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  1. Come on Hudders... pile on the pressure for each penalty now... gwaann Rhodes!
  2. But come on Hudders though I feel we're seeing Pigs for derby matches next season :/ 1 each now.. last one to decide? :)
  3. Yea, one step at a time now - ecstatic over return to Championship and hope we just go on from there, but it's a different game (literally, not technically). But if we pull a Norwich/S'oton I don't mind a return to PL too, but not at all costs. Rather build on what we've got and make sure we move forward and upward with sure footing.
  4. Yes, much better going into last match with control in our hands rather than relying on our rivals to slip up. Had a crazy situation like that in Norwegian football a few seasons back when my team Viking were looking set for relegation (or most likely qualifier) unless they won their last game by 6 goals to go past the other team Odd who were 3 pts ahead and another poo team that of course lost anyway and took the automatic relegation spot ;) On the final game of the season, Viking then proceeded to thrash their west coast rivals Brann 5-0 (an incredible achievement on its own!), but still needed that final goal which didn't come. In overtime though, Odd conceded an own goal in their game, which was heading for a draw but then lost 1-2, and Viking was all clear of relegation and even the qualifier. Anyhow - that suspense and having to rely on rivals to trip up sucks and I'd much rather always be in the driving seat.
  5. Who cares about age, just sign him! :D
  6. Norwegian Owl here who's also very interested in this promotion special from the Star. Anyone who would secure me a copy, please?
  7. Shakey start by the sounds of it... 3-0 down by 7 minutes played is not shaky, it's a disaster... I don't mind we caught up and held our own later in the game, but of course, you'd expect us to be let back into the game when it was already decided by Rovers after 7 minutes... 3 goals in the space of 4 minutes... sucks nearly as bad as our 2-3 defeat to Derby way back in the Premiership when we conceded two goals in stoppage time... Well, at least we can now fully concentrate on the league!
  8. @weshallovercome started really well, got handball (Lines) penalty against us, 0-1 down played somewhat ok since then, crossing in but missing last details to get that goal back but NC also got into the game as our goal hasn't come...
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