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  1. About 9 or 10 of those players could reasonably have expected to play first team football fairly regularly this season, so no excuses.
  2. Gary Hooper needed

    if you aren't looking over your shoulder now, you should be. We've won one in 15. The injuries are an acceptable excuse for not being in the top 6 but the players should be ashamed of themselves for getting us into this position.
  3. Given our back four is Palmer, Loovens, Van Aken and Fox, I think you could easily argue that we don't have the squad.
  4. Carlos Outers...

    i think negative supporters influence confidence which affects performance. not asking for happy clapping, just less negativity
  5. Carlos Outers...

    Yep, the mass flounce really started when we lost to united. It's embarrassing and has resulted in us going from playing well but dropping points to playing with no confidence and dropping points. Wednesday fans need to man up.
  6. Venancio

    Yep - anyone who says we should be in the top two with the team we have should look at that.
  7. we played the same way we've generally been playing, but this time we scored great goals at exactly the right time. on another day those might not have gone in and there'd be teddies being thrown all over owlstalk.
  8. Wednesday or England

    An England supporting mate of mine once said, amazed, that he thought I'd rather see Wednesday win the league than England win the World Cup. I told him I'd rather see Wednesday avoid relegation than see England win the World Cup.
  9. Next season kit

    Jermaine Johnson probably likes it
  10. Next week is a game we don't need to win or want to. Happy to finish 4th and play HT.
  11. Marmite Bannan

    People used to criticise Sheridan for the same things they do bannan. He's trying to make things happen so inevitably he will give the ball away. Fair play to him for keeping his head up when the moaners start.
  12. Can't view in U.S. can someone do something that is technically clever but probably illegal to put them up here.
  13. Swap the results

    Please stop being so reasonable. If things don't go our way someone must be to blame.
  14. Consistency

    I like your optimism, but don't want to play NU in the playoffs.