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  1. It just proves what we know doesn’t it - it ain’t the managers, it’s the players! We’ll done recruitment team! Good luck with this shower Darren!
  2. 4-2-3-1 doesn’t work for us with Paterson up front! Why can’t we play 2 up top so we can hold the ball up a little! Penney has been awful! Is Reach playing?! Windass out of position! And Bannan having zero influence! Getting bossed by a team which hadn’t scored in 400 minutes! Get Brown and Rhodes on please.
  3. About time! He’s a good coach and hopefully gives us a better chance of survival now! Glad both Thompson and Bullen will revert back to previous, they’ve done the best they can with the hand dealt!
  4. Idiotic! Young and inexperienced is no excuse. He’s on a yellow with a ref who likes to dish out cards and has committed the foul near their area, showing his studs albeit he got the ball! Having already been sent off earlier in the season he’s not learnt and cost us in a huge game!
  5. Tactics were the issue last night - Westwood was forced to hit it long as our wing backs spent most their time in our own half marked up, and our CMs were too deep. Wing backs worked well against Wycombe but Stoke knew that marking them out the game would force us to hit it long were they’re big lads would win everything!
  6. I worry about the lack of chances we create in most games! 3-5-2 sets us up quite solid but places great emphasis on our WBs to create everything. It worked against Wycombe, not against Stoke as they were pinned back which forced us to hit it long (and create nothing). We’ve struggled against a few teams where our WBs have been pushed back but we got lucky and nicked a goal! I’m all for keeping us solid but we can’t rely on scruffy/lucky goals off Paterson for the rest of the season. It’ll be close come end of the season if we continue as we are.
  7. Apparently made his decision at the weekend to sign for them. We’ll get in the region of 300k.
  8. Poor tonight. Clear that the system isn’t working tonight with 3-5-2 but we’ve not changed it. Wing backs pegged back therefore nothing down the wings. Forced us to hit it long where it’s mopped up by their 6ft 5 CBs! Stoke will love it!
  9. Good half!! I know some aren’t keen on 3-5-2 but i like it when we play players in their proper positions! We look so much better with 2 up top!
  10. 3 games in a week - he’ll be minted on his incentive based contract!! Oh wait, forgot DC will be capping his incentives at 7k p/w!
  11. I think we’ll have been in for some loans but ultimately it’s an incompetent chairman that has put us where we are! Selling SWFC to any player at the moment is a very difficult ask! - Not paying players on time - No manager - 23rd in the league - No identity - No cash to pay up front for loans/players We managed to pick up 2 free transfers only because one had previous with us and the other has been sat on his Harris for 6 months! We as fans know how much of a circus the club is under DC. Why would players look to join it? We may
  12. We were in for Lukas Jutkiewicz along with some other championship clubs - he wants to stay at Birmingham though.
  13. Dom’s latest Tweet. Hopefully he’s changed his mind now he’s been told he can leave. Wednesday inquired about Lukas Jutkiewicz earlier in the window but I am told that's as far as it went. He does not want to leave Birmingham. #SWFC
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