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  1. erowl

    Hull FC U18s 0 v 2 SWFC U18s

    Great stuff keeping us all updated mate - you're lad seems to be doing really well.
  2. So we spend ages searching for a decent left wing back and finally find one in Penney. Then what does the manager do ... He moves him into left midfield and drops our most dangerous player to the bench to play him there Fkn bizarre
  3. erowl

    Red Button Coverage

    So I'm guessing the cameraman went for a p*ss just before kick off and left the camera work to a supporter? Pan the ***** camera out you idiot ... sending me dizzy
  4. Maybe it's just coincidence we are yet to win a league game by more than one goal. Maybe it's another coincidence we're the only team in the league without a clean sheet.
  5. Horrid negative performance Leeds players chasing the ball for a throw in to us in injury time and all we do is stroll around spunking the ball back to em
  6. erowl


    Improving with every game he plays this lad Full of confidence and no little skill ... That little drag back down the line completely bamboozled the Villa guy
  7. erowl


    I watched the whole game and still not sure of the formation we played What I will say though is if we put the same effort into each game we'll not be far off ... And my season prediction was bottom half Best performance of the season for me
  8. Great performance Totally deserved
  9. erowl

    Half time Report

    Played well 1st half
  10. erowl


  11. erowl


    Yeah thought it was just me getting that
  12. erowl


    Thanks mate - just flicked it back on
  13. erowl


    New Jersey USA
  14. erowl


    Express VPN