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  1. Officials were terrible .. If that's allowed then for every free kick we have from outside the box just stick someone bang in front of their keeper in an offside position. Ref doesn't understand the rules.
  2. Murphy shows less effort and enthusiasm than Jordan Rhodes and he can't even make the match day squad. Waste of a shirt
  3. Bit worried about his subs tonight ... Takes Bannan off and leaves Reach on and then leaves FF on the bench and brings Murphy on instead
  4. Send the waster back to Newcastle ... And if he drops Reach back at Middlesbrough en route we can save on the fuel. 2 absolute strokers
  5. No way I'd move Iorfa ... He can recover a situation better than Lees with his pace ... And Borner must stay too. Tom will have to wait I'm afraid.
  6. When he won the ball preceding our goal Hutch was commentating and as he stormed forward hutch said with a chuckle " where's he going now"!
  7. Iorfa and Borner are forming a good understanding and Westwood was there when we needed him. Going for Borner today as the guy gets better and better ... Turn it up to 11
  8. Think I’ll forget about formations now ... the stone cold truth is we’re just not good enough to challenge throughout a long season ... too much dead weight in this squad. and yeah, I do know we won but what a poor game between 2 average sides.
  9. Maybe not .. He can play in a 433 or even a 343 where the midfield 4 are Reach - Bannan - Luongo - Odubajo ... Reach has previously stated that he likes a sort of wing back role and Odubajo has played it before. Then Harris and Forestieri could operate buzzing around Fletcher ... None of the strikers at the club (Fletcher apart) are cutting it Borner - Lees - Iorfa as the back 3
  10. Harris will only thrive when we have a central midfield 3 ... Be that in a 433 or 352 His quietest games have been when we play just the 2 central midfielders with Harris and Reach being beside them ... Harris needs to be further forward with an earlier chance to isolate the full back and then give him the old shimmy which usually results in a dangerous cross into the box!
  11. Well if we lose Saturday we can just take stock after 12 games ...
  12. We're a team that throws in the odd good performance but on the whole we always come up short ... This was similar to Millwall where we couldn't score against 10 men for almost an hour. Really poor tonight ... Reach, Bannan, Winnall, Nuhiu all poor Come back very soon Fletch
  13. Dreadful ... He's a fkn fairy
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