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  1. Don't understand why Boyd is always the whipping boy. FF played a central role and it was way too congested (and he was supplying nothing) there with the Blunts 3 centre backs. When Boyd came on he worked both flanks and dragged the centre backs out with him, creating space for Fletcher and the non existent (except for Hutchinson) runners from midfield (how we miss Lee). Not all good football is played with the ball.
  2. Don't I recall he played right back at Chelsea. In my opinion that's where we are weakest (both left and right). Perhaps Sam could do a job for us there.
  3. Start my final week in uniform next week. I joined in 1976 and have served 32 years regular and nearly ten years full time Reserve service. Never had a proper job and now I never will as I'm going to become a golf pro. if I win every competition I enter I've worked out I could make twenty seven quid a week. Not sure what our lass is going to do for shoes from here on in, but looking forward to being able to go to,Tuesday night games.
  4. He's had a good game and it is against Celtic, who are not League 1 standard.
  5. Tavernier at right back looking useful today Steveger - any good?
  6. Hutchinson at right back may be forced upon us, but could be a good thing. I think this is one of our weaker positions and Hutch started life as a RB. Allows Jones to play holding role in midfield, gives us more height at the back and would also allow a little more freedom for an Abdi/FF role further forward.
  7. I live 4 miles from Huddersfield and the wife was kept awake by an owl last night - hopefully a good omen.
  8. In the Town end with my mate who's a town fan, he'll be on the North with me on Wednesday. Go to these fixtures together every year. A few years ago the cheeky sod started a Jones out chant on the North.
  9. Forestieri all over the pitch as always, a class above anyone else on the park. I agree with wickersleyowl, Lopez had an excellent game, finding space where others couldn't.
  10. We conceded because Hunt was beaten in the air. Despite the fact that he can look good going forward I think right back is our weakest position. Hutch reckons it's his best position. Wouldn't mind seeing him slot in there and see if it steadies our defence a bit more.
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