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  1. Cup game picked for sky. Guessing Brentford will now be Sunday.
  2. Libertine

    1st fixtures

    Sunderland game moved to Thursday fir sky
  3. Libertine

    1st fixtures

    3 Tuesday Home games including NYD & 2 on Wednesday night.
  4. Libertine

    1st fixtures

    Seems to be a switch to Wednesdays for mid week games.
  5. If we can shift on the crap like Jones & Abdi and replace them both with Lopez who will probably be on a far lesser wage then both of them then 100% yes! The problem is no one will want to take Abdi & Jones off us.
  6. Seems to be a lot of rumours flying around about Barry Bannan. This is worrying considering he was 2 year left on his contract and by the sounds of it we really need to fetch some money in and reduce the wage bill. Not many saleable assets at the club unfortunately.
  7. Libertine

    Home Friendly vs Villareal

    I’m at a wedding. Would have probably gone if not. Decent friendly that
  8. If we got offered 7.5 million for Joao and turned it down we’d want our heads testing.
  9. Hope we’re at home first game. Away Boxing Day but Home New Year’s Day
  10. Apologies. Yeah he’s 29 in January.
  11. Joao with a year left on his contract Is probably worth about 4 million. Forestieri in this day and age after proving his fitness back end of season is probably worth around 13-15 million. Don’t forget he’s 30 in a few months time so no proper re sale value.
  12. Sporting Lisbon after Joao & Forestieri. Apparently willing to offer 7.5 million for the pair. Probably need to atleast double it.
  13. Which paper has the best World Cup wall chart today please?