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  1. Hi Simon, I'm getting a message that I've got a message from you, but it isn't showing in my inbox, not sure if it's cos of them changing the site, so I've deleted those last messages and sent you this so you can reply, we are meeting at the sarnie shop at tickhill at 7.15 and will be at Clearwater about 8.15am on Saturday, is Reece coming Saturday too ?

  2. L##ds away when they got relegated under wise.....about 5 of their fans sat together close to the away end in the big stand they've got.....bit of banter flying back and forth but nothing major...until one of theirs lost it... He got chucked out....Wednesday fans start again....next one can't hold out off he goes....and again the Wednesday fans carry on.....another one gets chucked out, was so much fun just watching the breakdown, not to mention watching them get relegated, At the same game after the brunt wonder goal and owls fan injures his leg and has to be supported whilst taken to the medical team, up that main stand past them same fans.....he comes back down just into the 2nd half on crutches just as jj scores the 3rd, he is going nuts I'm the l##ds end on crutches whilst their fans are going mental at the crap they are going through and this bloke is totally oblivious to it, he hasn't even got a clue still cracks me up thinking about him. Does anyone remember an andy Pearce free kick .I think against Coventry, it was virtually on the line on the edge of the box and it only just hit the top of the presto stand ? It was so bad it was funny
  3. Great read so far, I wasn't trying to compare layne v hirst as who is better, they just looked very similar and as hirst was the striker of my era I wanted to see something to judge layne against If that makes any sense ?
  4. My dad raves about him still, now he was way before my time but from pics and bits I've read he seems similar in style to hirst . Would like to know how they compare from those who saw them both.
  5. £5 everlast jacket Its either 3-0 to them or 3-0 to us, just hope it's us !
  6. Preston away early 2000's, set off from Sheffield with the weather miserable like now with just a shirt and jumper on, driver missed the junction so had a 10 mile detour, took bets on first goal scorer correct score in the car, put of the 4 of us 3 predicted we would lose and idiot here went for a draw, arrived on time unfortunately, got mullered by preston. Snow starts into second half ended up freezing and covered in snow like a snow drift against us, went for a wee wee in the wonderess portakabin toilet and it wasn't level and rocked, so when you walked in, several thousands owls fans wee wee rushed over to you and soaked your ankles in wee wee and then when you walked to the far toilet in followed you there actually soaking you in wee wee, lost 2-0 and was just utter crap day all round.
  7. We don't need a new ground, It's bloody beautiful !
  8. Mate has two together on the kop, just after face value and lives at stannington
  9. Genuine question.....but who will the giant shadow llama be supporting tonight ? His true club or his animal cousins ?
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