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  1. I have a fill-in chart at work that my learners fill in week by week (I got owls and blades so we do both) and i'm keeping check with our points and position of where we would have been without the bloody 12 point deduction lol. Just to see what could have been !!
  2. Lol usually between 70 and 80 so still pushing 90 points !!
  3. That would take a miracle of biblical proportion !! Average for second place is mid 80's plus the 12 points would be touching 100 points....2.2 points per I know teams have broke and come close to the 100 points mark and would love us to do it but far too much optimism after 1 win.
  4. So if the season has started and we win the appeal, either getting a lesser point deduction or wiped totally will they be added back on during the season or at the end of the season ?
  5. Could do with a couple of draws just below us, 8th playing 9th (Brentford v QPR) and 10th playing 11th (Swansea v Blackburn).
  6. Not to be negative but just seen Penistone Road in front of the park and its pretty deep, just wondered if there was any updates on if the pitch is ok ?
  7. Cheers chaps didn't know he was ok to play when appealing
  8. Have I missed something ? When does FF ban start ? How can he be in contention ?
  9. Never know that before thought managers always have their assistants follow them.
  10. Nothing to do with us in the championship but its even closer at the bottom of league 1 !! 7 points separate 12 teams !
  11. Thought as much big area though and close to training ground and keeps it in the area
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