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  1. This is exactly what we need to do if we get offered hefty fees ... Cash in and move to the next one we an improve and profit from. Should have been doing this for the last few years.
  2. I don't mind that really as long as the 11 we rested turn up on Sunday ... It will p*ss me off if they don't put a good show on with over a weeks rest inbetween games. Some decent performances from the youngsters ... Odubajo MOM for me and now needs to be in the frame for a WB role in the first team ... He's certainly a better option than Penney & Palmer IMO.
  3. Odubajo done very well tonight for me ... He's offered more than Penney has in the league so far. Dele is a real tank ... Gunna be a fair player as he matures.
  4. We need to keep it as tight as the training gear on the Elev8 girl in the ad
  5. Looks like WBA went to the same negotiating school as DC Deluded
  6. Added a bit of pace & aggression to our play ... Good asset
  7. Absolutely fine for me even in full screen ... apart from listening about the dog botherers!
  8. “I didn’t want to put him in a position where he didn’t fully know what’s what" Don't think Reach knew either
  9. Yeah, almost as desperate as replacing Fletcher with Reach
  10. Depends if you're classing them as strikers? Their goals for column wouldn't suggest that's what they are. They might get a dozen between them this season ... I don't see much more
  11. I'll bet Beatts is delighted to have these weapons at his disposal ... Reach n Rhodes
  12. Penney & Odubajo for me ... Can't believe the digs at Odubajo. He was one of the better players first half. Penney has come back from his loan and looks very promising.
  13. Why? Don't they have anybody to mash the tea in Cardiff I'd rather Monk played a 3-7 formation than include Rhodes.
  14. Monk taking pity on Rhodes ... Doesn't want 3rd tier defenders marking him outta the game
  15. I think there are signs of Odubajo settling into the WB role ... I think he'll have a good season. He's a much better attacker than Palmer. Just tell him to steer clear of our box
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