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  1. Have to love the typical "If it wasn't for the ref, we would have won" comment. Even the Ipswich fans comment on YouTube acknowledges they were played off the park.
  2. I think you can from the SWFC ticket to come down on the supporters coach office but not on the turnstiles.
  3. Would be a great effort! Come on 18 more owls to hit the mark!
  4. Gatekeeper is opposite the Millennium Stadium just up from the main entrance if walking to the castle. A new alternative is shooters bar who have contacted the SWSWSWS and have said they will welcome Sheffield Wednesday fans there. Closer to the train station too being located in the tall building attached to the Millennium Stadium for those who remember in 2005. Hopefully the Huddersfield win will tempt a few more down.
  5. The more the merrier! Any updates on the amount sold now? I hope we break the 1,000 sold barrier. Owls fans meeting at the Gatekeeper Wetherspoons in Cardiff. Hope to see everyone there!
  6. I would like to make it 1,000. Leeds always impose how great their away following is across social media yet took 900 down to Cardiff last season on a Tuesday night. It would be nice to get one over them!
  7. Anyone know how many we have sold? According to the ticket office Twitter site "plenty are available" which doesn't sound to good!
  8. I hope we have at least have a few more who will make the trip last minute to boost the numbers, Bit of perspective though, our support will be the largest to visit Cardiff so far this season, Wolves currently top it with 1,030 and local derby Bristol City managed 944, Fulham on the opening day didn't even break the 4 figure barrier taking 925 and Middlesbrough who's fans have come out the woodwork away from home only managed 625 on a Tuesday night. Other away followings there are 651, 405, 347 and 401, suddenly ours doesn't look that bad. Their forum seems reasonably impressed with the number too except for one poster who is questioning the poor support http://www.cardiffcityforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=165926
  9. I will be there, hopefully be like the last venue last year when the Wednesday fans outnumbered the Cardiff fans so they asked the Bluebirds fans to leave!
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