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  1. What nights did you play at the Pitz on Bob? I used to love getting the poo kicked out of me there!
  2. For a defending pervert like me the sexiest part of that goal was the tackle (looks like Des from the grainy footage). Not only making a slide tackle in the box but turning over play and passing it to his on team mate from the resulting tackle. The goal wasn't too shabby either mind!
  3. I feel like my entire life has been leading up to this thread! I seem to remember the green 3rd kit (no.3) was never released for sale due to issues with the company producing them (sounds very familiar). Worst kit was a throw up between (8) which was cheap, unimaginative and dull (despite the 2005 playoff victory that season) or the orange monstrosity (12) that just reminds me of Franny Jeffers. Favourite was no9 which looked the part and was nice, light and silky but did remind me of Chris Eagles poncing about for us for a season. I'd bought every single kit from 1996 right up to kit 10 but with the increasing trend of 3rd kits been used and kits only lasting one season, I started to wise up to the fact that no matter how many shirts I possessed, no matter how much cheap tat and merch I purchased and despite the money I squandered in the club shop; we were still a bag of shirt. As a result I've never bought another kit since. Slightly off topic but as soon as I see some of the kits I associate them with a specific player: 1: Steven Haslam 3: Alan Quinn 4: Gerald Sibon/ Trond Egil Soldvedt 6: Shefki Kuqi 8: Chris Marsden or John Paul McGovern 9: Chris Eagles 11: Tommy Spurr 12: Franny Jeffers 15: Mark Beevers 22: Ross Wallace
  4. I remember that match like it was yesterday. Peter Rudi should have been tested afterwards he played like he was Johan Cruyff!
  5. Not a tattoo sleave or pair of pink boots to be seen!
  6. Great little player although I've never been able to get the image out of my head of him with his ******** hanging out of his shorts that Baddiel & Skinner put on Fantasy Football!
  7. Nice work, John Wark is the one on the back row. I thought Coventry player was David Busst, couldn't get the piggie player. Gordon Durie for Spurs.
  8. This photo was from the Premier League launch almost 30 years ago when we were dining at the top table (in the absence of Chelsea, West Ham & Newcastle) and enjoying preeminence over our Porcine friends on the other side of the city. Feels more like a life time ago now. I managed to pick out 15 of them (including Hirsty and two other ex owls). Can anyone do any better? Looks like some of the teams like Arsenal have just sent a member of the reserves to the photoshoot.
  9. Off course pal, Harris was trying to follow the coaching manual: jockey and hold them up awaiting defensive reinforcements. Unfortunately the only red cards we're capable of acquiring are rash and completely needless ones.
  10. Although Harris's defending was a steaming bag of excrement, he's a winger and Its never easy when you're last man being ran towards your own goal. He could have tried to take him out but could easily have been left on his arse. As it was he showed him far too much and a player who's done nothing all season had time to look up and curl one in from 25 yards out.
  11. This is what does my head in with the social media Micky! They love giving it the big one and having smoke blown up their ariss when things are going well but then expect us to swallow their hollow platitudes when it goes ******** up. I don't agree with the abuse but you can't be a public figure on social media and expect to have it all you're own way.
  12. I've held back and can't refrain any longer, the bitterness and resentment doesn't feel like it will be dissipating any time soon and we're all ready down so may aswell just lay in to them: what a f'king spineless and inept performance. The only positive thing I can say is that tonight's performance will save me shelling out another penny on iplayer. For some reason its been sacrosanct on here to criticise Paterson but despite the bad service, he's up there with David Graham and Andy Pearce as one of the worst forwards I've had the pleasure of watching. Adam Reach was competely anonymous, Its hard to believe he's 28 and should be in his prime. He looks spent and shot with nothing left in the tank. Maybe we've burned him out and had the best of him but again its symptomatic of our shambolic transfer policies. Hindsight's a wonderful thing but if the powers that be at Hillsborough knew what was coming in regards to FFP then we should have offloaded him at the first chance. Penney: so dissapointing, we all wanted him to flourish but there's zero determination, aggression or desire there! Palmer: not that anyone thought he was anymore than a steady performer but he should have been stepping up to the mark and shining as a regular in this shambles of a team. Just goes to show how he was carried by the play off teams of the past. Bannan: seems he has his feet firmly under the table, why the hell has he been offered a new contract? It just goes to show the level of forward planning and lack of vision the club have. Stan Collymore was waxing lyrical about 'our squad' but as we all know the contingent on the bench tonight have lost their hunger/ desire, are too lightweight and ultimately aren't up to the job. Can't ever remember feeling so bleak and disillusioned, at least I had the ignorance and perpetual delusion of yoof during the Yorath, Laws and Irvine eras!
  13. The first was certainly a bad decision but I don't think we can have too many complaints about the 2nd yellow!
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