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  1. I also watched this at the weekend. I also give it 7/10. You could watch it without having watched The Sopranos but you probably wouldn't enjoy it as much. Loved the ending when The Sopranos theme music kicks in.
  2. Same here. I thought that was the whole idea. To show how Hollywood can actually be pretty boring for the most part. Then obviously it makes the last 10 minutes even more explosive.
  3. Yeah sad news. He was a good actor. Omar was a great character.
  4. Green Book. Excellent film. Everyone should watch it. 8/10
  5. True. I still enjoyed it though so who cares.
  6. I enjoyed it. It didn't really make much sense though until I read up on what it was actually about.
  7. Watched a couple of hours of it this morning. It was great to see such a big crowd allowed back in.
  8. dan27


    I know what you mean. He'd be one of those mates you'd hate to have as you'd always be worried he's just going to headbutt you for no reason one day.
  9. Me and the girlfriend watched it the other day after she said she'd never seen it. Great film.
  10. Mare of Easttown was fantastic. Watched the final one this morning and it was a fitting finale.
  11. Everybody has a choice to refuse it. The consequence is you can lose your job.
  12. It looks poo from the trailers I've seen. We watched News of the World. Quite a decent Western with a dependable Tom Hanks playing the lead. 7/10.
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