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  1. I'm not sure what the love in with hector is. Last few years we have had quite a few different centre backs, all of which haven't been great without Westwood behind them. I think we can pick up someone else for not much that would be as good assuming we have a good keeper
  2. I'm not completely sure I understand all the fuss regarding the squad. Most of the players we should be letting go haven't played anyway. The doubt seems to be around players who would be squad players anyway. As an example, I would be happy with either boyd or MM on the bench, probably not both though.
  3. Great listen, I wish the Wednesday pod cast groups would to more of the same.
  4. Unless im missing something it was the same for Westwood and he dealt with the situation with a class
  5. I haven't seen that, but if that's the case then agreed.
  6. Not at all. He's come back into the side after being given an awful deal and done a good job. I think it's better just left at that. It's like winning a big bet from someone and then giving them a rub down. Totally uncalled for.
  7. Who is a top manager? why would they be more likely to improve? are we looking for a sporting director?
  8. Kinda interested in which chairman across the top four leagues have a handle on it? Same question for managers?
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