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  1. 4-3-3 maybe. BPF Hunt Iorfa Palmer Johnson FDB Bannan Adeniran Berahino Gregory Brown
  2. Agree with OP. Gregory/Pato/Berahino are players who need service in the box and not players who will run in behind with pace. With 3-5-2 we struggle to get our wingbacks to/near the byline forcing us to cross from deep to not much avail. It limits us going forward. I think there are arguments for either 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 (I do like the thought of FDB/Bannan/Adeniran in CM) and with Hunt/Johnson at full back I feel we have the potential to get quite a few assists doubling up with our wingers.
  3. Further comments from him tonight. I genuinely don’t know what game he was watching! ‘We felt at half-time we should have gone in all square. We put Cambridge on the back foot in the second half and we scored an excellent goal. We had a couple of chances at the end to win it. We have got to move on and make sure the momentum we take from the two away games we take it into Lincoln on Saturday’ #wemoveon
  4. Saw someone mention on here that we have a 24% win rate under Moore! For context we had 31% with Monk, 33% under Jos and Irvine was 40% who had all their games in the championship! He says we showed resilience tonight - I’ve showed resilience all season watching what he’s serving to us. Out of his depth!
  5. Awful. Out battled. No identity to the team again. Lewis Wing - confidence shot to bits. Like playing with 10 men how he’s playing. Tactics - where to start! Little coming from down the wings but when we do get the wingbacks up the pitch we look like we’ll create something. Change the system Darren and get some bleeding wingers on and press them back. We’re on course to get 1 point from arguably two easy games. Sharks are circling Darren.
  6. He’s been below standard so far to say the least. Very sloppy in possession at times and not offering much going forward. Shame as Rotherham got him playing some excellent football apparently. IF we were to stay with 3 in CM then I prefer Bannan / FDB / Adeniran (Luongo in for one of the latter two when not injured). It was refreshing to see FDB playing as a box to box CM on Saturday and Adeniran can offer the same. To me our CM hasn’t been the same since we lost Kieran Lee and his link up play/forward running.
  7. This for me. Possibly our most creative we’ve been all season Saturday so he may stay with 3-5-2. Drop FDB due to fatigue and Brown for having a shocker. Wildsmith on the bench with the 20 wingers we signed!
  8. This for me. And this also stems from a constant changing of formation/systems under DM. This same scenario happened a few times yesterday- to me it looked like the players don’t know their roles and who should be closing down/when! Another reason IMO as to why we concede late on constantly or we don’t come back after conceding first is a clear lack of leaders and strong minded characters on the pitch. Who are they for us? Hutchinson possibly. Bannan - I’m not sure? I think back to the influence Loovens had for us as a team, Semedo would run through brick walls to get a result, even Rob Jones for the one season with us, Reda. I’m sure there are others. I just don’t see this in the current crop of players.
  9. BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Johnson Bannan Adeniran FDB Shodipo Gregory Theo
  10. Baffling again from DM. Another change in formation. Sets up in a 3-5-2 and then has 4 wingers on the bench! None of them useful unless we change formation yet again! Takes off FDB arguably our best player on the day for a striker moving Paterson back into midfield! Too many of the players who we know are good are out of form under him! Wimbledon were there for the taking today - you could see they had little confidence considering their recent form of 3 losses in 4.
  11. Post Match Interview * Don’t care about performance * We need more time on the training ground * Lads were tired from the travel * We go again
  12. Should have been wrapped up by either FDB or Wing. Nervous 20 minutes we have on our hands now.
  13. Slightly better performance than recently so far. Got a few decent crosses in and some shots on target. Looked quite comfortable at the back. Palmer, Iorfa, BB, FDB and Gregory done well enough. Great to see FDB making some advanced runs - feel we’ve missed that ever since Keiran Lee left the club. Wing, Pato and Brown not had a great half.
  14. Was just saying that they’ll press us lots with the youth and therefore energy they have - certainly not implying they’re Barca. Agree we should be going for 3 points but with the squad we have I’d say that for every game this season tbf!
  15. Wimbledon have quite a young team so expecting them to have lots of energy and happy to press aggressively. With this in mind I hope we don’t pass it around the back especially with Dunkley and Iorfa! Expecting us to line up with plenty of pace/energy too - think Brown/Adeniran/Shodipo will all start. That said who knows with DM! Wombles 1 v 1 Wednesday.
  16. He’ll match their 4-2-3-1 formation I think. Think he’ll also drop Wildsmith too. BPF Hunt Iorfa Dunkley Palmer Adeniran Bannan Brown Paterson Shodipo Gregory
  17. 4-4-2. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch Brown Theo Luongo Bannan Shodipo Windass Gregory
  18. I’ve been his biggest critic but voted no as he should be given a little more time (I’m reluctantly telling myself). 4 easier games coming up now in which I'd like to see some improvements starting with some consistency with our formation, players in there proper positions and being a little more direct/attacking.
  19. We don’t have the players to do it. It’s also league 1 - why complicate matters! We’ve played pretty poor considering the players we have yet we’re still near the playoffs - play the players in their best positions, play 2 up top and attack teams and we’ll win more than we lose!
  20. This for me. Get strongest team out, people playing in their usual positions and let them build up some confidence and consistency! Other teams don’t have the squad size that we have and seem fine playing 3 games a week.
  21. Heard we’re still trying to have it postponed as we’re worried that the travel tonight to Mansfield and then Hillsborough on Saturday will cause tired minds for the players!
  22. Most important player for us. Like others have stated how reliable he’ll be is another question. Genuinely think we would have stopped up last season if he stayed fit.
  23. I think that’s just 1 problem of numerous other problems. Personally I think his main problem will be his stubbornness. I can’t see him changing his approach to games (passing out the back, chopping changing of team selections, systems, formations, players playing not in their best positions, etc) which we all can see is having a huge impact on the team (I say team but they look like a load of individuals when on the pitch). I think the majority of fans would show patience if we were getting some basics/foundations right after such a huge turnover of players but we’re not under DM.
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