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  1. I think you’re about right. Unfortunately.
  2. We don't develop young players and we don't sell anyone, unlike Leeds and Pigs.
  3. He also said "They need points as well" - we don't need points unless he knows something we don't.
  4. Be careful what you wish for. If he loses interest we'll follow Wigan.
  5. 68% of statistics are made up on the spur of the moment
  6. Sheridan had palmer playing beside him. Bannan has had Crutchinson and Pelupessy - the worst player we have.
  7. this is absolutely true. they slated Sheridan and now they say he's great while slating bannan.
  8. Apparently, he's supposed to be standing where the pass goes, even if it isn't near him. and then catch their forward even though he's twenty yards nearer the goal. bannanas
  9. I’ve never seen anything like it. And as a lifelong Wednesday fan I’ve seen a lot of crap.
  10. Terrible, yes. Worst, no. In fact he was replaced by a worse one yesterday.
  11. Looking at those first two clips I’ll be glad to have Palmer back.
  12. today all we needed was a striker and a keeper.
  13. I’d rather see us lose, but avoid any injuries, than see England win.
  14. Why are we worried that the EFL is hiring people who specialize in making coffees?
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