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  1. Bagged a hattrick in the first half against Forest last season so probably worth a crack this game.
  2. More a tongue in cheek comment that it would just be our luck that he starts scoring
  3. Nailed on he'll start banging them in for fun when he's back and fit to play at Derby.
  4. Great OMDT as usual. Without stating the obvious we need a much improved effort from the dross that was served up during the week. I don't think Pulis will allow that to happen again and I'm backing us to get a win.
  5. I'll take a scrappy 0 v 1 win to us with an own goal in the 90th minute.
  6. I like Pulis as he's a proper football manager and is very open and honest with his comments. We've played 5 games for only 3 points which is clearly not good enough but for 3 of those games we were down to 10 men and most of the teams we've played were at the top end of the table. I fully expect Pulis to turn things around over the next 5 games and we'll gradually start climbing the table.
  7. Pulis has made us hard to beat but we need to be more creative and hopefully score a few goals. Tough game today and I'd take another point.
  8. I'm feeling very optimistic with Pulis' appointment and I'll back him to turn us around if he's given time. I'd love us to get off to a winning start but think we'll get a 1 v 1 draw.
  9. Being based outside of the UK I had an iFollow annual membership for a number of years until this season. I couldn't justify paying the price increase from £110 for the 2019/20 season to £140 for the 2020/21 season, which equated to a 27.27% price increase. I can see why people choose to use illegal streams.
  10. It sounds like it's unanimous then we'll be top 6 by Christmas
  11. Jack Charlton took over a Wednesday team near the bottom of the table and turned them around by playing tough, direct, no nonsense, uncompromising football eventually leading to promotion and a team to be proud of. Could Pulis be our modern day Jack Charlton?
  12. Totally Outlaw Weak Insipid Performances.
  13. Having a purple patch at the moment, but the challenge for Joao is to maintain this for a continued period. He didn't pull up any trees at Reading last season but with our sell on clause its in our best interests if he does go on a scoring spree and sells for silly money. I wasn't sad to see him leave as he was a very frustrating player where he was unplayable at times and absolutely woeful at other times.
  14. Dawson's confidence must be shot by now and the team are likely to be shaky with him goal. Time for Wildsmith to get a chance for me and if he can't take it we'll need to recruit a new keeper in January as Westwood won't get a look in.
  15. We really need to get at Luton from the kick off and put this game to bed by half time. I'm predicting this is the game where we get most things right and ease to a 3 v 0 win.
  16. I've got a good feeling that we'll come away with a comfortable 0 v 2 win.
  17. Decent point; would have taken that at the start of the game.
  18. Tough game but I'm going for us with a 1 v 0 win.
  19. It would be a great start to the season if we could snag a win but I feel the best we'll get is a draw.
  20. Not a huge fan of Palmer but he is solid without being spectacular. If we were chasing promotion we would need better but as we're likely to be in a relegation dog fight he'll do.
  21. A pretty outrageous price increase from £110 to £140, which equates to a 27.27% increase when inflation is close to zero and people's livelihoods are being impacted by COVID19. Being outside the UK I've enjoyed the chance to watch matches live but I'll be cancelling my subscription this year.
  22. I wouldn't be too upset if Reach moved on provided we get a decent fee and reinvest it in the squad
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