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  1. I’ve never seen anything like it. And as a lifelong Wednesday fan I’ve seen a lot of crap.
  2. Terrible, yes. Worst, no. In fact he was replaced by a worse one yesterday.
  3. Looking at those first two clips I’ll be glad to have Palmer back.
  4. today all we needed was a striker and a keeper.
  5. I’d rather see us lose, but avoid any injuries, than see England win.
  6. Why are we worried that the EFL is hiring people who specialize in making coffees?
  7. Could it be something to do with Boro being terrible and Hull being not that bad? Last night's game could have gone either way, which is true of the majority of Championship games.
  8. True, but they were finished by injuries, and possibly cocaine. With Rhodes it’s attitude.
  9. Ridiculous OP. Fletcher plays we win. Typical championship game, which I understand is difficult to bear for Wednesday fans raised on flowing samba soccer of the past 25 years .
  10. Last season united's record against the top half was mixed at best, but they didn't lose to any team below 10th. So it's not a false position if you can beat weak teams consistently.
  11. Agree. We are a Fletcher injury away from Atty being our first choice center forward and a Bannan injury away from Pelupessy playing in midfield. We can't afford to lose either
  12. How much can you hate traffic? Where do you have to be?
  13. these are precisely why the new players were brought in - add Van Arken
  14. this was a game for 11 Hutchinsons, but week in week out you need someone like Bannan - any club in that division would have him
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