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  1. You mean like when he conveniently forgot to tell us last season that we were under embargo and was still pushing a promotion campaign and anyone who thinks United have a better team than us knows nothing about football? The guy couldn't run a bath competently.
  2. Have season ticket sales finished yet...
  3. I'm surprised we found anyone stupid enough to lump up
  4. I’ll bet was hard to dictate! nah seriously, well done to United and fully deserved for them playing fast attacking football ... I won’t be wishing them luck for next season though
  5. Not sure pal but I seem to recall us blowing a lead at Hull in the early 70s Typical Wednesday really
  6. Didn't we once blow a 1-4 lead at Hull with about 10 mins to go in the early 70s?
  7. Always playing catch up since we finally rid ourselves of the Dutch Cap. Should have won today but hey ho it’ll soon be next season.
  8. Frightening to look at the chart above where we could easily end up as the top performing team of the 2nd half of the season! We've left ourselves with too much to do and it's such a shame we wasted time and energy on the duff Dutchman.
  9. Far from a disaster - could and should have left empty handed today. They’ve outplayed us from start to finish but no need to be down after that. Lets take the point and move on
  10. We've had a few that we're equally as bad or worse than Danny Williams. He was in charge at a time of decline as were Dooley, Ashurst, Burtenshaw and then in later years we came across Eustace, Turner, Yorath and the infamous Dutch legend that is Jos who IMO ranks alongside Eustace as the most inept managers we've ever had. At least Eustace can claim to have been a more than decent player for us. Jos on the other hand...
  11. If he wasn't so inept he wouldn't have hired the Dutch Cap in the first place! I'll bet he doesn't come out and say the fans calling for the end of dross were right all along and he regrets hiring him!
  12. Why oh why do we always revert to the square pegs in round holes scenario! We get Palmer playing the best football of his career IMO and we move him to left back! We play Boyd who is in the worst form of his career IMO supporting Fletcher up top?? I'd seriously rather have Nuhiu on than Boyd and I'm not jesting. Aarons back to trapping the ball 6 feet away from his body every time! Iorfa looks nothing like a full back to me ... If we play him then it has to be in a back 3 situation with wing backs. Apart from that I'm delighted
  13. Yeah we're desperate for another non-goalscorer. Thought we already had enough of these
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