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  1. The goal scoring postman was John Williams I believe but I’m sure he played for Coventry too
  2. Weren’t the rumors around that time that it was Kanchelskis and Hughes?
  3. Paul Williams and Danny Wilson were the main signings with the Atkinson money. Nilsson was signed the previous season when we were relegated. Great player that Dalian was it didn’t work out too bad for us overall
  4. Real Sociadad wasn’t it? Ron had left Madrid before he came to us and then he signed him from Sociadad for Villa
  5. I'd swap him for 3 million + Elphick and Hourihane at Villa. Use the 3 million to sign Bridcutt and use Hutch to cover Centre back and Right back
  6. Stay down by the river - theres a lovely hotel by O'Connell bridge that does a traditional Irish night with a meal and all the dancing. Good base to walk around from. The Guinness factory is well worth seeing - if you like your Guinness the connoisseur experience might be worth considering.
  7. I have got a membership which I don't use - your more than welcome to use the number if it's allowed?
  8. An Elphick type and a Bridcutt in midfield would have made a massive difference. Fletcher and Reach are quality and offer something we were missing. Abdi is class hopefully we will see that if he gets picked in his correct position.
  9. Isn't CC supposed to be pally with Mendes? Do you think there is a chance he could be tempted there with their new found wealth?
  10. Dan Petrescu according to Nixon but wants more money than we are willing to pay. Bit of a nothing story really - Petrescu talking to other clubs and Wednesday hierarchy split on who to have in charge next season.
  11. sorry mate must have missed that - great minds and all that what about then - Lees release May Let him go Cos he just loves to shoot and score To play for Leeds was such a sin But now your Wednesday So let the fun begin (Release Me - The Dink)
  12. Stevie May All our troubles seem so far away Now you've come to play for The Wednesday Oh I believe in Stevie May (to the tune of Yesterday by The Beatles)
  13. well I am all up for her taking over - looks like shes got the balls to take us forward!!
  14. what was her name again - I want to do some "research" on various adult entertainment sites ;)
  15. come on then - tell us what you have heard?? all good I hope?
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