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  1. I Did not relies just what an impact he made in his 1st season at Boro . https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/boro-under-tony-pulis-a-year-in-numbers
  2. Went to Germany 1988 Euro , many scary moments one against Holland still flashes back with me today .as a young man i did not notice it as much at the time, Went to Italy world cup 1990 , we had guns fired at us in Turin , but nothing compares to being invited to a weekend at my mates new Pub the Wat tyler in Kidbrooke , and although not there to watch football , it was Saturday and i got involved in a pool match while the Millwall boys congregated and the segregated there fans to train stations around London to meet fans coming to the capital. while playing pool i was asked where i was fr
  3. Amazing service 37 mins in it finally connects TO Huddersfield v Wigan
  4. Wickham played for Palace round 3 against Derby.
  5. http://livetv.sx/enx/allupcomingsports/1/ I use this for all live football , if your browser does not allow , Download Opera browser ,and then switch on VPN (next to opera search bar).
  6. If you play 3_5_1_1 , then put Harris in midfield , and Nuhiu in the link role , he has the height to frighten a midfield player , and will pull there center halves out of position leaving gaps for fletcher.
  7. rotherham team exactly the same as there last league game.
  8. Was bloody cold day , can remember they sold pizza on the away end and used the pizza boxes to stand on my feet were freezing on the concrete stand.
  9. Two games that stick out are Stevenage Away 2011 on a Tuesday night lost 5-1 , but worse for me was Tranmere away 2011, the fact it was a near 600 mile round trip on a Tuesday and we lost 3-0 made it a long trip home on my own.
  10. Bully will go with his 4-5-1 , not many changes .This is what i would go with .
  11. fox SQuad number does not matter on tv , you know he is on the Ball Because of the Crowd
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