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  1. saywended

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    I don't know amount in money, but it is reported 520,000 Ronaldo juventus shirts sold in the 24 Hours after it was released he had joined them.
  2. saywended

    #SWFC Training photos.

    Funny thing is, I am in Albufeira at moment and it is bloody cold definitely need jumpers at night, and has been cloudy last 5 days .who would have a guessed warm weather training in England.
  3. Last time Mr Chansiri did business with Norwich, was for Hooper, they wanted £500,000 loan fee and full wages paid . It would not surprise me if he is playing hardball with them. We also paid them £3 million for him when he only had 6 months left on his contract.
  4. I would love Bannan to be still with us next season , but only if he signs new contract otherwise we will be losing another salable player for nothing next summer.
  5. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/gary-hoopers-loan-move-sheffield-6367247
  6. When we tried to sign Hooper on loan from Norwich , we agreed to pay all £32,000 of his weekly wage , the deal fell through . I doubt very much when we did eventually sign him it would have been for less than the £32,000 he was already on at Norwich.
  7. saywended

    Are their any hidden gems

    agree , think we will maybe get a £1 million for the pair.
  8. I would imagine there is a lot of work going on with contracts, a year from now this lot can go for free. How many of these are we trying to get to sign new contracts before the season starts. Gary Hooper , Barry Bannan , George Boyd , Jack Hunt , Almen Abdi , Luca Joao , Marco Matias , Keiren Westwood , David Jones , Kieran Lee , Morgan Fox , Liam Palmer. for me , Hooper , Bannan , Hunt , Joao , Westwood . If these do not want to sign a new contract , we must try at least get a fee for them now . otice | Privacy | Terms of use | The TM Team | Social media | FAQ | Newsletter | Send error report
  9. saywended

    The Arctic Monkeys

    fast for ward to 4 mins 53 sec. WAWAW
  10. saywended

    Shirt maker

    if its Nike this is there 2018 / 2019 base kit in blue & white.
  11. Malta was strange , and some how won a cup.
  12. 7 -8 years ago watched brighton v spurs u21 in Portugal . Spurs had a bang average forward playing that day.