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  1. This shirt might not be to everyones taste , but i have a few for sale, if anybody is interested . listed for sale in pairs, but willing to sell single shirts now.
  2. Short highlights

    I did not get in till late today, switched on Wednesday player knowing we was 1-0 up, there was 90 mins on the clock when it connected, first thing i heard immediately was hull scored.Switched off swore at the cat started ranting at the mrs as to how I am jinxed, did my usual (this season) Saturday night sulk, only to see we won when i went on-line about 8 o'clock.
  3. How far behind are we?

    There is always a number of teams who on paper are not going to be not far off , sometimes it is largely down to bloody good management, take Huddersfield last season , and Cardiff this . For the life of me I could not see Cardiff doing anything like they have , But Warnock has made them in to a hard to beat championship unit,on the verge of the premiership.
  4. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/271181-swfc-shirts-for-sale-away-2007-2009/
  5. https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/topic/271181-swfc-shirts-for-sale-away-2007-2009/
  6. Kieran Westwood

    Keiran has 12 months left on his contract. Are we likely to offer him a new deal ?. As much as he has been a fantastic keeper for us , I can not see us offering him a new deal, with 2 great younger keepers. I think we will ( if he is fit) be putting him on the market this summer , free up a big wage and maybe get a transfer fee .
  7. Pre season ??

    I fly back on 11 July , guarantee SWFC will fly out on the 12th.
  8. What will happen?

    Most owls can cope with defeat, it's the manner of the defeat they can't .
  9. How many signings?

    Agree with your list of players except for Fletcher, he is a good option from the bench, scores 1 in 4 ,and his contract still has 2 years , cannot see any club offering him similar sort of deal he gets from us. Matias & Abdi ,if there are any takers snap there hands off, Matias 21 games in 3 seasons, Abdi 16 games in 2 seasons.
  10. These shirts are both the same The 1st shirt is the 1989-1991 home shirt which asda sponsored for the final only, and is a player issue shirt, the other shirt is the offical replica shirt available at the time. the 1991-1993 had a few changes (see pic).
  11. I always used to get people saying , you will regret them when your older. Well one thing is for sure ,when my health is deteriorating,and I struggle to get around, I'm sure the first thought I will have is 'God I wish I didn't have those tattoo's that remind me of the good old days'.
  12. It is sad that non tattooed people, feel the need to speak there negative opion to tattooed people. I have never heard a tattooed person say anything negative about a person for having no tattoo's.
  13. One is player issue,the other was the version the fans got.
  14. well I suppose at least it has stripes and the collars are similar.