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  1. That's more like it. You can keep your Algarve Carlos.
  2. erowl

    Starting XI

    My suggestion based on not spending or selling this close season. Assuming all fit of course.
  3. Maybe our expectations are driven by the prices we're charged.
  4. erowl

    Sean Clare

    Bye Sean
  5. Yeah, guessed it wouldn't be his fault.
  6. erowl

    R I P mum and fly high

    Sad news Tinkerbell
  7. erowl


    It's going to be a long summer...
  8. erowl

    Sam Hutchinson

    Well there are worse places to move to for the summer ... Doubt he's pining for Whirlow.
  9. erowl

    New Kit

    This nails the socks for me
  10. erowl

    New Kit

    Both beautiful. Think I'll just plump for A
  11. erowl

    Adam Reach

    I've come to the same conclusion. I think we really need to go all out now and start next season with AR in the left wing back role. Shows great energy in that role and looked a different beast when Hunt went off. Yes he neshes the odd tackle but I think if we say that will be his role from next season he'll improve. Wasted in central midfield with all that energy.
  12. erowl

    #SWFC 3 - 0 Reading OMDT

    Reach and Boyd are like 2 flipping ballet dancers ... Bad ones at that!
  13. erowl


    Disappointed - thought this was about summat else...
  14. Easy to see why we’ve missed B.B. - has that touch of class. Needs to add goals to his game - amazes me that he’s so accurate with his passing, long and short but as soon as he gets the goalposts in sight he starts lashing the case off it. Just stroke it into the top corner Bazza.