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  1. Atherton did the simple things well with minimum fuss, got on with the job and kept his head down. When you think of the quality of players he was facing week in week out (Ginola, Giggs, McManaman et al) it's hard to compare him to other right backs who followed in his footsteps in later years. I can't remember him being taken to the cleaners on too many occasions but there again my mind might be failing me. He was a product of his time; full backs didn't bomb forward quite so much and were more focused on the defensive side of the game. Thinking about it now when I first started playing a lot of football in the late nineties I was probably more influenced by watching Peter Atherton then I realised: I just wanted to win the ball then get rid if it as quickly as possible and had a major nose bleed on the rare occasions where I wandered over the halfway line. Petrescu was is the obvious aire to the right back throne and Frankie Simek could have established himself barring injuries. I thought Steve Watson's name might have cropped up in this thread by now, his best years may well have been behind him when he joined us but he was still in great condition, exuded class and could use his knowledge and experience to deal with anything that the championship could throw at him.
  2. You must be a Southerner Hitcat?
  3. I also always thought that out of the two Italians; Carbone was technically the superior player. Sure Di Canio was the flair player who dared to do the outrageous and could get you off your seat but Carbone's passing, vision, shooting, work rate (when he wasn't sulking) and all round game, was second to none. There again in hindsight I always back the wrong horse on these 50/50 choices, I remember thinking Djorkaeff was better than Zidane and in the battle of the bands; Blur were better than Oasis.
  4. I think the passage of time has affected many people's memories. He had none of the typical attributes you associate with a Scandanavian, no heart, athleticism, steel or determination. He barely ever showed up when the chips were down but was always heavily involved on the rare occasions when we routed anyone. One game that stands in the memory was a 5-0 drubbing of Bolton at Hillsborough in 97/98 where he played a blinder and absolutely ran the show despite not getting on the score sheet. He wasn't the greatest proffessional by all accounts, he was partial to a cigarette and the leadmill's profits were adversely affected by his departure from the club. Also seem to remember a story about his apartment/ penthouse being badly damaged by a leak.
  5. Good Lord the standard of some of the keeping in those clips is horrendous! Those boys make Ola Tidman look like Lev Yashin!
  6. Just nipped across for a quick nosey on their board. Aside from the initial over optimism, the one thing they were on the money with is that Barry Bannan bossed the game and was given far too much space to dictate the play as per previous games against them. They’re also none too happy about how niggly we were, make us sound like we’re a team of absolute animals, the southern pansies!
  7. I'm sure there's nothing in this one but Cocu went to Derby. Is our situation that far removed from theirs?
  8. Yes that was a basic school boy/ alcoholic error, I will flagellate my self accordingly!
  9. So true, I was just a naive youth at the time and remember taking a wee wee up against the brick wall urinal at the back of the cop at half time. The ‘push’ was obviously the major talking point and one old fella was lamenting the fact that we’d never see him in a Wednesday shirt again but I was certain he’d be back after his ban. The fact that I had a winning bet on us to beat Arsenal 1-0 is testament to my blind, deluded loyalty back then.
  10. My Dad used to drag me down to Millmoor (it was part and parcel of the culture of abuse in Rotherham back then). One of my enduring memories as a nipper was feeling really sorry for him due to the booing, dog’s abuse and general hatred he’d receive from his own fans. I think Dez was there back in the days when teams could only make one sub and if Rotherham were chasing the game, he was always the one to come on after about 65 minutes. The only two real real entertaining aspects about visiting Millmoor were the Pies and the Hecklers both of which were of a high standard at that point in time. I can remember one particular time Dez was warming up and a spectator behind the dugout shouted “Come on Dez, give us some magic” to which another wag in the crowd replied “Yeah make yourself f’king disappear”.
  11. I remember being in the godforsaken Railway end at Millmoor for a pre season friendly and seeing a guy with De Bilde’s name on the back of his shirt and a skull and cross bones instead of the number. There was much initial anticipation and a forlorn hope that we’d finally signed a strong, aggressive striker the likes of which we’d not seen since Hirst in his prime. 5 games in however it became clear he’d been subject to a frontal lobotomy and castration before his move to Hillsborough.
  12. Comments of an absolute tool but I've more time for them than the scumbags that inhabit the other side of the city.
  13. Having seen the photos it’s hard to get too het up when it’s such a tight decision. As a rank amateur defender i’d always prefer the benefit of doubt to go with the defenders otherwise what’s the point in playing for offside.
  14. Maybe I was young and easily impressed back then but Owen Morrison. That boy looked the shizzle for about 5 games, cutting in and scoring 30 Yard screamers for fun until everyone sussed out he was a right footed, one trick pony playing on the left wing.
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