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  1. I had £25 on PDC @ 50s last December when i thought DJ was going to get the sack then.
  2. Solstice for sky, sports lounge is quite small! other pubs in town centre allowing away fans are yates, edwards and oneils.
  3. Best pub with sky is the Solstice. 2 weatherspoons pubs in town nearest the posh ground is called the Drapers Arms (bout a 8 min walk fron posh ground) this is usualy full of away fans but not the biggest, up the otherside of town bout a 15min walk from the ground is college arms, twice the size of the Drapers. On the same rd as the Collage Arms is a yates, O'Neils, and Edwards so a nice little pub crawl to be had!
  4. looking through my old wardrobe at my parents and came across this!!
  5. only decent player on the list is boyd, still not too sure as he is a very lazy player when things are not going his way
  6. i left sheffield 18 years ago and im 32 up until then i had i season ticket for 7 years and had seen "the glory years" up until now every season has been down hiil (appart from play offs) and although i only go to 6-10 games (mainly away when i can get tickets) a season i really believe things are changing....BELIEVE!!!! UTO FTD WAWAW
  7. I know it depends on what people earn but i said to the gf today i would pay £500 for wednesday to win and the pigs to draw/lose how about everybosy else? i would now pay a £1000 at least to see us beat wycombe! what about every else? BTW she looked at me gone out!
  8. Parkhill in the late 80s/90s was probably bout a 50/50 split UTO
  9. if the ticket is still available please pm your contact number and i will call you
  10. ha ha ha thanks mate but only manage 6- 10 games a year so im only a "FAIR WEATHER FAN"!
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