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  1. Great player, hope we sign him. But he isn't the new Shezza - blasphemy.
  2. Was talking about this with a mate on Saturday - definitely want them to stay in the basement leagues for a few years yet. Like asteener I never enjoy em anyway.
  3. Got a lot of time for Palmer - hope he's OK. He was on twitter after the game saying should know more on Monday.
  4. We're not safe until mathematically we can't be caught - scarred by 1990.
  5. I didn't until everybody round me jumped up.
  6. Should just get rid of the sponsor altogether. I seem to remember we played without a sponsor in the promotion season didn't we? (1990/91)
  7. I personally thought he had a good game. There's been a lot worse turned out for us the past couple of seasons. Gray has really brought him on as well.
  8. Just announced on club twitter (4 year deal)
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