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  1. I'm in for 54 years and I've definitely seen football worse than this in that time. But let me tell you this ... even though we were on the steps of the high court and on the brink that will pale into insignificance with what's coming down the line with Chansiri. The guy's clueless and showing less and less interest as the weeks tick by ... Get ready for the bang.
  2. Good idea this ... Maybe we could also get Monk to manage the U23's ... See if he can make a bolix of that too.
  3. Jesus holy Christ we're in Jos territory here!!
  4. If he's any sense about 6000 miles away from this sh*t show in Bangy Kok
  5. I've slated Murphy myself earlier in the season so I'm as fickle as the next guy but that Da Cruz looks way off to me.
  6. You prefer Da Cruz? Murphy is so overrated but he's light years ahead of this chump Da Cruz ... You'll be telling us next that he was brought in over Monks head and he had no say in it? Wanting someone to replace Murphy is fine as long as it's a better player.
  7. John Pearson and the idiot who commentates with him are total fools ... It's a clear foul and penalty ... Call it as it is FFS!!
  8. Not a Murphy fan at all but it just shows Monk up for the idiot he is starting da Cruz in front of him He's been the best player since he came on Fk off Monk
  9. I've got a plan. We could get the manager to set us up in a 3-5-2 formation against Reading and have FF as LWB ... What could possibly go wrong
  10. Didn't see this post before I posted something similar in another thread
  11. We could get Warnock and then get a massive points deduction and be relegated with him
  12. That's hurting my eyes Kivo but if by any chance you're saying the chairman is clueless I fully agree.
  13. Monk brought 3 of them in! And all 3 looked poor.
  14. Does anyone really have belief that this chairman could choose a decent manager? He's got absolutely no idea what to do ... He waited about 6 weeks to appoint the current clueless tw@ we have and he was available the day Bruce walked!
  15. It's a full on sh*tshow from top to bottom. The chairman is clueless and seems to have lost interest, the players are stale and Monk is a carousel manager. In it for a payday.
  16. "It's my job to give em belief" I'm sure telling all n sundry there are players here that shouldn't be here will give em all the belief they need. They've given up and Monk and his bizarre tactics need to go as soon as the season is over ... Pointless at this stage to change a manager and the chairman is clueless anyway.
  17. It's clear Monk is clueless but what's the point of sacking the useless tw@ when we still have another useless tw@ who employed him!
  18. Fair point torres but if we're both honest the supporters would crush the manager for these results if he'd done that to Fletch/Iorfa. He's only getting some leeway now because some see Dawson & Pelupessy as able replacements ... I don't.
  19. What if it was Fletcher and Iorfa who'd had a set to with him? Would you be happy for them to be training with the kids and not playing? Who would the supporters back if the results were as they are now and we'd dropped our top striker and best defender?
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