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  1. haha! neither will i after the wednesday game! where you fae mate? saw your post about talbot and cumnock guess your from the area? u going to the game?
  2. the wetherspoons in town is ok, first edition is a good pub, the clansman on john finnie street, the howard arms and hunting lodge are your closest two pubs to the ground well there are a few bowling greens around the park, the treehouse is also a good pub
  3. Just wondering how many of the troops are coming up for the fixture, read the kilmarnock thread and saw there was quite a few interested in coming up? has everyone made arrangements? how many we expecting to see at rugby park? cant wait as its right next door tome only ten mis away so will be there with my "ayrshire owls" union jack, hope to meet a lot of you when you arrive know the area very well and surrounding areas in ayrshire for those staying in ayr or elsewhere and what pubs in both towns to go to and to avoid. up the owls!!
  4. Would it not be easier if it was held during the day? dont think id be able to go unless someone puts me up for the night!! its a 4 to 5 hour journey for me to ge there and back home dear taxi at night!!
  5. Dates i am free to meet up are sat august 21st, and any saturday in september and any from then on
  6. you should have the meet up on saturday then at least it is off the ground and running and we can arrange other meets etc we have time before the season starts to get together if its just a few here and there at least things are started
  7. Dont think I am going to make it lads sorry, will try and will let you konw by friday, but looking unlikely, finances!! keep me uptodate with whats going on etc, and will try and get to the next meet up or meet up with you beefy some point before hand
  8. First one there gets the beers in !!! !! looking forward to it!!
  9. Thers a far better choice of midfielders up here to choose from than giles coke, hes murder, he looks not bad because he has Tom Hateley beside who is a very good defensive midfielder, Andy dormans up for grabs for free as well from St Mirren, far better choice
  10. I am in, been a long time since i have been in Edinburgh waverley station, whereabts we meeting?
  11. glasgow or edinburgh would be the ideal places for mostly everybody, i presume?
  12. i would prefer the 10th but the 11th will suit if everybody else is ok with it. whereabts?
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