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  1. So, after we have won, we climb 3 places to 11th in the table.
  2. Didn't want to start a new thread with this question because then the question wouldn't be needed......... Why is there no matchday thread for the Donny Rovers game that kicks off in 3 hours? Are we all waiting for somebody else to do it?
  3. I'm quite big up front. Just saying!
  4. I'm no gambler, but surely 5/1 odds for Reading when only 4 teams are in the race has to be worth a bet.
  5. Who do we have on the bench to replace Lee if he breaks down. Plenty of attacking options but surprised not to see Jones in there.
  6. Can someone explain the "sports bra" that all the players seem to wear in training?
  7. How much money do we stand to make from this? Gate receipts etc. How much if we end up losing over the 2 legs? How much if we get to the final and lose? How much if we actually go up?
  8. By my reckoning, that means Cardiff have to win all three of their remaining games to overhaul us (taking goal difference into account)
  9. Did I just hear £3 million on Radio Sheffield? When was the last time we spent that much on a transfer fee?
  10. How long did it take Lee to make an impression at Hillsborough? Just saying like. May might come good yet. Season loan for me, but not back to Scotland. Would get better experience in L1.
  11. Today is definitely the day......... ........ that I know least about. I know some things about other days, but today I KFA.
  12. Surely if there was going to be a press conference they would have told the press, and the press would have announced "there is going to be a press conference". Or am I being too logical?
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