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  1. Added a bit of pace & aggression to our play ... Good asset
  2. Absolutely fine for me even in full screen ... apart from listening about the dog botherers!
  3. “I didn’t want to put him in a position where he didn’t fully know what’s what" Don't think Reach knew either
  4. Yeah, almost as desperate as replacing Fletcher with Reach
  5. Depends if you're classing them as strikers? Their goals for column wouldn't suggest that's what they are. They might get a dozen between them this season ... I don't see much more
  6. I'll bet Beatts is delighted to have these weapons at his disposal ... Reach n Rhodes
  7. Penney & Odubajo for me ... Can't believe the digs at Odubajo. He was one of the better players first half. Penney has come back from his loan and looks very promising.
  8. Why? Don't they have anybody to mash the tea in Cardiff I'd rather Monk played a 3-7 formation than include Rhodes.
  9. Monk taking pity on Rhodes ... Doesn't want 3rd tier defenders marking him outta the game
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