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  1. Win Jonk for me. When we paid about £2.5 Million for him I thought we were buying one of the world's best midfielders, but he was forever injured and on huge wages for the time. Never lived up to his reputation, just another on a big final pay deal.
  2. Plenty of sand etc under the turf. The boss of the firm that's laid this is an old school mate of mine. Told me another contractor was doing the desso pitch at Hillsborough starting soon.
  3. New pitch being laid at Middlewood Road. Hopefully less injuries next season.
  4. Didn't know Joey's mum was on owlstalk. Must be though as he's had a vote for mom today!
  5. Penney off, Palmer to left back, Harris on. Explain to Lee's we are losing and which direction we are playing!
  6. A few people knocking Harris for nearly giving a penalty away. He saved a tap in goal because Dunkley had let his man go and Harris has to sprint back to cover. I thought both wing backs had outstanding games but they won't be given so much freedo.m by Swansea.
  7. I would have taken 3 points from Bournemouth and Millwall and I guess our stand in manager feels the same. Pressure off and points make prizes with a Brucie bonus for 3 points.
  8. Players like Joey are always undervalued in any team. Without Carlton Palmer we couldn't have played Sheridan. Jan Molby needed a Souness. His positional play is excellent and the likes of young Shaw can learn that from him (good young player that he is teams often pass around Shaw when he's in midfield). It takes a lot of discipline to play the holding role alongside Bannan who is forever giving away possession trying tom play the killer ball a bit too often.
  9. Genuine question as I don't know the answer. Is it his money, as in money that he's earned, or money passed to him by his family. If it's earned money it's hard to understand how a business man capable of producing millions can spunk it away on a foreign venture. If it's family money they must be pretty disgusted that he's treating their hard earned revenue with contempt in an easy come easy go manner. I have my suspicions though of which of the two it is.
  10. I agree, though they all put a real shift in. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking we would be stuffed today when I saw the line up.
  11. Had a good game, but needs to work on his ball control. Will help playing alongside Joey, who, in spite of his limitations, has superb positional sense.
  12. Borner for me had a pretty faultless game. I can understand why Iorfa was taken off, he worked hard but was dragged about a lot leaving gaps for the others in midfield to fill. Pelupussy may not be as talented as some of the others but his discipline in holding position is better than all the other midfielders.
  13. Voted for Reach. Tempted to give it to Wild Smith but thought he was badly positioned at the front post for the goal. Had he been half way or nearer the back post he could have attacked the ball, but hey I'm no goalkeeper. Played most positions over the years but never between the sticks.
  14. Played well and worked hard today, but also took a touch too many when set up which an out and out striker would have buried.
  15. RIP big man. You gave us belief in our darkest hour, always a legend in my eyes.
  16. Don't understand why Boyd is always the whipping boy. FF played a central role and it was way too congested (and he was supplying nothing) there with the Blunts 3 centre backs. When Boyd came on he worked both flanks and dragged the centre backs out with him, creating space for Fletcher and the non existent (except for Hutchinson) runners from midfield (how we miss Lee). Not all good football is played with the ball.
  17. Don't I recall he played right back at Chelsea. In my opinion that's where we are weakest (both left and right). Perhaps Sam could do a job for us there.
  18. Start my final week in uniform next week. I joined in 1976 and have served 32 years regular and nearly ten years full time Reserve service. Never had a proper job and now I never will as I'm going to become a golf pro. if I win every competition I enter I've worked out I could make twenty seven quid a week. Not sure what our lass is going to do for shoes from here on in, but looking forward to being able to go to,Tuesday night games.
  19. He's had a good game and it is against Celtic, who are not League 1 standard.
  20. Tavernier at right back looking useful today Steveger - any good?
  21. Hutchinson at right back may be forced upon us, but could be a good thing. I think this is one of our weaker positions and Hutch started life as a RB. Allows Jones to play holding role in midfield, gives us more height at the back and would also allow a little more freedom for an Abdi/FF role further forward.
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