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  1. Oh well, we move on! He’s barely played any football apart from U23s so who knows how he would adapt to quite a physically demanding league. Positive is it looks like we’re looking for a DM. I know some think we’ve enough midfielders but we’ve only got Luongo and Joey for that role - would you trust Joey should the former get injured!!
  2. If we’re persisting with a 3 man midfield then I think we could do with another 1 to cover suspensions and a few players who are more prone to injuries. Plus with the aggressive high press tactic it looks like we’re deploying they’ll be more emphasis on rotation this year. Aside from that a Man Utd supporting mate of mine said this will be a real coup if we get him. They dub him as the next Carrick for them.
  3. Seems to have helped the likes of Penney and JVA. I hope the focus on bringing in younger players from Premiership teams academy’s enables this to happen much more than in the past.
  4. Agree that a change of environment might be good for him. He fits the bill for what we need in terms of bigger, stronger and has pace. Knows the championship and has a pretty decent record in the past. Maybe his presence might free up things for Rhodes to be more of a poacher (wishful thinking right)! Hopefully it’ll be a low fee and WBA just want his wages off their books!
  5. Look pretty solid defensively and controlling the game however very ineffective going forward - can’t see where a goal will come from. Harris has done okay. Brown looks a gem - shame there’s nothing in front of him. Hopefully Dele is a little rusty as he must have misplaced half a dozen passes. Get Windass and Rhodes on for Dele and Reach.
  6. Nothing comes as a shock from his press conference. Points deduction means some players are put off, and with COVID/FFP we’re cutting our cloth accordingly now! Still think he’s playing it down a lot and we’ll get 3/4 more over the line before the window closes (might be loans). All the players signed so far are hungry, determined players with a point to prove who’ll put a shift in and not here for a big payday! Quite refreshing really. Does anyone know if the appeal will end before window closes?
  7. Great signing considering the price we got him at!! Good age, versatile, has pace, a grafter and can pick out a pass. You’d think he’ll get us 10 goals if he can stay fit!
  8. Happy with this! - 1 year contract so low risk - been in promotion winning side - high work rate with some pace and will enable us to press high up - plays in a few positions - we have no strikers!!! Buys us time to bring in a striker loan or two.
  9. Never heard of him however not surprising considering his injury record. Checked him on fifa - acceleration and speed above 90 - sign him up
  10. Agreed. I expect us to bring in a Leko type forward/winger, Windass and then a target man type of striker looking at how Monk has set up in the past. I think we look weak in our wing back areas too so hopefully we’ll get one of these.
  11. I thinks it’s because Wigan owe Rangers 450k for Windass still so administrators can’t go lower.
  12. 6ft 3 this lad so with him, Dunkey and Iorfa offer plenty of goal threat going forward as well as being able to cope with the long ball at the back. He scored 6 goals in one season (it was in the Scot Prem..)! 23 year old so once again a good age if we can agree a loan with a view to permanent and he impresses. Really encouraging the types of players we are looking at. All are younger, more dynamic with either pace/power/strength. Just need some strikers which have the above now!
  13. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/news/keiren-westwood-sheffield-wednesday-championship-18802356.amp?__twitter_impression=true
  14. Been the issue for a long long time! Holding onto players who’ll never get near the team, rejecting offers for players on big contracts, offering big wages to players passed their sell by date and not signing/bringing youth through! All responsibility ultimately sits with DC albeit I’m sure he’s had bad advice along the way from others!
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