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  1. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    All seems very odd.
  2. Happy with those prices, especially the multiple years one. Think I’ll do another 2 years and pay over 10 months
  3. Now I'm not pissed

    He’s not scored 20 goals in his Wednesday career has he?
  4. Swansea tickets..

    Swansea sold many?
  5. £500 is my limit for next season on the kop. Anymore and I’m out.
  6. Season ticket renewals...

    If it’s £500 or under on Kop I’m probably in if they do the 10 months interest free option again, anymore and I’ll have to really consider it. I’m at the end of a 2 year ST.
  7. Team for Dingles

    Wildsmith Hunt Vanancio Loovens Thorniley Reach Jones Boyd Wallace Rhodes Joao
  8. Three at the back

    No problem with playing 3-5-2 just not when your wing backs are as poor as Palmer and In particular Fox. They are both league 1 full backs who offer nothing going forward which is why it looks like we have a flat back 5. Ideally you also need a couple of defenders who are comfortable on the ball, I reckon if Hutch ever comes back he’d be great on the right side of a back 3 with Van Aken left and Lees central.
  9. Venancio

    Looks like a decent steady Eddie.
  10. Goalkeeper situation

    I think that’s totally unrealistic. How many keepers go for that kind of money? Especially outside the top division.
  11. Goalkeeper situation

    Hard to split them. I think Dawson seems calmer and more commanding but Wildsmith is a very good shot stopper but seems slightly more prone to an error.
  12. It’s now pretty clear we have 2 exceptionaly talented young goal keepers at our club and possibly the best keeper in the league at the club too in Westwood. With our current FFP situation would it make sense to cash in on Westwood? Would probably command a fee in the region of 3 million and clear a big wage off our wage bill. It could allow us to improve the squad as well as allowing our talented young keepers an opportunity to blossom.
  13. The snow forecast around the game looks grim. Sort of regretting getting a ticket. Be reyt cold
  14. Didn’t realise this was a late kick off, given my ticket away as on a weekend break, might get to watch in the pub now. @Oliver
  15. Nixon- DC chasing German coach.

    We just don’t have the foundations set up for this type of appointment. No Director of football, no sorting director. No football knowledge on the board. It’s another decision that doesn’t make footballing sense