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  1. Watched a couple of hours of it this morning. It was great to see such a big crowd allowed back in.
  2. dan27


    I know what you mean. He'd be one of those mates you'd hate to have as you'd always be worried he's just going to headbutt you for no reason one day.
  3. Me and the girlfriend watched it the other day after she said she'd never seen it. Great film.
  4. Mare of Easttown was fantastic. Watched the final one this morning and it was a fitting finale.
  5. Everybody has a choice to refuse it. The consequence is you can lose your job.
  6. It looks poo from the trailers I've seen. We watched News of the World. Quite a decent Western with a dependable Tom Hanks playing the lead. 7/10.
  7. I'm not a roast pork fan so I'm probably not best to judge.
  8. Kit the staff out in leather aprons, force them all to get tattoo sleeves and cook the pork on a spit roast. Instant hipster right there.
  9. It's just a pork sandwich. I've never got the appeal.
  10. It's like a Steven Seagal film but obviously without Seagal therefore making it much better.
  11. Nobody. It's cliched but still really entertaining. Quite a bit of gory violence too. 7/10
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