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  1. Assuming he didn't get the Mega Bus there from Lincoln..... Must have been a month in the making that regarding Visa
  2. Hopefully won't change to 12:00 noon or Sunday13:00..... But plenty of time for Sky or others to mess this up!
  3. Did any of this work out? Just moved to Chester and would love a few North West away games / beers!
  4. It's almost rallying to see this, all just cracking on!
  5. Wasn't there to see that but sounds promising! Just think it would be a silly mistake to let him go to anyone in the Championship, he does have goals against us written all over him if he grabs a lease of new life for someone else! Hopefully he gives it another chance with us and cracks on...
  6. Absolute fantasy but in the situation we are in, perhaps offering less than they would like say 15-20k a week for these "better" players with a tasty pay off at the end of next season if certain goals are achieved I.E. a top six finish or top two. Then maybe they could double trigger huge bonuses or double your wage kind of incentives... just to bend around FFP then the Premiership money would easily subsidise this scheme.
  7. It's scary to think this summer that we are going to be on the brink of either competiting for top 10 / play-off's next year if the correct deals and players are kept on / brought in, or we can mess up and let this oppertunity pass us by and that'll be us for another decade or so.
  8. Love this. When this happens, it means we are becoming more than competitive in our current league. AKA the spite and sour grapes from League One clubs as we surged onwards and upwards... May this be some incling of a strong season finish and continiued into the next for the first time in years.
  9. I can't stand the blank almost none-reaction you get from under 21 year old's or so when you say you support Wednesday... Sad to say but only we know who we were and can once be again!
  10. I think Bougherra could play midfield this weekend.
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