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  1. dan27


    We really need to stop recycling the same old songs.
  2. dan27

    Streams for today

    Both. not at the same time obviously. That would be weird.
  3. dan27

    Streams for today

    I use a VPN and IPFT which enables me to attach stream nodules to Hackleberry strips. Then I can log into PTLB and start watching streams. It's all fairly simple really. Oh FFS! It's showing repeats of The A-Team. I think something has gone wrong.
  4. dan27


    We need to just score loads and loads of sexy goals and not concede more goals than we score. It's easy.
  5. dan27


    If we win loads and loads of games we have a chance.
  6. Looks like John Hartson is making a come back with us too.
  7. If it's being used for the catering they will still be making plenty of money.
  8. dan27


    Yeah I also received mine today. Need to get a frame for it and then I'll post a photo. Thanks to NYCOWL for organising all of this and of course to Mark for taking the time to sign all of these.
  9. dan27


    Looks great.
  10. Do you reckon they will open up the pitch to be used as an ultimate beer garden during the off season?
  11. dan27


    This is nice. Going to order one tomorrow when I'm less drunk, if there's any left.
  12. dan27

    Lee - Halo Effect?

    You really are barmy.
  13. How do you order a pint of "I love you will you marry me" without sounding like an embarrassed wazzock?
  14. Can't wait to see a few Fulham fans leaving the ground whilst walking backwards.