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  1. Unless there is a significant contribution from the players and am talking a pay cut not deferral I expect a full refund. For me with two season tickets it is £50 a game. Why should I subsidise multi millionaire players. People moan about what is wrong with football - ticket prices. greed. obscene wages and so on and even in times like these want to continue to support the rip off world of football where the fans by and large are treated like mugs. Football needs to change for the better and the fans attitude as shown by some of posts on here make this unlikely to happen.
  2. I will be there. Might even bring the flag. Just hope it is a better game than the Uddersfield one.
  3. That's my point I don't think Carlos was far out we are not far off being a good side. The Championship is very much about fine margins. Keep the faith.
  4. Cannot understand all the negativity. We have been in much worse places than this. This is f all. Got best squad for years that is lacking confidence and a couple of of players to freshen it up. It is a matter of when and not if we get promoted. Get things in perspective for f sake. Rant over.
  5. I am driving from Manchester if you want a lift. You would need to be able to get to Hyde Road
  6. Good chance of at least two of us making it. Lets get the place rocking. WAWAW
  7. Am going in Dive Bar in Northern Quarter Manchester on Boxing Day for Newcastle game with two others. Anyone else interested?
  8. Hooper for me and then Bannan at Derby with Wallace at Fulham for me
  9. Great night thanks to Manchester Owl for arranging it. One of the few times in my life I have been refused to be served and all for celebrating. Despite spending over £50 on taxis it was worth it. Need to pick a different pub next time. WAWAW.
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