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  1. To be fair if we get offered anything north of 12 million how can we refuse? We’re in a relegation battle and need 3 or 4 players to help us battle through this season. FF is a great talent but the team needs improving more then we need Fernando.
  2. To be fair to Jos, he’s inherited an awful situation. A squad full of decent players on paper but in reality they’re a set of over paid has beens. The young players look ok but it’s a huge ask to ask them all to step up. On the flip side we look totally clueless tactically and not really sure what our plan is. I wanted Mick McCarthy when Carlos was sacked and got shot down on here. Still do today.
  3. Yeah it’s annoying because it’s been exactly the same for about 18 months
  4. So who’s have thought we’d struggle against a young energetic team who press and play with a high tempo?
  5. Libertine


    Forget the play offs, we’ll have it all On trying to stay up this season. You not seen us much over the last year?
  6. Libertine

    SWFC v Wolves

    Got a season ticket so a propa trufan
  7. Libertine

    SWFC v Wolves

    These prices confirmed? Will go if they are.
  8. Is this allocation less then usual for Reading? Reckon it’ll sell out before Wednesday afternoon?
  9. Libertine


    That the usual allocation? Great price.
  10. Libertine

    Player Ratings

    Wildsmith 6 Palmer 6 Lees 7 Nielson 7 Van Aken 6 Boyd 5 Bannan 7 Hunt 4 Reach 6 Matias 6 Fletcher 7 Kirby 6
  11. Libertine

    Liam Palmer

    He did ok but Sunderland offered nothing in attack.
  12. Libertine


    Yeah he’s had a decent game. Linked play well and will be a big player for us if we can keep him fit.
  13. Libertine

    Did I hear right?

    Nixon is a lot more reliable for info then Sky Sports to be fair.
  14. Libertine

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    Wildsmith palmer lees nielson thornely boyd Jones Hunt Pelupessy Matias Nuhui Subs Dawson Pudil Baker Preston Fletcher Lee Borukov Bannan, Forestieri, Reach & Hutchinson all left at home before a long trip down to London a couple of days later
  15. Libertine

    Joao Injury?

    Wow, I’m not very positive at the minute but this thread really isn’t good reading. Absolutely no evidence that Joao isn’t injured and even more fuel for the negative nellies that are buzzing from our current demise. It’s s like some posters get off on this negativity.