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  1. Beautiful thread this what an amazing idea! So refreshing amongst all the dire things right now. Image one and two - Colchester at Hillsborough 22nd October 2011, always made a home game for my birthday weekend when I lived in Manchester. Image three and four, Rochdale away 2012 with Tango himself lending his presence to an image haha think we lost 2-0 or drew 0-0 can't remember which but some of our lot ripped the advertisement boards off the back of their stand and passed them down... Quite embarrassing and there was loads of fights after near the station, I absolutel
  2. That sounds terrifying. I hope i can create a signal!
  3. Any ideas on how it will be broadcast, if at all?
  4. I just miss feeling like we have a spine to us, a 'comfortable' guard and aura around the place, feeling happy to play at our wonderful Home ground. Walking up the Kop, scent of ale and pie in the air, and a sense of optimism that the game ahead may be a challenge, but whatever happens, we'll 'be rayte'. Mmmm..... pie. It was a joy to go and feel like it was a fortress of sorts during the League 1 promotion season, and Carlos' first year. Maybe the second one too. Of all the games we lose, i hate the ones where we look to lynch blame and toxicity on the squad the
  5. Loving this thread but it's really making me miss Sheffield and feel home sick! Which i've never had before... I'm 31 now and based down Chester after 12 years in Manchester, I guess i always have it to look forward to when I visit the motherland once again after lock down is over!
  6. Yeah good link but it keeps cutting out after 3-5 seconds?
  7. Clouded in memories here but i think mine was Michael Owen at Hillsborough possibly in our last or 2nd to last season in the Premiership? I was on my dad's shoulders and remember being scared of the drums! The smell of bovril awoke my senses... First goal i saw attending alone (with school friends) was Adam Proudlock's hat-trick against us where Wolves won 4-0 i think. I still loved it so went the week after and we lost 5-0 to Norwich i believe, 2002-03 season.
  8. I'll let you try first ha... Let me know how it goes! : D
  9. Not everyone who was born in Sheffield lives there now mate.... And as i mentioned i am in work so tonight so don't have access to any TV or 'SKY SPORTS'
  10. Nice. Do you need the full Sky Sports package for that feature or just Sky subscription?
  11. Does anyone know if the game tonight is available online via stream? Never had any joy before with a link that doesn't look riddled with viruses. I'm not lucky enough to be going tonight and can't watch Sky Sports later! (No TV's in my place of work...ha) Cheers all! UTO
  12. Assuming he didn't get the Mega Bus there from Lincoln..... Must have been a month in the making that regarding Visa
  13. Hopefully won't change to 12:00 noon or Sunday13:00..... But plenty of time for Sky or others to mess this up!
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