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  1. 3 great chances missed counts as a bad game for me!
  2. When all other clubs have renewed with what is a blanket agreement giving access to the local area in general then it’s a bad move for the sake of 10%
  3. I for one fully appreciate the fantastic ride under Chansiri to date but I go into this season totally underwhelmed. The lack of transfer activity frightens as I see the current squad as mid table at best. We have gotten a course le of the wage bill and sold our only proper right back. It seems that there will be no investment in new players. This is Mr Chansari’s prerogative if he feels that he’s invested enough or if FFP is genuinely a problem. We see teams like Wolves and Forest putting up two fingers to FFP, why can’t we? Here is my question, have we the fans actually been told that the squad won’t be improved. Are we being sold short? There’s a fair amount of us having bought season tickets like always, is this in vein? Are we in for poor times, has the bubble burst???
  4. Saw the Matias screamer vs Leeds in a sports bar in Sunny Beach - Pizza, pint, GOAL
  5. Cos no bugger can ever get hold of one
  6. Didn’t go the Owls in the Park this year, and I still can’t decide having read some comments... So.... is there any men’s shirts available or not?
  7. The promotions are great it’s just the relegations that come before them that are the problem.
  8. Jos - I'm beginning to think that he isn't the solution.
  9. It's been a while since I've been able to say this. Was expecting a cold night and not much to cheer but on the pitch particularly after the first 5 minutes in and how quickly Derby were in closing the ball down. However we quickly grew into the game and didn't look back. Big shouts for Joao for his double and generally being a pain in the arse, he looking once again like the prospect that we thought we had bought. Wildsmith for pulling off 3 or 4 specials saves as they tried to claw themselves back in the game. A well done to both the defensive and midfield units who went about their jobs effectively. But the biggest praise is for Jos who set the team up to have a go against a useful Derby side. One grumble, where did 5 minutes stoppage time come from?
  10. Dawson 6.5 - did what was asked Hunt 6 - never the same player without Wallace Nielson 7 - solid debut for the tank Venancio 8 - marshalled the young lads with expertise O Grady 7 - composed Fox 6 - offered little Jones 5 - was he playing Buttercup 5 - poor, poor signing Boyd 6 - improving, need him fully fit. Matias 8 - arguably his best game for Weds, like having a new player, everyone gets a clean slate. Nuihu 8 - nice finish and good alround
  11. How can we possibly cast a vote on this? Some random German that 99.9% of us have no previous knowledge. The question is would we prefer a foreign philosophy or a British hard man approach. Tippy tappy vs bullying the opposition
  12. There was a sell on clause with Darko - I recall reading that his move to Juve made us £3m.
  13. I feel I man crush coming on - he's dreamy!!!! He he he. Loved his passion when we scored the second and the fact he does know what geeus a wave means!
  14. Guys - please help on this - a friend has lent me a season ticket - when this happened previously she got me printed replacement tickets. This time she has given me her credit card style season ticket. Will I get in with this! My concern is that being a bloke with a woman's name on the ticket. Before I'm called a cheapskate or worse - I do attend 75% of home matches usually buying the tickets a couple of days before, work allowing.
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