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  1. Great listen, I wish the Wednesday pod cast groups would to more of the same.
  2. Unless im missing something it was the same for Westwood and he dealt with the situation with a class
  3. I haven't seen that, but if that's the case then agreed.
  4. Not at all. He's come back into the side after being given an awful deal and done a good job. I think it's better just left at that. It's like winning a big bet from someone and then giving them a rub down. Totally uncalled for.
  5. Who is a top manager? why would they be more likely to improve? are we looking for a sporting director?
  6. Kinda interested in which chairman across the top four leagues have a handle on it? Same question for managers?
  7. ‘Epic’ kinda saves you because the rest on your ‘honest’ post can be proven wrong on a postage stamp...
  8. Most of that list has been unavoidable. You may as well suggest the colour of felt tip pen has..?.
  9. Didn't penny get a dressing down for *that cross*? Fair play sir, leason learnt...
  10. Gonna get slated for this... CC signed almost all of out interchangeable players but couldn't make a team. Jos has signed three players whilst having his back side handed to him. Improving what is needed and having a plan.
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