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  1. Can we please show a bit of dignity towards our new manager.
  2. Rolando Aarons joins Wednesday https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/rolando-aarons-joins-wednesday/
  3. A few years ago my mate was given the job of pub landlord at the wat Tyler pub in kidbrook , I visited him for the weekend , and it really opened my eyes to Problems football suffers from. Basically on sat from 10 am it just filled with Millwall fans ,I sat and listened while supposed Millwall fans were being dispersed around different parts of London to ( I presume ) clash with rival fans . Not once did I here any chat about who they were playing. Now I no all clubs will suffer from hooligans and I have witnessed enough with England in the late 80's and 90's , but this was a different level.
  4. Fair. But I live in Hastings, it is 243 miles each way and i work ever Saturday, and would find it a little difficult to cover the 243 miles as i don't finish until 2pm. I Too have been in many away end and home games ,all done by me taking my annual holiday. So i'am really sorry if this sounds like i'am begging but if anyone has 1 spare ticket for the Chelsea game please PM me .
  5. Luton have 3 big games in a week Sunderland away , Wednesday and Peterborough at home .
  6. my memories of Wembley both Fa Cup and League will live with me forever , league cup final ticket was a counterfeit and my ticket for fa cup semi was bought outside stadium and was for sheff utd end, and final my ticket was bought through Hastings arsenal supporters club, they asked me to leave the coach about a mile from the ground , when there coach was closing in on wembley and they all rushed to the front of the coach to goad wednesday fans , i ripped down the gooner flag on the back window and replaced it with my wednesday shirt , and i also had to get train home to hastings.
  7. Took a bit of doing , but i have photo shopped his stomach to make it look smaller.
  8. If Josh is in charge ,we will not make div1 playoffs next year either.
  9. 2 days later the reverse fixtures were played , West Ham won 3-1 at Ewood Park. Manchester United beat Burnley 5-1 And Ipswich beat Fulham 4-2 .
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