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  1. The budget must be bigger than this, OR they know the takeover is definitely going through prior to the season starting. My logic behind this is that surely SG wouldn't spunk his entire budget on a back up goalie when we are lacking in several other positions! Great having two quality goalkeepers but with the wages they'll be on we don't need both unless we're sure finance won't be an issue!
  2. Best would be okay, but we had him last year so we'd still need another striker, preferable one who can do what our other strikers (including Best) can't, SCORE. REGULARLY
  3. He wasn't perfect no, but I think it's fair to say that at 30 if this guy was actually any good he'd have made it to a decent level by now. He's had 6 caps for his country, a country that isn't blessed with talent which makes you wonder. Anyway it's only a trial so I'm sure it won't be relevant, he'll be shipped out within the next week or so unless he is to be another Kasnick/Pecnick
  4. 30 year old Slovenian journeyman who's had a handful of pub teams on his C.V How exciting
  5. Bloke to the right of Antonio on that photo looks Russian to me.
  6. There are 2-3 on the twitter 'squad' photo who are clearly trialists. Without sounding like a know it all I don't recognise any of them and I'd like to think my football knowledge was quite broad. Does anyone have a clue?
  7. Fair play, without ratification who do you suggest we can afford that's better? Do you think we already have better? Serious question.
  8. Don't disagree mate but think he's a cut above what we have and the others we've been linked with (best, Andy Johnson etc)
  9. I'm not claiming to have all the facts though, nor am I claiming to have enough to knowledge on the situation. I'm merely stating that the goings off in France have been enough to worry me personally, whether you or others see it differently is fine, but that's just my take on things.
  10. And you do have all the facts? Nobody on here does so stop pretending to be a know it all.
  11. I don't think people are blaming Mammadov. But he owns that club and it's happened on his watch. If a similar thing happened here then Milan would get lynched. Hence why people are looking at Mammadov and wondering what the hell is going on. I'd say that's reasonable as oppose to a 'flounce'
  12. You accused me of scaremongering, which I believe is as good as. Why would I 'scaremonger'? What do I gain? I'm just voicing my concerns the same way you're allaying fears. fair enough if none of the goings on in France concern you, but they concern me and I'm sure if most are honest they haven't gone unnoticed. One thing I'm sure we can agree on is that as far as takeover ratifications go none of us are experts, but for me, I smell a rat, and maybe I'm pessimistic naturally, but I think supporting this club does that to you.
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