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  1. Yeah but if they beat us it would in some way justify his action. That's why he lost his rag though
  2. ^^^^ This is just about spot on
  3. Were you there Boxing Day 1979?

    Yep On the 'hump' of the kop trying to balance on the crush barrier as the goals rained in! Great memories
  4. We could use you mate to stake out his garage for next seasons kit ... Don't start the stake out until the end of July 2018 going on previous form
  5. Absolutely taking the p*ss ... We can't get near em
  6. No Nando

    Thought Winnall had left...
  7. Hope they ordered the table cloths early enough
  8. Absolutely fkn spot on
  9. Next season kit

    So the actual 150 year kit is unavailable on the anniversary of our founding. News dropped out almost on the eve of OITP ... Why is everything so fkn secretive at this club? Stop treating the customers like mushrooms and open up a bit. Shocking effort DC.
  10. Next season kit

    Doubt anyone would believe it mate.
  11. Next season kit

    I'm sure we'll hear the same old story that this company stepped in at short notice but it's amateurish TBH. If this is normal then we should be providing them with the samples of what kit we want for 2018/19 right now! No more fkn excuses for this shambles.
  12. Next season kit

    Oh dear https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/september/201718-kit-update/ P*ss poor effort this!
  13. Very much deserved for DD What a goalscorer he was
  14. Places you've not sat and why

    Never been on NW corner...Been everywhere else Must say my favourite view is upper LL
  15. How can he be on the bench when you told us he was spotted in London? Or was it just another troll post?