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  1. I would also like Paul Cook, he was my number one choice when Jos was appointed. Was Carlos Queiroz up to these days? He’s a cracking coach with good contacts. Also think Cowley has earned a shot at a bigger club and surely he’d be up for a change now?
  2. Are we ready for Bruce’s media friends spilling stories to put the club & owner in a bad light? Sure we’ll hear about vague broken promises and how he wasn’t backed etc.
  3. I’d be relatively happy with the Cowley Brothers. They’re used to winning games and definitely deserve a chance at a ‘bigger’ club. Much rather go down this route then likes of Pulis, Moyes etc.
  4. This isn’t going to end well, Chansiri is well known for been a tough negotiator and Mike Ashley really hates spending money.
  5. FFS. Everything pointing towards this happening. What a disaster it will be
  6. Always nice to play against a decent continental side. Looking forward to it.
  7. Its most probably down to the fact that we both have a reputation for ripping away fans off.
  8. Still think the best thing to do would be that clubs agree what they are going to charge each other’s fans before the season starts.
  9. I can’t see it, Bruce not really done enough over the past few years to warrant a job that big, but if Newcastle did come after him you would be a deluded fool to think he wouldn’t take the job.
  10. Any idea if we’ve got anymore friendly games lined up apart from those already announced?
  11. Man U linked with John McGinn for 50 million. I know it’s the scummy Sun but wow.
  12. I’ve listened to all those podcasts, I thought the Miller one was one of the better recent ones. Thought Leon’s was terrible, awful man.
  13. I’m guessing we can’t announce anything till the FA are happy with our accounts
  14. Be more expensive because of the time of year, be plenty of stag dos flying out to Hamburg next year. You priced easyJet up from Liverpool?
  15. Some good points made about Forestieri been in the last year of his contract. Think his value has dropped significantly after another poor season by his standards. Somebody would take a gamble at 5 or 6 million and the sooner we can get rid of Rhodes wages the better, I’d even take a minimal fee or another loan and João is is definitely ready for a move. Again someone would gamble for 3 or 4 million.
  16. They’re in a lot of financial trouble. Similar to Bolton by the bits I’ve read,
  17. Salford are bookies favourite to win League 2 next season
  18. Lol took me about a minute to figure that out
  19. Came across as a full on N0b head. Just an awful person who had nothing positive to say about nearly everyone in his career.
  20. Have any of the players offered new contracts signed up yet?
  21. Have any of the out of contract players accepted new deals yet? Would an embargo prevent that from happening?
  22. I’m a big Beckham fan but Zidane was on another planet to him. Carried France to a Workd Cup & Euros. Won the lot. Probably the 3rd best player of my lifetime.
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