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  1. He’s 26 in September. He’ll never live up to the talent.
  2. How is Lee worth another year? Pure sentiment. The guys a good footballer but he’s permanently injured.
  3. And fed up about hearing about his potential. He’s 25 years old, he’s plenty old enough to have shown us more then glimpses in the odd game. Time to get rid for me, 2 or 3 million with a decent sell on percentage.
  4. It’s a mis-print, an extra zero was printed.
  5. He’ll never play fir Chelsea, they’ve got loads of centre half’s. That Tamori at Derby will be more likely to get In the squad
  6. Don’t think I’ll be watching, dint even think I’d enjoy us beating them knowing it would more or less seal pigs promotion
  7. Gutted that our season has more or less finished in the manner it did today. But at least Bruce now has some games left against decent sides to test where we actually are with little pressure on them. i think most fans realise we’re going to have a huge squad overhaul in the summer but also against the probable back drop of budget cuts due to FFP. My main thought now is how likely are we to retain Westwood and Hooper in the summer? Along with Palmer they’re the players I’d probably like to keep but how likely are we to be able to keep them and how likely are they going to want to sign, there will be a lot of interest in both. If Bruce knows both are likely to leave would it be worth looking at other players in the remaining games? Worth having another look at Dawson or Wildsmith? I know this will be unpopular as Westwood has been excellent since coming back into the team but I’m just thinking of the biggger picture. Is there any point having Matias come off the bench? I’d also like to see Thorniley get some game time as he’s the brightest of the younger players that have come through recently.
  8. It all depends on our FFP position and how much Chelsea want for him. Problem we’ll have is there will be a lot of interest in Hector in the summer and I have a sneaky feeling he’d prefer to stay down south.
  9. Massive attention seeker, he’s an absolute melt! Constantly saying thinks to get a reaction.
  10. I can’t find where to renew my season ticket on the website. Any ideas please? I’ve logged on and it only shows Bolton and Blackburn tickets on sale.
  11. Tom Lees for me. Only just though infront of Hector. Best 5 players on the pitch were the 5 centre half’s by a mile.
  12. Class podcast. The Mark Crossley one is excellent too. Mick Baz Rathbones was brilliant too
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