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  1. batesy82


    Anyone know of anywhere to watch the game tomorrow in Paphos? If not - any streaming service available?
  2. Good luck mate. Had a triple bypass myself in 2008 and I've run the London Marathon and survived 9 years of watching us home and away since. You'll be a new man and bouncing like a good 'un soon
  3. batesy82

    Need a Charlton ticket

    Sure am. 07540 495609
  4. batesy82

    Need a Charlton ticket

    I'm in the Draft House at London Bridge. I have a spare ticket at face value. Can meet at the ground?
  5. batesy82

    Looking for 1 Charlton ticket.

    I've a spare ticket. In the Draft House near London Bridge but can meet at the ground
  6. batesy82

    Liam Palmer

    Just really surprised that he is out of the squad picture completely. A bit worrying that not so long ago he was touted as a rising star and now he's nowhere to be seen
  7. Has anyone any news? Came into the team and looked really good but seems to have disappeared from the squad completely. Is he injured or just out of favour? Definitely thought he was one for the future