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  1. Is Usain Bolt still looking for a carrer change?
  2. Sincere appologies Cookeh, I was bang out of order coming on here and discussing matters relating to one of our players. I bow down to your encyclopedic knowledge of all things Liam Palmer and am grateful that you have taken time to set me straight on Liam's lineage and his feats in the Scottish Youth set up. Hence forth I will keep my personal musings to myself and will deal purely in the currency of fact and certainty. Any chance you can mail me an up to date list of all subject matter which is acceptable and any topics that should be steered clear of?
  3. Watching the Jocks celebrating last night got me wondering how Liam Palmer must feel, I couldn't spot him joining in with the mad celebrations and public weeping thereafter. As far as I'm aware he's about as Scottish as warm Apple Pie and is only a fringe player so must feel very much like a peripheral figure. Its every boys dream to play for their country or any other country who'll give them a couple of caps for that matter. Surely though after the prestige has worn off he must wonder if its all worth it when he's travelling north or jetting off abroad to join up with the squad
  4. It really has gone down hill over the last few years, its just an old boys club/ gravy train for ex pros and those preparing to hang their boots up. Jamie O'Hara's the worst on there, one odious little man who was a poo pro yet is now coaching and is willing to spout any old clap trap to try and garner some media attention.
  5. Pretty certain there's nothing in it at all. Poyet is a proper character and and a nice bloke which is the last thing we need at the moment. I remember seeing Leo Fortune West outside the Leadmill during my younger days and shouting abuse at him from a safe distance!
  6. Did anyone else listen to Jim White on Talkshite today? He mentioned on multiple occasions that he would be playing an interview of a phonecall he'd had with Chansiri so I was strung along listening to two dull hours of droning about the EFL bail out and the publication of agents fees. Unless I dropped off for 10 minutes; the interview was never played and no explanation was provided at the end of the show?
  7. Poor Joey, has his best game in a long time and there's still fresh threads being posted analysing his limitations!
  8. Moses for me, I thought he did a great job in the left. Makes you wonder why we've been wasting Harris on the left all this time. Good to see Joey finally getting stuck in a bit and Borner looking his old self. Bannan looked like he was playing in a testimonial the first half.
  9. I would suggest a sustained 10 second Artillery barrage. Then let our lads storm out of the tunnel while their still shell shocked and have a team of snipers on the roof of the South stand providing cover fire, picking off any of any of them that are still providing resistance. Even then Harris will just blaze it high and wide!
  10. Heart breaking to think we had Pudil and Hunt causing havoc down the wings only a few years ago. Forward 4 years and we've played one of the worse combinations I've ever seen on the right tonight and on the other side have a player who can run the full length of the field at will but can't cross or shoot.
  11. The lack of players showing/ movement/ options for our throwings is disgraceful. Add that to the fact that 75% of Moses's throwings looked like foul throws and you may as well just chuck the ball up the field.
  12. Watching Richard Wood zipping around on him on his Zimmer frame at 58 years old makes you wonder why we can't go a week without a centre back either breaking down or getting sent off. Big Dominic Iorfa must be some major influence on the team based on the pathetic showings since his injury.
  13. I’m not normally one of the blame the ref brigade but he was dog turd, I’m sure that wouldn’t have been a red if supporters had been in attendance. No one else has mentioned it but how can that push on Odebajo not be a yellow, it was symptomatic of his inconsistent and incompetent refereeing performance. Still doesn’t detract from our toothless and shambolic efforts though!
  14. I’m normally fairly mellow after a bad result but absolutely seething after that. Completely abject performance so many players making up the numbers, Joey, Kachunga and Marriott contributed nothing. I know it’s more fashionable to blame Monk but the ref was an inconsistent, incompetent bell. There’s no way that would have been a red with supporters in the stadium and how did the piggy no get booked for his push on Moses. Still think we can do it but we’re going to need some major luck!
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