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  1. I agree anwts. What's the difference between having five players in a wall and a cuddle after a goal?
  2. Regardless of being what 'ready' means, young players need ample rest periods to help with recovery and body growth.
  3. For any player past 30, Rhodes will be 31 at the end of the season, I would be looking at taking any decent 2-3 year deal on offer at the moment from a championship club if I wished to continue playing. With the way football is at the moment and the salary cap in leagues 1 and 2 it might be problematic finding something solid in the summer.
  4. not only that but pretty much everyone that hadn't seen him play thought the same
  5. Whilst the game has developed over the last four or five years, I feel this year it has regressed. The amount of fixtures in such a short period of time has seen teams press from the front less aggressively. This should suit Rhodes but he does need a suitable partner which I feel we don't have.
  6. Huddersfield games tend to have quite a few goals in them, looking forward to it.
  7. The website suggests it should be covered by the end of the year or early next
  8. Looking at the rapsodo mlm. Has anyone tried it, great reviews.
  9. Brown is a very good player at this level. He has been very poor recently.
  10. Today we looked decent going foward. Harris and reach played well. Between 65-80 sat back too deep. Brown looks way off the pace.
  11. What a bizarre post. None of the players the club signed from that league have been a success. Silva as a manager?
  12. Twelve goals conceded in thirteen matches, of which three came in the horror show what was Rotherham, suggests the defence isn't too bad. With JVA playing I think it's six conceded in eight games.
  13. With all the games over the next month or so Pulis is surely going to have to rotate?
  14. Played well today. Answered a few questions today.
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