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  1. I think one of the problems Megson has is he doesn't trust the players.
  2. This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The worrying thing for me is, today was my 5th game this season and i am yet to see us play well for any period of time He may be a good coach and be well respected in the game, but he has never been a manager imo
  3. In 1999 we paid 2 million for Sibon How times have changed
  4. One thing that sticks out for me 93/94 at Highbury was that Ian Wright didn't get a touch right up until he scored the winner, typical Wright I was sat on the north bank with some gooner mates and got some right stick A few bad games that stick out for me 0-5 at home Norwich 2001 1-4 at Crystal Palace 2001 1-4 at Gillingham fa cup 2003 (freezing cold and wet) we would have played L**ds in next round 0-6 and 0-5 last 2 visits to Reading 0-2 home to Oxford 90/91 (Sheridan missed a pen and a dire performance) too many to single one game out as the worst
  5. As much of a mardy sod Walkley can be, and after several single malts they sound flip all like him
  6. They might have a fair bit of shredidng to do first
  7. Totally agree with this Lee made mistakes but it seemed to me that there was always someone trying to undermind him Why? I don't buy that Bills is just a concerned fan who wants whats best for the club, thats just too convenient given whats gone on in the last 18 months or so. One thing that bugs me is the fact that we are so divided as a fan base. These divisions seem to benifit certain people while the life of the club gets strangled
  8. How much did we get for Chapman when he went to that french club in 88 can't remember the fee but i thought it was low at the time
  9. I can see it now............a few old school type seeing :ls: coming, and thinking poor f**ker the board went along, pmsl dry hung to out yes i have been on the single malt, but hey
  10. There will not be any investment while the old guard are still sitting with their feet tucked under the boardroom table What will it take for them step aside or stand down? Do they really have the clubs best intrests at heart? :ls: imo has been used to appease the fan base Who will be used next?
  11. You wouldn't mind but its still 6 weeks before the schools break up for the summer
  12. The club will never be able to move on until the old gaurd have gone imo Thats regaurdless of how many season tickets sold
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