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  1. He got us a nil nil against them in his first game I think so I’ll give him 0.5 out of ten
  2. Went down there my first ever game at eight year old. Went early with family , walked down the tunnel and gradually saw the whole ground open up. Still remember being awe struck, and the start of a love affair
  3. Leave me alone I'm only happy when I'm miserable
  4. Once stood ankle deep in toilets at millmoor when we won three nil if that counts
  5. Well I’m actually proud to call this guy a mate, I don’t doubt for 1 minute he don’t regret what he did but it was done out of passion probably in a moment of madness. He spends thousands watching Wednesday home and away, can all you slating him say the same, I don’t doubt many on here having a go at him spend there time on a match day at home living the match on owlstalk, full of saints in here. How many of you who actually go to the match have ever joined in with the warnock chant.....still abuse....,but you wouldn’t have the guts to go and say it to his face but his family and friends hav
  6. Pleased with a point but difference was plain to see, every time we got the ball a Leeds player was on us, when they had the ball , be it at the back , midfield or up front they always had ten yards of space to do what they want.....thought we'd come good second half but never took it to them
  7. Man Utd at home 1968, they're European cup winners side, we won 5.4 and will always remember seeing best law and charlton etc.......we had Jack Whitham ....one of my first matches and maybe sadly 50 years later still one of the best
  8. I've been going 41 years and can't afford it anymore, thank you too
  9. Always amuses me when people vote for man of the match when they haven't been ...Bannon for me
  10. Both world wars happened before we were born.......thank god we and future generations "remember" events that happened
  11. I don't think there has to be a connection to sheffield wednesday f.c but how can anyone have any objection to a group of people/fans of a club remembering a terrible tragedy and paying their respects in their own way. I obviously can't speak for the families devastated by the tragedy but I'd certainley be touched with the thought that 50 years on people with no connection to the town would remember and pay their respects
  12. Tired is working 6, 12 hour shifts a week in a melting shop to pay the mortgage and bring 2 kids up for a half decent living ....I know, I've done it.......I'm loving what we're building as a club....but please don't use tired as an excuse for losing a match
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