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  1. he was a hell of a player though. Someone sent me a video of his goal when has was crying at the ref for ten seconds, then smashed a volley in to the top corner. top tip player
  2. That's abhorrent. I doubt he found it funny when ever it was sent
  3. Given the opportunity always sell for the right price
  4. I don't think it really matters. I look for my home town club, Northampton and Wednesday who I grew up supporting.
  5. Liverpool's wage bill is the one of the highest in the with all the restrictions, can see it going through the roof without some sort of rejuvenation if the squad.
  6. He's been a very good signing for West Ham. Some room to improve as well.
  7. Root has just scored a tonne of runs this year....
  8. Very good signing for Newcastle. Scored around one in three for Burnley who don't create a tonne of chances. Should be able to partner Wilson as well if he ever stays fit for a prolonged period.
  9. You may well be right. It maybe takes Newcastle four or five seasons to challenge for the title. Relegation delays this by a year or so. A mid table side will lose out on the revenue from being in the prem so short term it suits them more having Newcastle not being able to buy tried and tested players. Example they could buy the two Burnley center backs and Burnley are now close to certs to go down.
  10. Probably has more to do with the quite a few clubs not wanting to strengthen a relegation candidate than the bigger clubs being concerned. I don't have access to the article so may well be wrong
  11. maybe pick your pub better? the grounds I've been to are in the top tier of hospitality and the food generally sucks. im sure this has a cross over. going back can you provide examples?
  12. Which clubs do catering really well? I regularly have corporate at Spurs, Arsenal, Chelsea, o2 and Wembley. None of these are better than a pub close.
  13. Wilson for me. The Wilson Jewell combo completely killed the club
  14. sorry if this has been asked before, Just catching up. With everything that's been going on recently, stopping the game should be normal?
  15. Essex haven't tried to pass it off as banter. For me this is where the case has blown up. I fully expect other counties, once players come forward to held accountable.
  16. I think your missing something. I will have a think about what you wrote and try to post something usual for you. I'm fully aware this thread may blow up by then.
  17. every team will have it. I hope this doesn't spoil what he is trying to do.
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