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  1. Overall this has been a good summer, probably three players the club would have liked to have kept.
  2. I don't get this post and a few others.
  3. Clap clap clap, you've been promoted to muppet number 1. sorry to the other poster, I judged your 2soon
  4. Agreed. The midfield is quite a big issue in general though, can't think of many who deserve a place.
  5. Definitely looked better than last time i saw him play. Watford will be up there this season so a clean sheet is worth noting.
  6. 'I'm wrong' springs to mind few more posted what ever colour you honestly believed it wasn't.
  7. Would love to live in a fantasy world as well but quite a few well reasoned wednesday fans believe it is speculation. By the look of it two have posted in this thread.
  8. Looking forward to Saturdays game
  9. The club has spent much more on much worse
  10. I'm grateful for the intelligent information you provided. If a team starts the season from a different points position they end up in a different situation . Wow wii. The second paragraph is more laughable than your original point.
  11. Fuzzy logic at its best... Applying a 12 point deduction before the season starts to previous years results to show a perspective is idiocy at its finest.
  12. I could have quoted a few of the posts regarding this.... Bringing in young players that need to time to settle given the deduction isn't too clever. I'm all for it in general but find it assuming the 'need an experienced goalie' but fill the outfield with young lads thing that is going on....
  13. 100%, solid mid table player which is what the club need at the moment.
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