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  1. Lee - Halo Effect?

    You really are barmy.
  2. How do you order a pint of "I love you will you marry me" without sounding like an embarrassed wazzock?
  3. Can't wait to see a few Fulham fans leaving the ground whilst walking backwards.
  4. Yeah but what has he had for his tea and what socks is he wearing today?
  5. Another injury

    Every single one of those stewards in yellow jackets are eyeing up his legs.
  6. Last night's REAL disgrace

    Somebody should tell him that black is more slimming than white.
  7. The guy on the left is Gazza or Mr C off of The Shamen.
  8. Try licking the poo with your blue tongue.
  9. The food kiosks tonight

    Was that the pengest munch?
  10. I never buy shirts now but I'd make sure I bought the first one with stripes when ever that may be.
  11. Instant Positives

    A bigger and better cakeball.
  12. You didn't have to get me a ticket Sam. Thanks.