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  1. OK ... That's a 'nail your colours to the wall' statement so now we know the formation moving forward. Let's now give him a chance to place the personnel around that system and go from there. We'll know by xmas if this has worked or not.
  2. 8 glasses is just an aperitif for Hirsty.
  3. Wickham for me ... Mention for Murphy too who was targeted all night by WBA . I'll bet Wickham was delighted when Monk told him before the game that his strike partners for the evening would be Rhodes, followed briefly by da Cruz and then Nuhiu!!
  4. So frustrating from Odubajo ... having a decent game but there’s always that thought that he’ll give a pen away. Wickham and Palmer having good games again.
  5. Uh oh!!! Odubajo at CB? Doesn't that mean he will be allowed in our box ... Get ready for a pen to WBA
  6. Nothing like a pen but must admit Odubajo gives me the jitters every time he tackles near our penalty area ... He's got form! If we're gunna play him as wing back tell him to steer clear of the box
  7. He's trying too hard. You can see the frustration in him when something doesn't come off. Needs to relax more and it might come. If that run and shot which was tipped over had gone in it would have given him such a boost.
  8. I'm having no more bets until dotty tells me to ...
  9. Credit where it's due ... I've been against Monk but today was a vast improvement on what's been dished up since Xmas. More of it please.
  10. Marked a very good player in Afobe out of the game ... Only thing we saw of Afobe was pulling a face as Liam emptied him out of his pocket to be subbed. Very harsh to blame him for the goal.
  11. That was Lee's best performance since his injury absence IMO I thought he was finished but looks like he's proving me wrong.
  12. I like Iorfa and think he can improve into a great CB ... He does however get caught under the ball a lot and that's not good with crosses coming in. Doesn't dominate aerial battles for a man of his size
  13. Very good today and could have been more convincing scoreline but lets enjoy the win.
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