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  1. Using a quick google search we have sixteen players who have played more than thousand minutes this season. As things stand five of them will need replacing or resigning. There are a couple of others in the sixteen that don't look to have a future here like Westwood, Lee and Obudajo. I would assume Monk is going to be looking for a lot of loans and free transfers along with resigning a few. The suggestion of running a smaller squad seems a strange idea to me given how many transfers don't work and what we have to do.
  2. Listening to the Robbie Blake podcast on under the cosh. He has nothing but praise, even jokes that they told him training starts at 11 when it was due to start at 10.
  3. He has scored 11 goals in 60 odd games whilst playing for a championship club. On that alone I would look to sign him up.
  4. It's going to be hard to phase in quickly due to players contracts in both the prem and champ. i'm for it though, going to be interesting in how/if they do it.
  5. Reminds me of the complete lack of personalities in the side under Pleat.
  6. Dave Jones/Stuart Grey would be my shout.
  7. Good article although it would be impossible to recreate here.
  8. Before yesterday we were decent scorers and very good defensively. Today we are decent at both. if we had won 2-0 yesterday we would be very good at both....
  9. Yet we aren't doing badly on the scoring front...
  10. Two games into the season with players not quite up to speed in the squad. Play a similar team to what we have. bannan comes in for Murphy for me. If after 60 minutes anyone is off the pace then change according. Reach is one of the few players we have who are always fit for 90.
  11. Couple of questions... how good is Borner? You seem like you follow random football leagues. not quite sure how to ask the second question because I don't know how good Borner is... how do you know we were looking to improve on them. Random questions, you seem to always want the club to invest in resalable players... what's wrong with this. Feel free to assume that an improvement, based on the idea that popped up in the void between your ears, wasn't possible due to other reasons. Sorry but not sorry for this post.
  12. I'm not sure what the love in with hector is. Last few years we have had quite a few different centre backs, all of which haven't been great without Westwood behind them. I think we can pick up someone else for not much that would be as good assuming we have a good keeper
  13. I'm not completely sure I understand all the fuss regarding the squad. Most of the players we should be letting go haven't played anyway. The doubt seems to be around players who would be squad players anyway. As an example, I would be happy with either boyd or MM on the bench, probably not both though.
  14. Great listen, I wish the Wednesday pod cast groups would to more of the same.
  15. Unless im missing something it was the same for Westwood and he dealt with the situation with a class
  16. I haven't seen that, but if that's the case then agreed.
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