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  1. Not a tattoo sleave or pair of pink boots to be seen!
  2. Great little player although I've never been able to get the image out of my head of him with his ******** hanging out of his shorts that Baddiel & Skinner put on Fantasy Football!
  3. Nice work, John Wark is the one on the back row. I thought Coventry player was David Busst, couldn't get the piggie player. Gordon Durie for Spurs.
  4. This photo was from the Premier League launch almost 30 years ago when we were dining at the top table (in the absence of Chelsea, West Ham & Newcastle) and enjoying preeminence over our Porcine friends on the other side of the city. Feels more like a life time ago now. I managed to pick out 15 of them (including Hirsty and two other ex owls). Can anyone do any better? Looks like some of the teams like Arsenal have just sent a member of the reserves to the photoshoot.
  5. Off course pal, Harris was trying to follow the coaching manual: jockey and hold them up awaiting defensive reinforcements. Unfortunately the only red cards we're capable of acquiring are rash and completely needless ones.
  6. Although Harris's defending was a steaming bag of excrement, he's a winger and Its never easy when you're last man being ran towards your own goal. He could have tried to take him out but could easily have been left on his arse. As it was he showed him far too much and a player who's done nothing all season had time to look up and curl one in from 25 yards out.
  7. This is what does my head in with the social media Micky! They love giving it the big one and having smoke blown up their ariss when things are going well but then expect us to swallow their hollow platitudes when it goes ******** up. I don't agree with the abuse but you can't be a public figure on social media and expect to have it all you're own way.
  8. I've held back and can't refrain any longer, the bitterness and resentment doesn't feel like it will be dissipating any time soon and we're all ready down so may aswell just lay in to them: what a f'king spineless and inept performance. The only positive thing I can say is that tonight's performance will save me shelling out another penny on iplayer. For some reason its been sacrosanct on here to criticise Paterson but despite the bad service, he's up there with David Graham and Andy Pearce as one of the worst forwards I've had the pleasure of watching. Adam Reach was
  9. The first was certainly a bad decision but I don't think we can have too many complaints about the 2nd yellow!
  10. One of the few sensible comments on here, To some it seems Shaw is beyond reproach because of his age, others want him lynched, hung, drawn and quartered. My only concern is SWFC and while the 1st yellow was poor referring, the 2nd was mindless. If he's going to push on in blue and white stripes and learn from this then great but if its part of the learning curve that improves him and helps develop him into a quality player for Celtic then It's hard to waste my time defending him.
  11. Big Ron did ok on his 2nd coming until we cut our nose off to spite our face!
  12. Think its fairly harsh to individually dig him out, who was better or worse today? At least when he gets on the ball there's the remote chance of something happening!
  13. This isn't the Barnsley F.C forum pal!
  14. Talk sport used to be great but its gone down the swanny due to their obsession with signing up recently retired pros like Jamie O'Hara who are completely out of their depth and dull. Its almost entirely a platform for advertising, Simon Jordan is the only one worth listening to on there nowdays.
  15. The millennium: The days of the owlettes and x4 pairs of black boots, what a time to be alive!
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