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  1. I could have quoted a few of the posts regarding this.... Bringing in young players that need to time to settle given the deduction isn't too clever. I'm all for it in general but find it assuming the 'need an experienced goalie' but fill the outfield with young lads thing that is going on....
  2. 100%, solid mid table player which is what the club need at the moment.
  3. As someone said earlier, aiming for mid table or around 62 points should avoid relegation and leave a base to push on the year after. Achieving a squad for this should be reasonably easy given the current situation. Loads of high earners off the wage bill and plenty of places to fill with mid table type players won't be expensive given how many players of this type have been released by other clubs.
  4. Has Monk said he wants to play 3-5-2? Apart from recently I can't think of any teams he's set up that way.
  5. I think he's going to be stuck. Too good for the champ, not quite there for the prem. have no idea what our fantasy managers are up to
  6. Most players will never play at Wembley, whilst not ideal I would hardly call it a waste of time.
  7. Could be an interesting situation. Fc Rostov had big problems with Covid for the game with Sochi. Short version, first team has to stay at home, tried to rearrange game, Sochi wouldn't let them. Dragged kids out of school, kids went 1-0, goalie saves a pen and is MOM whilst losing 10-1.
  8. With the games we have coming up, the size of the squad and the difficulty of games, I'd like to see him getting most of his minutes from the bench with the odd start dependant on results and his performances.
  9. The owners bad PR and recently being a successful club are counting against them. It looks like they are trying to get the wage bill under control given the immediate future. Wednesday would be wise to do the same.
  10. Well deserved, absolutely amazing to watch. i can't think of one idiot in the squad either.
  11. I'm not sure what depends, I asked, if you are suggesting that midfield four is a reason not to sign a proven midfielder on a free? I'm also confused as to why you think your preferred system makes a difference but if we are playing with a three it makes signing someone like this even easier. Where has the two players per position think come from? I may well have missed the interview or release stating this. Would be grateful if you could point me in the right direction. If football is going forward with more subs having a bigger squad makes sense and getting good quality players in on frees is a must for me, esp with how much work the manager has.
  12. If I follow you, your saying we have four midfielders. One of which is a squad player at best, one has no experience in the league and using that as a reason not to sign a good player, at a decent age, with good experience of the league on a free transfer? On top of that saying we need to sign forwards....
  13. Someone like him on a free is good business.
  14. Whilst not an exact science, building a squad that scores 65-70 goals a session is more important than finding one player to challenge for the golden boot trophy. Our squad wasn't too far off that pace before a poor run.
  15. Using a quick google search we have sixteen players who have played more than thousand minutes this season. As things stand five of them will need replacing or resigning. There are a couple of others in the sixteen that don't look to have a future here like Westwood, Lee and Obudajo. I would assume Monk is going to be looking for a lot of loans and free transfers along with resigning a few. The suggestion of running a smaller squad seems a strange idea to me given how many transfers don't work and what we have to do.
  16. Listening to the Robbie Blake podcast on under the cosh. He has nothing but praise, even jokes that they told him training starts at 11 when it was due to start at 10.
  17. He has scored 11 goals in 60 odd games whilst playing for a championship club. On that alone I would look to sign him up.
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