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  1. New Captain 2018-19

    Barry Bannan
  2. Noticed a very young ecclesall rangers team playing on the school field right In front of my back garden quite a few times recently. I’m at Dronfield Woodhouse.

    Good luck Kivo! Living all our dreams next week. Enjoy
  4. Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Renews for one season. UTO
  5. Jos

    Not sure if this has already been discussed but how longs his contract? Has it been confirmed that he’ll still be here next season?
  6. Absolute class from Jordan Rhodes

    Top man. Find that extra mile and made a young boy very happy. Classy
  7. Team v Fulham?

    Wildsmith Fred Lees Pudil Hunt Joey Reach Bannan Boyd Joao Nuhui Got to show Fulham a bit of respect. FF not ready to start a game yet but avails off the bench again.
  8. So what now?

    The main aim now is surely to find some consistency and build some momentum to take in to the summer. I would like us to stick to the 352 system we’ve been playing just try and experiment players having different roles in this system. Such as Reach at left wing back and Forestieri in the hole behind 2 forwards. Or maybe change it to 343 with Joao & Forestieri either side of Nuhui. I think Van Aken could be decent on the left of the back 3 but would be harsh on Pudil unless he and Lees nudged one over. And it might be worth having Dawson some experience towards the end of the season. He’s done nothing wrong in the cup.
  9. End of season clear out

    I know it’s controversial but I’d try and move Westwood on in the summer if he gets fit. Hopefully get a 2-3 million for him and get his big wage off the wage bill. We have 2 promising young keepers and plenty of decent keepers knocking around to compete with Dawson & Wildsmith. And dont forget we’ve got a huge problem with FFP so might be some very unpopular departures. Only players we could command a decent fee for this summer is Bannan, Forestieri, Reach, Joao & Hooper. Winnall would have been an obvious one but he’s damaged goods now after 2 cruciate injuries. Same with Kieron Lee, and Tom Lees seems to be getting fitter and improving week on week. Going to be a very interesting summer.
  10. End of season clear out

    So that’s 2 players out of 2 who probably deserve a new contract. No sign of a clear out this summer.
  11. End of season clear out

    You can only offload most of these players if someone wants to take up there ridiculous contracts. No one will look look to take Fletcher, Matias, Abdi or Hutchinson off us. They all have at least 12 months left on there contracts on eye watering wages. They’re all injury prone and way passed their best. Who’s out of contract in the summer apart from Loovens & Nuhui?
  12. Reyt second half. How’s that not a pen
  13. Is twitter broke for everyone?
  14. Most snow we’ve had all ‘winter’ this morning in Dronfield. Supposed to be turning to rain later.
  15. Team v The Mackems

    Wildsmith Hunt (if fit) Palmer if not Fred Lees Puduil Fox Joey Jones Reach Nuhui joao Bannan subs. Too risky starting 2 games in 3 days after so long out. FF sub again to carry in building up his fitness.