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  1. I remember being in the godforsaken Railway end at Millmoor for a pre season friendly and seeing a guy with De Bilde’s name on the back of his shirt and a skull and cross bones instead of the number. There was much initial anticipation and a forlorn hope that we’d finally signed a strong, aggressive striker the likes of which we’d not seen since Hirst in his prime. 5 games in however it became clear he’d been subject to a frontal lobotomy and castration before his move to Hillsborough.
  2. Comments of an absolute tool but I've more time for them than the scumbags that inhabit the other side of the city.
  3. Having seen the photos it’s hard to get too het up when it’s such a tight decision. As a rank amateur defender i’d always prefer the benefit of doubt to go with the defenders otherwise what’s the point in playing for offside.
  4. Maybe I was young and easily impressed back then but Owen Morrison. That boy looked the shizzle for about 5 games, cutting in and scoring 30 Yard screamers for fun until everyone sussed out he was a right footed, one trick pony playing on the left wing.
  5. He must be the oldest one in there Womble Owl! Bar is always 4 deep with Yoofs, each buying an individual pint of shandy/ pack of crisps and paying electronically with their phone/ watch/ Nike Air max trainer.
  6. Big Kenwyne Jones’s debut away at Donni wasn’t to shabby scoring one and setting one before going on to score 7 in his 1st 7 games.
  7. I thought you were referring to the old adage of: 'there's no such thing as bad Pelupessy!'
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