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  1. I’ve past caring now. Whoever it is will be a yes man, will have to put up with DC interfering and not be able to choose which players we bring in. He’ll be sacked within 12 months, and then we’ll be back here again having the same discussion in which we’ll start the same cycle again. Repeat, repeat, repeat.
  2. Eric will be gone soon like many others who’ve tried to work at the club. DC and Paxo, Wednesdays Del Boy and Rodney in we trust.......
  3. - Andre Green signing very positive! - Shaw looks great and will an extension. - We’ve won a few on the bounce. - -6 and not -12 thankfully - Look solid defensively - The Covid break will give time for players to come back from injuries
  4. Dom has just stated that reports of us offering it him are wide of the mark! Hope this is true personally!
  5. Talksport 2 presenter tweeted the below just now - doesn’t look good unfortunately Paul Cook so good live with us tonight on @talkSPORT2. Speaking about #SheffieldWednesday link said “has been talks but as we speak they are not on-going. Wish the club best whatever manager, it’s a fantastic club”
  6. It just highlights some of the obvious things we all know; - he wants a coach, not a manager. - Paxo with his links is the real man in charge of SWFC - DC I’m sure will be aware that a decent proportion of fans would like to see Cook in charge, and PC has been spoken up by other people in football yet does his own thing as per - the desperate need to get a DOF in! We need a manager who is going to bring the fans and club back together after the few years we’ve had! I fear this one won’t based on what I’ve read.
  7. Hit the nail on the head! Everyone can see this apart from DC - so alarming or stubborn!!
  8. Been poor. But played under Monk and Pulis..... We know the lad is good enough from previous years in the league. Give the new manager a chance to assess and see if he fits into his thinking.
  9. Not ideal but we cant argue with the contract initially agreed! Didn’t look great originally but that said who did when Monk was in charge! Will give him a chance under a new manager and hopefully some better service through Green too!! Just hope we look to bring in a big lad with a bit of pace too for up top!
  10. Really good signing for nothing! Young, has pace, plays on the wing and can go up top as he did for Charlton. Bags of potential. Well played Wednesday - more of the same please!
  11. According to Dom. Good signing if so!! Happy days!
  12. Away again! Don’t have a big enough squad for a cup run! Focus on league!
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