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  1. Dear SWFC Further to your enquiry, I can confirm that we'd happily find a place for Liam Palmer in our squad. Whilst we cannot guarantee that he will start games on a weekly basis, having a hard working, professional, versatile player of a good age who is capped at full international level and likely not to be earning bank breaking wages, seems like very shrewd business and frankly you're a bunch of bellends for letting him go. Sincerely. Almost every manager in the championship.
  2. Could do with Villa winning. We've got Bristol to play so would put things a little more in our own hands . Sort of.
  3. Not saying he's good enough, but tonight was one of his best games for Wednesday. Not seen much of him yet under Bruce, worth giving him another chance?
  4. Not catching Bristol now, but if we win on Saturday and Bristol beat Villa we still have a chance. Realistically though we need to win all 5 which is unlikely, but we might aswell go all out attack from now on. Don't die wondering. Cracking job Bruce has done either way though, just hope he can back it up next season.
  5. We can definitely get the points. The problem is Villa don't look like dropping enough for it to matter.
  6. We're going to finish 7th aren't we? Would have gladly taken it when Bruce arrived, but will be gutted if it actually happens now
  7. Hopefully come out better in 2nd half. Missing a bit of pace from Aarons and Reach has been awful. Nothing sticking up front, Would look to get Nuhiu on and give Winnall last half hour too.
  8. Front two look dreadful. Understandable but needs to change it in 2nd half.
  9. Go on ya big cripple. Let's have a hattrick.
  10. There are a lot of players where that would be a genuine concern. I doubt that Palmer is one of them. For nearly a decade, whether he's playing well or not, his effort and commitment have never been in question.
  11. Sliding in like that he's just trying to get something on the ball. Got way too much in the end. Scuff it next time Sam cheers.
  12. That Aarons effort was so poor. Summed the game up. Decent point though, could have lost, could have won, another clean sheet and the unbeaten run goes on.
  13. Up there with the foul on Kieran Lee away at Bolton a couple of seasons ago.
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