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  1. As a few have said, he was competing with memories of Nilsson and Sterland and was never gonna come anywhere near either of them. The amount of floaty diagonal balls from around the half way line to opposition’s defenders or keeper used to drive me mad, though.
  2. We're in a similar position with the same points as Burnley were this time last year...
  3. Points wise we're 2 better off than Burnley were at this stage last year. Granted the top two currently have more points too, but if you look at Burnley's form into this time last year, it shows you how much can change. Newcastle without Shelvey for another 4 games could help with breaching the gap. This second half of the season is gonna be interesting. *edit: just seen this already been pointed out in another thread, but there you go...
  4. Hopefully we'll hammer 'em tonight and most of them can do their Superman change back into their real teams' shirts afterwards.
  5. Gonna be somewhat in the minority here tonight. Any Wednesdayites watching in Brighton anywhere? (I imagine this is gonna be a short thread).
  6. There's a major point that doesn't seem to have been mentioned yet regarding Brighton's supporters and their crowds in comparison to clubs like Wednesday, Derby, Forest (and even Dem Blavdes). I've lived here for 10 years, so I think I'm qualified to point out that a good 50% of the people who are at the AmEx on a weekly basis are also Man Utd/Arsenal/Chelsea/Liverpool "fans", who never gave a sh*t about The club until they got a shiny new ground and a sniff of some glory. There is genuine confusion and changing of subjects when they're asked who they'd support if the time came where their
  7. I seem to be listening to two blokes talking about Sean McAuley while there's a match going on...
  8. Modou, Modou Sougou. To tune of We Will Rock You. Anyone come up with that one yet? Took me ages to think of them lyrics.
  9. So, some of you are annoyed that the club has negotiated a good player down to £15kpw. Would you have preferred to pay him more?! Maybe, just maybe, that's the value they placed on him and it took a while to close the deal. At half a million saving a year from his alleged demands i'd say that's a good bit of business. It doesn't necessarily mean they won't pay someone else more if they think he's worth more. There's been a lot of panic stations going on over the last few weeks and every time things seem to have turned out alright. This could well be the case with ticket prices too. It
  10. Looks a bit Carlton-esque in that video. Putting himself about, breaking things up, advancing and laying it off with the odd decent ball/cross thrown in. Could work well with McGugan.
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