes sense and getting good quality players in on frees is a must for me, esp with how much work the manager has.

  8. If I follow you, your saying we have four midfielders. One of which is a squad player at best, one has no experience in the league and using that as a reason not to sign a good player, at a decent age, with good experience of the league on a free transfer? On top of that saying we need to sign forwards....

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