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  1. I’m a big Beckham fan but Zidane was on another planet to him. Carried France to a Workd Cup & Euros. Won the lot. Probably the 3rd best player of my lifetime.
  2. The more worrying aspect of that article is Westwood only been offered a year when he’s likely to get offered 2 elsewhere.
  3. Absolutely agree. 14 million. Yeah right... He’s done nothing for over 2 years.
  4. He’ll do what’s best for him and his family. Hopefully he’ll stay on, but if he gets a better offer from one of the other localish clubs he’ll be off. Doesn’t he live in Manchester? If so he’s got plenty of choice within a relatively short commute.
  5. Westwood 8 Palmer 7 Hector 6 Lees 5 Fox 5 Matias 6 Lee 4 Pelupessy 5 Forestieri 4 Joao 4 Fletcher 5
  6. I liked Gary Hooper when he played but he’s on a huge wage and had a pretty bad injury every season. We can’t carry players like that any more. I think He’ll end up in the MLS and do really well for a couple of seasons.
  7. Going to be a long summer for some of our fans if you think this is a remotely realistic transfer.
  8. Watched bits of that game. The winning Eastleigh goals is one of the goals of the season.
  9. Might buy a pair of shorts for my holidays if still in stock Sunday
  10. Dam, missed that. Probably have to put Onomah-mous in.
  11. Wildsmith Palmer Hector Lees Lazaar Boyd Pelupessy Reach Forestieri Fletcher Joao Absolutely no point in playing Bannan and not fair to risk starting Kieron Lee, he’s played 10 minutes in 18 months. He’ll be looking for a new club pretty soon. He definitely deserves 10 minutes at the end. No point in playing Hooper as he’ll be gone this time next week.
  12. Absolutely no way should Bannan be in the squad next week. Would be ridiculous to pick up another yellow card and miss our most influential player for the first 3 games.
  13. I really really like the guy but there is absolutely no way we should offer him a new contract. He’s way too injury prone. Not just the last 18 months but I think he broke down every season since we signed him. Same goes for Gary Hoooper, we are not in a position to offer contracts based solely on sentiment
  14. I wouldn’t personally keep Boyd but Bruce plays him every week so I reckon Bruce will want to keep him
  15. Get rid of all the out of contract apart from Westwood and Palmer if they want to stay. I think Boyd will get another year. If release the rest can’t be carrying injury liabilities like Hooper and Lee no matter how good they’ve been. The rest are also for sale for the right price.
  16. He’s 26 in September. He’ll never live up to the talent.
  17. How is Lee worth another year? Pure sentiment. The guys a good footballer but he’s permanently injured.
  18. And fed up about hearing about his potential. He’s 25 years old, he’s plenty old enough to have shown us more then glimpses in the odd game. Time to get rid for me, 2 or 3 million with a decent sell on percentage.
  19. It’s a mis-print, an extra zero was printed.
  20. He’ll never play fir Chelsea, they’ve got loads of centre half’s. That Tamori at Derby will be more likely to get In the squad
  21. Don’t think I’ll be watching, dint even think I’d enjoy us beating them knowing it would more or less seal pigs promotion
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