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  1. Just checked the 1892 result and we lost 4 v 2. Hopefully history doesn't repeat itself and we can come away with a win.
  2. Another win to increase the feel good factor is what we need. I'm backing us to do this with a 3 v 1 win.
  3. Without stating the obvious we desperately need a win today. I think we'll do that but it won't be pretty!
  4. The natives are getting restless and we'll need to win to keep them at bay. I'm backing us to do just that with a comfortable 2 v 0 win.
  5. We need to get back to winning ways today and I'm backing us to come away with a comfortable 2 v 0 win.
  6. Local derby's are always tough, dour affairs but I'm backing us to keep our run going and come away with a 0 v 1 win.
  7. Bailey Peacock-Farrell. Pretty difficult trying to fit his surname into the song.
  8. Darren had a dream to build a football team didn't have the players so got them on loan He put Bailey at the back and Gregory in attack We're Sheffield Wednesday we're on our way back
  9. Lots of positivity around the place at the moment with all the new additions to the squad. I'm hopeful that we'll kick start the season with a win, but with all the new faces needing time to gel as a team and a tough opening away game I'll settle for a point.
  10. Our first look at our team in a game that actually means something. I'm backing us to come away with a win. Come on Wednesday!
  11. What was the tune that the string quartet were playing after the Titanic hit the iceberg?
  12. Swap for Windass with some cash coming our way.
  13. I start can't get my head around the fact that we still have a chance of staying up. I think we have it in us to beat Derby and just have to hope Cardiff do us a favour.
  14. At home on TV juggling channels between our game and Rotherham's.
  15. Reach is abysmal; its like playing with 10 men. He owes us a huge second half.
  16. Let's go down swinging and attack, attack, attack.
  17. May as well go down swinging and attack, attack, attack.
  18. A bit of a free hit really as we're expected to lose. Go out their with no fear and just go for it. It we get beaten having a crack I don't have a problem with that.
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