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  1. I hope this is good. We need this!
  2. I started this last night. Looks to be a decent plot but Nesbitt and his awful acting are ruining it for me.
  3. I think we should declare for a laugh. Make it interesting.
  4. Don't worry lads. They've got to bat on the fifth day on this pitch.
  5. This is one of those films I was expecting to be crap but it turned out to be pretty entertaining. Nothing outstanding but enjoyable. You can see it being like Saw and they will end up making loads and spoiling it. I watched Stan & Ollie last night. Coogan and Reilly both nailed their parts and it was good the film told the story of the latter part of their careers. 8/10
  6. Thought I'd give this a watch last night after seeing you lot talking about it. I loved it. I was expecting it to be depressing given the subject matter but the humour was spot on. 9/10
  7. I still need to watch 86. Might start it this weekend.
  8. Final got around to watching Joker at the weekend. Not sure why it took me so long. It's brilliant. So dark and gritty and you actually feel sorry for him at times. 9/10
  9. I had one days training in an old job on child abuse and how to spot the signs. The stories we heard still haunt me. I couldn't sleep for days after that.
  10. When and on what channel are the highlights on? I can't see them listed anywhere FFS!
  11. Started this last night. I've watched the first two and it's bloody decent so far.
  12. I watched it originally when it was broadcast on Channel 4. I had to re-watch it on +1 as I thought something had gone wrong with the broadcast. It did its job as everyone was talking about it. I personally liked the ending and it left it open if they ever wanted to carry on with some more.
  13. I watched The Gentlemen and Le Mans '66 last night. Both solid 7/10 films.
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