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  1. Mick McCarthy Dean Smith Lee Johnson Tony Pulis (would rather not) Karanka Gary Neville Frank De Boer Some more realistic then others
  2. Man of the match : Player ratings

    Clean sheet, there keepers not made a save all the game. Hooper got bullied for 80 minutes by Bristol’s centre halfs.
  3. Man of the match : Player ratings

    Westwood 7 Hunt 6 Lees 6 Loovens 6 Fox 6 Wallace 5 Butterworth 5 Bannan 7 Reach 5 Hooper 4 Rhodes 4
  4. Can’t believe no ones mentioned Westwood.
  5. Where you find that photo of me?
  6. Football is about results

    It’s the right time to change, things are just too stale and with the benefit of hindsight it should have been done after the Huddersfield debacle. A new Head Coach/Manager would have 2 months to assess his squad and try and reshape in January in order to have a bloody good go next season. Anything other then mid table would be very much a bonus this season. The first thing I would do would be to build a team around Forestieri and to make him feel wanted again, this completely goes against my better judgement but he’s the best footballer at the club by a mile. The fans also need to be realistic when we appoint a new manager.
  7. Loovens & Double Jeopardy

    It’s football, you get bad decisions. Some go in your favour, a lot don’t. Seem to remember us getting a lot of luck last season. Its just when results go your way you forget the bad decisions but when you’re losing you use it as an excuse.
  8. You’re all imagining things to try and peddle this myth that referees are somehow conspiring against us.
  9. Are we in a relegation fight?.

    Mid table mediocrity for us this season.
  10. Referees

    All bad teams feel like the refs are biased against them. You make your own luck in football, all teams have bad decision go against them, we’ll benefit from bad officiating soon.
  11. Referees

    Clear pen and clear red card. He’s not attempted to make a tackle at all.
  12. Just a rumour...

    Was it true or not? Busy morning
  13. Just a rumour...

    bobbar only got 3% battery left. Better not break tonight.
  14. Just a rumour...

    It quite literally could.
  15. Just a rumour...

    Used to deliver a paper to Steve Haslam or his parents when I was a kid. True