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  1. I dont know whats worse you quoting Grease or me knowing it is Grease
  2. No probs were all wednesday here now im back off out to the pub to give the mrs a real reason to shout at me tomorrow
  3. This is a bit wobly one becuase im ratted and two because its me filming the tv.
  4. Ask him if he has a sister and does she do a turn
  5. One of the lads I work with is mates with him. He's always on about what a brilliant player he is.Getting paid well by fleetwood by all accounts. Apparently happy to get promoted with them and see what happens good luck to him
  6. Given that the televised game against Morecombe is on rememberance Sunday seems like the perfect time to do it
  7. Bloody joke of a show they rattle on about how Hulls KFC stadium is a fortress on the back of a few results yet when presented with the best home record in Brittish football we get presented with our best start for a century.Not that we have a better record than Man U Man City or Liverpool just that it is our best. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b016ps55/The_Football_League_Show_2011_2012_22_10_2011/
  8. I agree also the pure lack of any decent merchandise is shocking the selection is so poor. Other than the replica kits and a jar of Sheffield Wednesday Hendersons Relish there is nothing I would want. Surely this needs to be addressed
  9. They are a right joke. Imagine if we win this league. The DVD should be called remember Steve Claridge
  10. 5 minutes in we are not just MASSIVE we are now Immortal http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0161rmg/The_Football_League_Show_2011_2012_08_10_2011/
  11. Whats the point in speculating it just creates bad vibes in the club. Something happened Megson dealt with it as he should lets move on and support whats there
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