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  1. Ok maybe rant is a strong word, but laid back i disagree, cant remember any other Wednesday manager in recent times that has had a 2 game touchline ban for his comments.
  2. 4-4-1-1 Kirkland Buxton Llera Gardner Reda Lee Holden Pugh Helan Lita Howard Score: 1-1
  3. Dave Jones BARMY ARMY! Get this sung for 90mins at Leeds to drown out the vile animals.
  4. Im not even thinking about what ifs, just want to stay up after those horrible months and will consider it a success.
  5. Im only good at drawing a classic spunking wee pipe......so maybe i can draw Wilson
  6. We need 3 more points and its job done!
  7. Im hoping for: Kirkland Buxton Llera Gardner Reda JJ Holden Olifinjana Helan Madine Lita
  8. That is brilliant! Are they available to buy? I want one!
  9. You have us bottom and on a -36 GD when we only have a -11 GD now? You must have us down to get hammered in nearly every match between now and the end of the season. I only did our results but i had us to finish on 51 points, no idea if that will be enough and im not even going to try predicting other teams results.
  10. Neil can you stop saying 'popped groin' its making my eyes water.
  11. Id be with you if other teams around us werent winning every flippingweek! So for that reason.......Im out!
  12. We did get hammered in every way other than the result, and id take that again please
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