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  1. Simebaby

    Mc Gugan Class!

    Great player, hope we sign him. But he isn't the new Shezza - blasphemy.
  2. Simebaby

    Do you miss derby games ?

    Was talking about this with a mate on Saturday - definitely want them to stay in the basement leagues for a few years yet. Like asteener I never enjoy em anyway.
  3. Simebaby

    Team on Tuesday

    Got a feeling Lavery will start.
  4. Simebaby

    Tuesday night

    True... proper fecking dump
  5. Simebaby

    Palmer & Keane

    Got a lot of time for Palmer - hope he's OK. He was on twitter after the game saying should know more on Monday.
  6. We're not safe until mathematically we can't be caught - scarred by 1990.
  7. Simebaby

    We thought

    I didn't until everybody round me jumped up.
  8. Simebaby


    Load of tripe.
  9. Should just get rid of the sponsor altogether. I seem to remember we played without a sponsor in the promotion season didn't we? (1990/91)
  10. Simebaby


    I personally thought he had a good game. There's been a lot worse turned out for us the past couple of seasons. Gray has really brought him on as well.
  11. Simebaby

    Stevie May

    Just announced on club twitter (4 year deal)
  12. Simebaby

    At what point....

    Think this is correct.
  13. Simebaby

    Bournemouth Predictions?

    2-0 to the Owls (Wickham, JJ)