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  1. Played well today. Answered a few questions today.
  2. Slightly more in favour of the decision to start Westwood than not. As someone pointed out, I find it hard to believe people are suggesting he didn't slip, give it was pointed out in commentary and by Westwood to Pulis after the game. I can't see it in the clips but TV angles etc. Regardless of the slip and punch everything from then on to the goal is poor.
  3. Brown, Bannan, Reach and Iorfa. Possibly Westwood and Rhodes.
  4. I'm looking forward to today much more than I have been for the last year or so. Excited is probably the wrong word as the quality of football in the championship in general isn't going to blow you away. I'm excited that we have a manger who is proven to get results in this league without blowing massive amounts of cash. I'm excited we will have a team that plays to its strengths. Going back Megson, Sturrock, Wilson, Francis and Big Ron. Carlos and Jones maybe, however I didn't feel the previous manger deserved the sack so somewhat tainted.
  5. Looking forward to today's game and the next few. Will be interesting to see how the team develop. Eleven games in five and a half weeks is problematic though.
  6. Looking forward to Amazon and Netflix replacing Sky and BT.
  7. As a few others have pointed out, would be a solid signing for quite a few reasons.
  8. Anyone's guess to who plays in goal, wouldn't be too surprised to see a Patterson, Iorfa, Borner and Palmer defence.
  9. The club have got this spot on. Solid appointment that will sort out the mess in goal, strengthen the midfield which will make the team hard to beat. If it turns out to be until the end of the season the next manager will have a solid base, if he stays longer he will have earnt it.
  10. Have only checked the top two leagues for this season. Most of the top twenty goal scorers are averaging one in two. Based just on this I would suggest the reason is more rotation and subs.
  11. I hadn't noticed. Has played well the last couple of games, hope it continues
  12. All done, thanks although today's game isn't that big
  13. This will be my first time using it, should I pay and get it set up hours beforehand or is it pretty straight forward?
  14. Given you directly quoted him Bynum the thread title, can I ask how you came to this conclusion?
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