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  1. Where do I say we didn't deserve the win numpty?
  2. Well if Holtby never left his side he must have been well forward as Bannan was sat right alongside our back 4. He was deeper than The Seaview
  3. We had a good second half at Leeds ... The first 45 was dreadful and we never went near their goal ... Let's not overplay it. We've had a good 45 minutes in the last 5 league games!
  4. And we were sh*te for the first 45 at Leeds to be fair
  5. Is it today's stuffing or the 4 league defeats in 5 that's unacceptable? And let's be honest ... The first 45 minutes at Leeds was very poor. Stop fooooking about with the smallest of the strikers up front alone and firing it at his head FFS!
  6. So foooking what? It's going oh so well with one up front and we started the game with 11 men and only one up front and still getting the runaround Enjoy
  7. Well we're 2 down with one up front! Glad you're happy
  8. What the Foook .... 2 down and he swaps strikers!!! We need more than one up front you fk wit!
  9. What the fk tactics are these slamming it up to Winnall who hasn't won a header
  10. Fk me!!! Why do we always shoot ourselves in the bleeding foot! Fooook off
  11. We're a counter attacking outfit and pretty clueless if we have to force the issue
  12. Don’t get why people think DC will take up an allocation of these to get money into the club? He won’t take a single one! If he wanted to use his own funds why not just write an amount of debt off the club owes him to reduce liabilities?
  13. What if the club don't pay up for a few weeks ... The parlour would have to put you on a low light
  14. Dear me don't tell me he's still frontloading to get money in! He's done this once with the 3 year tickets and look at the finances now!
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