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  1. Thought it was about a brazilian player we were hoping to sign
  2. Just want to acknowledge his efforts so far this year. One of the most assured centre backs we have had since pearson. Not put a foot wrong for me since he joined the club. With the run that we have been on is based on the team performance and some MOM performances from midfielders and strikers but the most consistent performer has been Lees Keep it up lad
  3. Maybe looking too much into it but did anyone else notice big dave go straight down the tunnel at full time instead of joining in the celebrations and acknowledge the crowd Seemed very out of character for him
  4. Still think its not flexible enough. I think the reading game both wallace and matias got marked out of the game. Joao was having to come deep to receive the ball and other than the goal didnt trouble their back four Todays game was pretty much the same. Matias was quiet (other than the world class goal) sougou was quiet too Im a fan of Nuhiu myself but today was either marked by 2 centre backs, flicking balls on with nobody there or no pace to trouble the defense to get round the back. We would be more prolific if we had someone to feed off nuhiu or joao.
  5. Perfect set up for an away game. Solid and limits teams chances against us That formation is not designed for home games. Too defensive. Need 2 up front or one striker playing behind nuhiu or joao as they are the targets. Nuhiu not mobile enough to play lone striker and midfield too far away from him when and i mean when he manages to hold the ball up. Need a higher tempo. Lee McGugan need to support the strikers more imo. 2 defensive midfielders will never venture forward enough to get near the opposition area
  6. The light shining out of chansiri's backside
  7. I know its silly season but thought id chuck my two penneth in Left celtic after wanting a new challenge Was at hillsborough back end of last season and people said he was looking at macguire.......maybe it was milan courting him Im prepared for the backlash
  8. Lavery........ Lavery........ He scores for sheffield wenesday And his name is lavery
  9. Wait til end of march and he'll be the messi of rhe championship His contract is up for renewal again
  10. Ive got my zombie survival kit. Have you got yours???
  11. We will never be able to afford him in my opinion. Think he would cost between 3 and 4 million. Sunderland will want to recoup as much money as possible. If we can get him on loan til end of season and see if we stay up then look to get him on season long loan if we do for next season.
  12. Beat me to it BG i always take things said with a pinch of salt but if true i take my hat off to wickham for choosing our club over a potential big pay day fingers crossed Carlton doesn't end up with egg on his face with this one
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