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  1. I saw an interview with Trevor Francis and he was asked what he'd like most if he could play today. Instead of saying 500 grand a week, he said he'd love to play on today's pitches.
  2. If he could play 30 odd games for us this season we'd go up. Big IF unfortunately.
  3. I was right in front of that dive and the defender was literally six feet away. The injustice has never left me.
  4. Windass smashing that free kick into Paterson's knackers sums it up.
  5. we've never replaced loovens. Our success under Carlos was built on never conceding at home.
  6. Maybe we had the right manager in Pulis. It didn't look like it when we were winning after he left, but based on recent performances maybe he was right about how poor our players really are. Thompson seems to have drifted back to Pulis' tactic of defend and hope.
  7. we don't need a good u18 team, we need to develop a couple of players every year who can make it as top level professionals. We've failed for decades to do this regardless of how well the teams have performed.
  8. funny you don't remember us coming 6th and 4th but instead for some reason you remember a bad November. since then we've had several years of bad Novembers, Decembers....
  9. Yeah, I guess I'm wrong given the feast of samba soccer we've had since then.
  10. Never understand the hatred of CC. we finished 6th and then 4th under him. we were a couple of results away from him being the best manager since Atkinson. I don't know what people want. Especially after the managers we've seen since him.
  11. Need to stick a Carlton Palmer type player next to him. But instead he has Pelupessy.
  12. Agree with OP,. Some on here think all a forward is supposed to do is covert the multiple chances created by others. Good forwards make their own chances - or at the least hold the ball up for others. That's why Rhodes never gets picked.
  13. its amateur hour. Sounds like he's playing for a pub team. Only reason this is a good thing is it may prevent Pelupessy from playing.
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