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  1. Could also be interpreted the other way when a season is over on May 3rd or whatever and then say to the player you're getting no more pay
  2. It's a racing cert that on return in 6 months we'll have half a dozen injured players
  3. Imagine in their sordid planning to grab the hundreds of millions from sponsors the FA, EFL, UEFA order football to restart behind closed doors only for one of the players/officials/emergency services to contract coronavirus and die from it! Legal proceedings against them without doubt. They won't be happy until they get their grubby hands on the cash on offer and all common sense goes out the window. Because this is what all the talk of restarting is about ... Money.
  4. This one ^^^^^ And it's 40 years ago next month
  5. He had The Forest on Rutland Rd and the Hallamshire House. Smashing company is Les ... David Layne too who are both good pals. Laynie's had more pubs than I care to remember.
  6. Tried cancelling online and then directs you to speak to a customer service expert to actually carry out the cancellation! One hour minimum wait listening to a load of crap ... Put the phone down. Strangely though if you want to ADD extra channels to your package it's just 2 clicks and no phone call! [email protected]
  7. Propaganda machine in full swing ... Prepare for the favourable reports filtering out from the meeting.
  8. We are the worst team seen at Hillsborough this season by a country mile
  9. I don't think he has retired
  10. I'd take him ... but in the summer with a squad of his choosing. Not with these wasters we currently have.
  11. Same old rhetoric every fkn game ... Sick of hearing it and if he thinks that's the manager working hard he's as deluded as him Fk off the lot you wasters I wonder if they use the same hat that Monk draws the team from to decide who comes out to deflect balme from him each game. Boring
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