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  1. He has to do the job of two players when pelupessy is playing. He can’t pass it to himself.
  2. He’s our most (only) improved player.
  3. Monk didn't play him for the.same reason his previous seven managers didn't play him - he's lost it
  4. The last 6 or 7 managers who Rhodes has played for, including at Boro and Norwich, have dropped him very quickly, which tells you he’s simply not good enough.
  5. There are three options 1. Carry on trying to develop weak players in poor facilities - hasn't worked and no reason to think that will work 2. Invest in the academy - requires significant spend over many years and not certain to work because we are at the back of the line for really talented kids 3. Pick up PL cast offs - like we did with Brunt and Whelan - develop them, sell them, get promoted and use some of the money to invest in option 2.
  6. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Something has to change.
  7. Jos found out the hard way that promoting players from an academy that hasn't produced a decent player in 40 years was a mistake.
  8. Agree. In effect we were given our 21 point deduction last season because the EFL's leaks removed the incentive from our players. Why would you work hard if you knew everything you worked for would be undermined.
  9. Shame we’re not signing Aaron mooy based on this
  10. It’s a great service that’s getting better. You can’t blame iFollow for the rubbish on the pitch.
  11. I think you’re about right. Unfortunately.
  12. We don't develop young players and we don't sell anyone, unlike Leeds and Pigs.
  13. He also said "They need points as well" - we don't need points unless he knows something we don't.
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