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  1. Grown up round woodseats pretty much 50/50 slightly leaning blunts way and they think probably 70/30 perhaps they are right, its about same up lowedges jordo batemoor not much in it but my age group id say is more wednesday if anything older and younger swing more pig way
  2. easily dingles over toy town but neither are massive rivals really are they?
  3. Anyone got a link to video? I have no idea what was going off, trying to watch that, trying to watch the kick off on touch line, wondering why hutch was still on the pitch..I'm still confused
  4. Nope not given a fair chance from what I have seen, maybe its a behind the scenes thing?
  5. Wednesday over England every time ...but a world cup win over promotion to the prem, now if you said wednesday to get in europe, win the league or FA cup etc Wednesday everytime, just not that fussed about being in the prem as a making up the numbers kind of club so world cup trumps that perhaps
  6. Not bothered about this...still bothered about the badge though
  7. Derby game, be all about who wanted it more not just purely talent which obviously we would destroy them on
  8. what and why have they changed the Kick off rules? some nice play from us, flowing, passing, movement,,,very promising
  9. Shocking, should get his priorities sorted, get him sold in Jan Fletcher out Carlos out Chansiri Out Everybody out etc
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