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  1. This Season: goals conceded. headers. crosses. from the right (our left). = Johnson. Understand he offers something going forward and tonight with 10 men isn’t ideal however there’s a clear pattern forming. Is it time for Johnson to swap with James (after his suspension)?
  2. Ultimately you’re never going to please everyone. I hear Man City fans moan about Pep, Liverpool fans about Klopp! Always a minority. Feeling is the majority like him and importantly the players do too. Recruitment under him has been good. Turned Hillsborough into a bit of a fortress last season and managed to alter a negative culture within the club bringing back some positivity and togetherness again. Feels like we actually have a little more of a plan from a youth perspective too now. Guy gets my support.
  3. League Position Top 2 Top Scorer Smith Player of the Season Bannan Best surprise player Heneghan Best new player Smith
  4. 12 known clubs after Anderson, probably more unknown ones too. I think Newcastle will loan him out but unfortunately not to us - can see it being Hearts like others have said.
  5. Yes agree we do. I saw Derby were interested but apparently the wage cap issues for them might cause a problem for them with him.
  6. Yes just seen this myself. Some signing this would be if we can get him in. Derby interested too apparently.
  7. We’re after him according to Nixon. This would be a great signing if we could pull it off. Quick with a good eye for goal. Derby interested too. Might be an alternative to Wilks.
  8. I read that Elliott Anderson is impressing Eddie Howe at Newcastle. I can’t see him joining us unfortunately. Even if they loan him out I think it’ll be championship. Newcastle play 4-3-3 and he usually plays as a winger - I think they’ll want him in a similar system / position. Although he can play as a AMC I can’t see him coming here to compete with Bannan and get less game time. Hope I’m wrong as he looks like a real prospect and would add quite a lot of quality to us in the final third.
  9. CDM signing from Bristol C is clever imo. Leaves us 6 strong CMs for 3 spots. Personally I think Wilks will sign as a striker - just a game of poker with Hull at the moment. Might be one we sort right near deadline day. Then I expect us to sign a RWB/RM to compete with Hunt. Ideally with some pace as others have stated. I think we’ll see A Hunt and Galvin out on loan.
  10. Fantastic! Love the design of both - well done Wednesday! Love the WAWAW touch too on the back of the shirt.
  11. Simmonds. Obviously good pedigree going through Man City academy. Young, will be on a free, will be very cheap wages therefore a very low risk gamble. We cry out for taking gambles on young players - no brainier for me on the right contract.
  12. Heard us and Derby fighting it out for Haydon Roberts from Brighton on loan for the season. Left footed CB - we tried for him last season but they wouldn’t loan him out to anyone apparently. Brighton rate him highly.
  13. 200k did feel a steal. It might be one now where DC now awaits the outcome of the Joao sale unless other clubs lodge bids.
  14. The delay might be due to them wanting to bring in a forward or at least have strong agreement to do so before they let him go. They’ve lost Eaves to Rovrum and loaned out another forward. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they need some in before any more go out.
  15. Suspect we’ll be still after 1 or 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if we went back in for Gibson.
  16. Get Malik Wilks, Jack Diamond and Elliott Anderson in and we’ll have plenty.
  17. Played at Rovrum at the same time as Vaulks and the new CB. May provide a little more encouragement to him.
  18. Tough start. However let’s hope we use this to motivate ourselves to keep up with the momentum with our transfers and get them in early / settled. May work in our favour if we do and other clubs haven’t.
  19. I can’t recall this but some stato may prove me wrong. We’ve called for this for many years and finally!!
  20. Paul Warne said yesterday he was confident they’d both sign with them!
  21. 5 very good proven L1 players all signed before 1st July. This will stand us in great stead getting them in early and settled as opposed to previous windows where it’s been last minute. I expect they’ll be more on their way quite soon too i.e. Wilks. Well done to Darren Moore. He clearly can persuade the right players to join us. And well played Chansiri in continuing to back him in the transfer market so early in the window. Made some huge errors in the past but more recently his actions are building much more positivity around the club. Managed to also tie down Cadamateri so hopefully learning from past mistakes. It feels a good time to be an Owl!
  22. Att is now following Smith on Instagram. Signing imminent!
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