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  1. 2soon

    Shape of the midfield

    We have a squad of players that can cover multiple position, I feel the shape of the midfield is going to be based on the defenders and the opposites. Playing penny and baker at the same time is asking for trouble given the need to bed in a proper centre back pairing.
  2. 2soon

    Give Pelupessy a break

    He needs to be playing in a 3. With Lee/bannon/reach either side he'd do ok
  3. 2soon

    The youngsters - quality

    One or two should be starting every week next season
  4. Good post, if KL is fit and ready to go for a season then keeping or selling bannon is entirely dependant on the style we’re looking to play.
  5. Agreed. We have plenty of options for both sides, with the possibility of switching to a back four if needed. We could probably do the same with a few other players, given us the cash to recruit better players in more important position.
  6. 2soon

    Starting XI

    4-3-3 westwood hunt jva lees pudli or new signing bannan Pessy/hutch or New signing abdi joao hopper ff
  7. I don’t think this is correct at all. We paid x amount upfront but can spread the cost via accounting over the length of the contract. So say 10 million over 4 years. 2.5 goes into every years accounts. we sell after two years, we have spread 5 million over the 10 in the first two years accounts but now we don’t have an asset, hense the account cost has to be paid now. we sell for 8 million after two years, we pay off the accounting 5 million owed and have 3 million to do as we wish
  8. 2soon

    3-4-3 and next season

    One of cc biggest perseved problem was like for like....
  9. In this system he’s playing with hooper:joao with ff behind?
  10. 2soon

    keeping these two

    I think we almost have to sign him. Depending on Pudli’s situation we need another 3 cb so he has to fill one spot.
  11. This is a massive fabrication of the truth. I would be surprised if you could show any factual information other than it magically appearing somewhere in the between your ears.
  12. I find it difficult to understand people sticking up for David Hirst whilst slating Doylen.
  13. Jos is doing a great job with bringing players back and keeping them fit. Fairly confident given abdi talent he will be a star for us once fit.