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  1. erowl

    Need your help.

    Good luck Craig - terrible situation for your family
  2. erowl

    Our fault again

    Well at least we find it easier to play our expansive attacking football at places like Wigan and Brentford etc...
  3. erowl

    JOS OUT!

    Don't be daft mate ... we only shipped 2 today
  4. erowl


    Ad blocker solution worked for me too Cheers lads
  5. erowl

    My take

    No, the manager is for accepting such a situation It's akin to telling your best salesperson there is no longer a company car available and you need to catch the bus to appointments ... You wouldn't accept it and would find another position Wimp
  6. erowl

    Half Season Tickets

    ^ ^ ^ This all day long Any fool can rake in 3yrs dosh and splurge it on 1 or maybe 2 campaigns and go sh*t or bust ... MM could have done this but had more savvy than this clown DC has come up bust!! Business man ... Yeah!
  7. erowl

    Carlos Twitter

    Not the worst business we've ever done
  8. erowl

    Fans forum

    Anybody stupid enough to attend this sh*tshow is puddled - same old sh*te peddled by the clueless one and the idiots attending fawn all over him and lap it up! Clap clap clap I'd seriously accept watching us in Lg2 than have this idiot in charge ... Take what you can from the club to offset your losses DC and kindly fk off back to Bangkok
  9. You busy for the rest of the season Rob? Could be a job for you shortly...
  10. erowl


    Chansiri can’t get rid of his stooge! Who else with any reasonable qualifications for the job would accept under this regime ... nobody! He’s got Luhukay right where he wants him - take the flak and let me stay out the way in Thailand
  11. erowl

    New owners new boss?

    Would make more sense than the current sh*tshow we're experiencing!
  12. erowl

    This is AWFUL

    Don't think I've ever witnessed such a dreadful 45 minutes of Championship football ever! Get this regime out!
  13. erowl

    Realistic view

    Let's just give this inept manager a free pass to relegate us then! And before anyone suggests this is the Chairman's fault, I totally agree - he couldn't run a p*ss up on Hillsborough corner. Sooner they're all gone for good the better we'll be
  14. Yeah but it's nowt to do with the manager because he's been dealt a sh*t hand remember
  15. erowl

    Shaping up

    ... for a relegation battle