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  1. Could do with a couple of draws just below us, 8th playing 9th (Brentford v QPR) and 10th playing 11th (Swansea v Blackburn).
  2. Not to be negative but just seen Penistone Road in front of the park and its pretty deep, just wondered if there was any updates on if the pitch is ok ?
  3. Cheers chaps didn't know he was ok to play when appealing
  4. Have I missed something ? When does FF ban start ? How can he be in contention ?
  5. Never know that before thought managers always have their assistants follow them.
  6. Nothing to do with us in the championship but its even closer at the bottom of league 1 !! 7 points separate 12 teams !
  7. Thought as much big area though and close to training ground and keeps it in the area
  8. Not being from a construction background at all, so probably a silly question but would a new site (if it ever did happen) have to be flattish ? if not there's loads of land either side of Midhurst Road over the back of the training ground and across the Don.
  9. Anyone any idea as to why the stadium was build at an angle and not parallel with either Vere Road or Penistone Road ?
  10. There was talk a while ago of a stadium move to an area on Weedon Street near Meadowhall, this story puts the kybosh on that as the area is looking at being turned into an industrial estate by the company that owns Meadowhall https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/picture-nearly-5000-jobs-could-be-created-at-new-industrial-complex-near-sheffield-s-meadowhall-1-9332327
  11. and can you imagine the traffic problems !! around meadowhell is hellish on a Saturday never mind around christmas
  12. Think redevelopment is the way forward, someone mocked up one a while ago that extended over Penistone Road and made a tunnel for the road that was quite jazzy !! Incorporate that in with the world cup plans.
  13. Was in Benidorm a few weeks ago, not the weather for wearing owls tops cos it was scorchio, saw quite a few Wednesday tattoos tho.
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