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  1. Sure, using the photo and the letter of the law, if it goes in,Wednesday should retake it as there is a player encroaching.
  2. agreed. Pretty much every pen would be the same though?
  3. They are hoping he signs a new deal as he has promised to do.
  4. One of the main reasons they are poor is this. Betting market gives us around 26.6% chance.
  5. Would be nice, however they don't have a clue what they are doing.
  6. Haven't seen much of Gibson. The little I have, either player coming in on Saturday would be fine
  7. I think the chap has talent. On onside I'd like him to develop his team game, the other I'd like him to express himself
  8. The problem they have, is the main agent they use....
  9. Inter are valued around a billion pounds and with the assets they have that debt size should be fine. The problems are much deeper than just the clubs problems though.
  10. Everyone has a price. No brainier to be looking to extend his contract.
  11. Not surprised by this. Decent move for both.
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