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  1. Wasn't Bruce in their team? Seem to remember him in the game at their place ... Night match down there if I recall.
  2. We do look better when pressing as we did 2nd half but I also think 4-4-2 would suit us better ... Although the line up was portrayed as 4-3-3 Fletcher was Isolated first half... It looked more 4-5-1
  3. Palmer is far and away a better full back than this guy
  4. Had a cracking game tonight ... MOM for me with Harris close second
  5. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/late-scott-mckenna-bids-anger-18858310
  6. Palmer was fine today in spite of having to fill in on the left. Get him back to his normal position on the right as he'll give Odubajo a 50 break ... Not fair to judge him when out of position
  7. Stuff loan to buy deal ... How does that help us?? He's not even one of the top earners Sell for good money or keep
  8. If FF has appealed the decision does that not make him eligible?
  9. For me this confirms Bullen won't be offered the job permanently. Even if the new man comes this week it makes sense to let Bullen take care of the opener and integrate from there.
  10. Another Dave's birthday today ... Bronco 80 today!
  11. I think this is what is happening ... DC was prepared to wait for his man when he got Bruce and may be doing the same with CH Agree it's time to move now either way ... sign up or goodbye
  12. Please don't anyone suggest we go from appointing a proven championship manager on £2m per year that has a couple of promotions to the PL on his CV to a guy (Lee Bullen) who has never held the post of permanent manager yet? Surely DC is not stupid enough to do this is he? We've just trousered £4m compensation for the turncoat so looking for someone of similar managerial status should be a priority and that's what I think DC will do. No point now looking for the cheap option.
  13. Thought we'd played Alfreton again
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