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  1. Just totally numb. Gaz was a true gent and his sister Karen a best friend, Beryl, Peter and Alison sucha beautiful family, and in my memories. Thanks for the memories Gaz , me and Karen sat on the paint pots in the back of the van on the way to the match. Just numb debs x
  2. I think the wednesday fans were acting like idiots to be honest. embarassing.Police cannot do right from wrong.
  3. Mo.I wasn't pleased. Thats it. i love my club and thats why i am not pleased with what i saw otherwise i wouldn't give a throw. We should have lost.Full stop.They missed a sitter and were were lucky with a point.I didn't expect them to go there and run rings around them but i expected a bit more in the way of erm.........................Football.
  4. I went to charlton last night and to be quite frank i was embarrassed. theres no way we are a promotion winning team, again.I don't think megson out is the answer but then i am not sure what is.Rob Jones was poor and IMO shouldn't be captain.some may disagree.Morrison was hungry and showed passion. no running off the ball, no shots on goal.Question is.How do we see this getting any better?
  5. So how did some of you get to live and work in the states?
  6. I know we shouldn't encourage this but.......................I have a good reason to get myself out of london for a weekend and a much needed break. I will pay way over the odds for two tickets for Blackpool. Please PM me if you have any spares or cannot get.
  7. I went to a ball game in New York to watch the Yankess and hundreds of stewards had back packs on with a long tube and a button that poured pints of lager. Just walking up and down the stands selling the beer from a specially kitted out bag. Brilliant!!!
  8. I posted at 8.15 approx this morning with regards to this yet at 8.33 Bruce posts it and mine is taken down, is it in order of merit that your post stays up or does new news have to be from someone thats been a member on here for a while? Would just like to know why mine was removed and replaced.
  9. do you seriously think that is funny buddy?
  10. Thank you all for your positive responses, i thank er yew!
  11. Sold his motorway cafe by all accounts some years agon and retired, just wondered if anyone knew what he was up to now?
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