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Community Answers

  1. Yeah can't wait. Brilliant series.
  2. No standout candidate unfortunately. Broad, no thanks. Stokes needs to just play without any extra pressure. I think they will go with Buttler.
  3. Looks exactly as you imagine all Australians look like.
  4. "A clean energy drinks that provides biological balance" WTF?
  5. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
  6. It's all been style over substance so far, unfortunately. It's fallen into the trap a few last series do. The whole series is setting it up for the final episode but nothing is happening to keep you interested.
  7. AM is a really good rock album. A much more matured sound. I still like all of their albums but I got into them quite late.
  8. Plus she can't make any jokes about her being fat.
  9. She's usually pretty funny on chatshows. Can't say I watched this so can't comment on her jokes here. She's lost loads of weight so fair play to her for doing that.
  10. Yeah they are. You still have to be sensible though. Keep updating when it asks to do so. Use the security software it comes with or find a suitable alternative. Most of all it comes down to you, the user. If you visit dodgy websites or fall for any email scams then you''re likely to run into problems. Seeing as you say you're not going to be using it for general web browsing you will be fine here. You would be perfectly fine doing so as billions of us do and never have any problems. Just as long as you're not stupid.
  11. As long as you've got Windows up to date with updates and you're using the security that comes with it you will be fine.
  12. I'm not going to watch another series of this poo.
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