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  1. erowl

    Another pathetic manager

    Agree but I reckon MM would laugh in our face. He's not going to put up with a chairman dictating like DC does with the current stooge we have ... Especially a chairman who actually knows the square root of fk all about football. Jos has already sown the seed of assessing things after 10 games to give himself breathing room. What happens when we have about 5 points from those 10 games ... What then Jos? Reassess after 23 games to buy a bit more time? Puppet employed by a clueless chairman
  2. erowl

    Another pathetic manager

    The only unrealistic expectation so far are from our great leader and chairman who still insists that this team/squad will be promoted if only the fans will get behind them Totally deluded
  3. erowl

    Time for Dingle Mick

    Sure as hell need something more than 'the puppet' that is Luhukay. Doubt MM would take this sh!!te on though
  4. erowl


    Absolute sh!te reception today - not sure if it's down to my broadband or just a crap product
  5. Yeah but don't forget the chairmans masterplan is for this team to be promoted The alternative is oblivion
  6. Apologies for defacing your post mate
  7. erowl


    Just logged in no problem with my VPN I do have the season pass though and not match to match basis
  8. Jos will end up backing himself into a corner with KW It only needs a few games where the young keepers are shipping goals and Jos will get it full pelt from the fans. Ridiculous situation we've created
  9. erowl

    Wingback Options

    I think after that dreadful defensive display at Wigan he may go back to the formation he favoured in Germany. 4-2-3-1 Reach and Boyd further forward but energetic enough to cover the full backs if they are pushing on. Hutchinson provides the defensive midfield cover and Bannan orchestrating just further forward of him.
  10. erowl

    Cardiff in for FF

    I'm naive? You think it wouldn't have been leaked if agents knew? Anyway, all about opinions mate
  11. erowl

    Cardiff in for FF

    So you think the chairman discussed the embargo with Nuhiu and his agent whilst trying to extend him? We've only just had it confirmed this week and then it had to be dragged from him Nuhiu wouldn't have had a clue how good a negotiating position he was in because the chairman more or less had to resign him as he knew he couldn't get anyone else due to the embargo
  12. erowl

    Cardiff in for FF

    He was out of contract. Bannan is not out of contract until next summer and we're not allowed to extend current contracts until they're actually up. What's the chance of Bannan extending with us next summer knowing the sh!t we'll be in when he can get a massive signing on fee from another club? No chance.
  13. erowl

    Cardiff in for FF

    Our defence is nowhere near good enough to push us towards the play offs with or without FF n Bannan We need to cash in now as BB will be worth a horsesh!t sandwich next summer and we can't even offer him fresh terms as it stands. FF will also move into the final year of his contract next summer so will be worth half the figures bandied around at most. Beware of the stark warning we had on Monday from DC ... Promotion or major trouble There's absolutely no chance of promotion
  14. erowl

    So who identified transfer targets?

    No it was the fans that wanted him ...Remember! DC has manoeuvred that onto us
  15. Most cases I would agree but we've somehow got ourselves into a situation that we may have little choice