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  1. He's got vision, I rate him very highly. Me as a pundit that is.
  2. I didn't / won't vote for now. Happy to give him a bit longer. He could eventually stumble across a winning line up and formation. Still think that's what he's looking for and the players aren't helping out much in that respect.
  3. Playing a bit better. Well done Wednesday. The difference tonight is that we're working harder when we don't have the ball, closing down etc. and we're passing the ball a bit quicker.
  4. content://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/1635611346567522933800.gif
  5. Laws on being told we were playing Cheltenham, not Charlton - "Whatever, they're both crap". Get Laws back.
  6. We could do a manager swap? Throw in a sports psychologist for free as a sweetener.
  7. On Corbeanu - "He looks too weak for this league". "Looked like he'd never taken a free kick in his life". Get Laws back.
  8. I went for Hunt. Was our best player until he got taken off and replaced with Paterson.
  9. At 2-1 up I was hoping for a solar flare to wipe out the internet and the broadcast and for us to have won 2-1 when everything came back.
  10. Moore is picking the the players, but not necessarily in the right order.
  11. Can I book an appointment with the club psychologist please. I bought a season ticket this season. I need my head looking at.
  12. Well chalk up another two points given away. Shyte defending, unprofessional performance in trying to see out the game again. Moore not dealing with it. We're clueless.
  13. Darren Moore, tactical genius. Barry Bannan, excellent corner taker.
  14. Another update, I'm disappearing for something to eat. This getting wound up, kicking things, and throwing things about has made me hungry.
  15. Lazy players. When we don't have the ball they lollop about. No urgency to pick up a man, not challenging for the ball, when it drops loose, always last to the ball. Our ability to move the ball from their area back to the halfway line is second to none. Decision making is atrocious, passing is laboured, no urgency, no movement into space, no taking on defenders. Had multi corners against a team crap at defending corners and not created them any problems. Bannan's corners are crap. Nothing up front for us, defence non-existent, BPF no composure. Wingers couldn't beat an egg? Apart from that it's been quite good.
  16. This isn't good enough at the moment, we're clueless.
  17. This messing about at the back will cost us a goal on a frequent basis.
  18. Shocking start, atrocious defending. Shyte Wednesday.
  19. What's disappointed me most is how quickly BPF went from excellent keeper to meh, and with good reason. It's like he went from focused to not giving one overnight.
  20. I have high hopes for today. I can see us sneaking this one 1-0.
  21. I think you could be playing better too.
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