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  1. Apologies, just corrected my post from Pudil to Hunt! Didn't know how to edit! IT tailface! Also hit a green up button in the process! Someone please neg to clear it.
  2. I thought their centre back pairing looked really strong throughout the match and even big Dave was being bullied by them. It was no coincidence that Hanley was on the floor at the other end of the field when we scored our equaliser. Maybe sometimes we need to respect the opposition a bit more. For much of the game they were stronger in the tackle than us and first half (in the very worst of the weather conditions when both sides were playing ariel ping pong) they bossed us. As well as the half time changes the conditions improved and both teams were able to get the ball down a bit more, wh
  3. Without Carlton's legs we could never have afforded to play Sheridan. He did the running, covered the hard miles to give Sheridan the space to cut defences apart. As well as the playmakers every team needs a ball winner and a runner (World Cup 66 Stiles and Ball) - Carlton was both rolled into one.
  4. Palmer had two players to mark on a regular basis as Maghoma gave him no support. Plenty of full backs will be skinned by Ben Marshall before this season is over. I thought Palmer was one of our better players. I also agree with Bez about Lee, was everywhere and if a few of our players could read a game better they would have been put in by him, problem is he's going to look better only if he plays with better players. Enjoyed your company Bez. thought overall it was a decent performance against a side with some dangerous front men.
  5. Haven't they just signed Upson - should strengthen their defence if he's still got legs!
  6. If you look at the last 8 games form from football365 and take that forward to the end of the season, the table would look like this: Cardiff 103 Watford 85 Hull 84 Leicester 82 Boro 74 Burnley 72 Leeds 68 Wednesday 68 Miss a few Bristol 48 Wolves 44 Hudds 44 Barnsley 42 Just a bit of fun - not expecting owt!
  7. Huddersfield should still have had 2 sent off - ref booked wrong player for foul on Antonio. Had he booked the man who committed the fowl (was it Dixon?) they would have been down to 9.
  8. The point is this wasn't started as a Terry Burton thread, but whether bringing in (at less cost than the 3 or 4 players people are suggesting) as good a coach as we could attract/pay would be better value for money to shape up the squad we already have.
  9. Today on Talksport, when discussing Arsenal being beaten by Bradford, it was stated that Arsene Wenger insists on doing the first team coaching but is not a very good coach. Without wanting to discuss anything to do with Arsenal (except perhaps we could do with Terry Burton back), it crossed my mind that maybe that's our biggest problem. I hear everyone screaming for new strikers, wingers, central midfield, central defender etc in the transfer window. Perhaps the answer is to spend some money on a top coach to help Dave Jones. This isn't necessarily a criticism of DJ, as I clearly don't ge
  10. I was sat with my mate in the North (he's a town fan). The incident where Antonio was brought down and started having a go at the ref - my mate said that the ref has just booked the wrong player, the one who'd committed the offence had already been booked and would have been walking. To be honest I don't recognize most of the town players so wouldn't have known. Perhaps that's why Antonio lost it a bit.
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