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  1. rotherham team exactly the same as there last league game.
  2. Was bloody cold day , can remember they sold pizza on the away end and used the pizza boxes to stand on my feet were freezing on the concrete stand.
  3. Two games that stick out are Stevenage Away 2011 on a Tuesday night lost 5-1 , but worse for me was Tranmere away 2011, the fact it was a near 600 mile round trip on a Tuesday and we lost 3-0 made it a long trip home on my own.
  4. Bully will go with his 4-5-1 , not many changes .This is what i would go with .
  5. fox SQuad number does not matter on tv , you know he is on the Ball Because of the Crowd
  6. To me Bullen loves SWFC like the Rest of us, but for me I love him Coaching, I want a new Manager , because I think the Squad if used Correctly will get top6 this Season, and then who knows after that , Bully like us wants to plays the old favourites 1st.
  7. watched game last night, and could not believe the dogs abu se our fans gave fox, ever mistake or decision the fans did not agree with they gave him stick, Bannan, Hutch, any one else it is OK, But fox . he might suprise a few fans ifthey get off his Back, I for one think there is a good 'championship left back in him .
  8. Was not pretty, massive well done to Fox and M.O.M Boner
  9. https://daddylive.live/channels/stream-5.php
  10. Fletcher. Harris. Bannan. Reach. Luongo. Odubajo. Palmer. Borner. Lees. Iorfa. Westwood. Bench. Dawson. Winnal Bates. Hutchinson Lee. Murphy Rhodes.
  11. It was reported we was paying Bruce £2 million a year , for that sort of money,i would be looking at someone like Rudi Garcia
  12. 17' Goal for Sheffield Wednesday. Adam Reach is played through and finishes calmly past Arnold to put the visitors ahead.
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