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  1. erowl

    What the f*ck was that?

    Iv'e seen 4 sh*te sides in the last 2 games ... 2 of them have been us!
  2. erowl

    Adam Reach

    If that's what he has to offer in midfield then we might just as well play him as left wing back ... Absolutely no creativity from him in midfield - nesh too!
  3. I wouldn't lose a minutes sleep over any of this squad leaving in the summer ... In fact for most it's long overdue
  4. erowl

    Adam Reach

    Does more pirouettes than Darcey Bussell ... So overrated
  5. erowl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Are these from tonight or from any of the other away games we've had this season...
  6. erowl


    Playing as well now as he's ever played for us. Could do with increasing goal output (couldn't they all!) but should always be in the starting line up
  7. erowl


    Having less and less influence as the season progresses.
  8. Have we ever had a more frustrating team to watch - it’s no coincidence that we haven’t won a league game by more that 1 goal all season. we’d struggle to score in the bag shop. And while I’m at it do not play Boyd again ... ever!
  9. Anyone going in the home end please refrain from taking chisels to dismantle the wall ... Or was that on The Tivoli
  10. RIP Danny Remember the shop in Rotherham very well Wasn't Danny the manager that said we scored too early when Scunny knocked us out of the cup about 1970?
  11. erowl

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Has Reach got his mothers carpet slippers on ... Dreadful
  12. erowl

    Team for Saturday

    Don't think you'll be too far away with that line up ... Having said that Reach & Boyd were dreadful at Chelsea
  13. We've given them absolutely nothing Top show from them
  14. erowl


    Dreadful - Douglas Bader would give him a run Not alone though ... Fox and Reach were as bad